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Ways to Save Money on a Solar Home Project

You should try using a ready made kid instead of sourcing all the componetns yourself, if you intend to build a home solar power system. By this way, the system performance is better, and you can rely on the instructions and support. Also, you will not have to deal with problems of parts or components not working right as joined together. Most solar kits are tested and set up for maximum power output and efficiency.


1) Use ready-to-build solar kit – If you are planning to build a home solar power system, try using a ready made kit instead of sourcing all the components yourself. By using a residential solar kit, the system performance is better and you can rely on the instructions and support. You also won’t be facing problems of parts or components not working right when joined together. Most solar kits are tested and setup for maximum power output and efficiency.


2) Get a price for installation – Get a construction quote even if you are doing the solar system on your own. Sometimes, you will notice the construction quote is not much difference than doing via Do It Yourself (DIY) approach.


In this case, it would be a better idea to just outsource the whole project. You will be saving time, effort and the unnecessary head ache. Most of the time, the professionals have good sources and they can get the parts more cheaply than you can. They can install it quicker and more efficient also.


3) Get more than one bid – If possible, get at least 3 quotations for your home solar power system. The solar industry is growing very fast. Every day, new technology and components are available in the market. You want the best parts with least amount of capital investment.


By getting 3 quotes, you’ll have a better chance of achieving this. The best solar contractor will give you the best components and at the best price.


4) Don’t always go for the lowest bid – Sometimes the lowest bid may be a high bid in disguise. Some newer contractors that may not have sufficient experience will submit a lower quote just to secure the project.


You may get a low bid but will end up spending more money because of problems during the construction phase.


5) Get recommendation – If you know of someone who has done a home solar power project, get his recommendation on which solar professional to use. What was his experience? How was the workmanship? A contractor with a good reference from a satisfied customer is always a good bet.


Ways For Home Improvement

Once in a while; after few months or the most two years, your home is in need of some changes. Home improvement is all about revamping your home to make it more comfortable for you and your family. It could be renovating your floors and rooms, replacing or installing any household fixture, re-modeling your home and others.

Here are some simple guides on how to start your home project.

Get an idea

First of all, it is good if you can have in mind what type of improvement is needed for your home. You don’t have to think of a mega renovation project to revamp your house. Think of a simple idea so that you can do it all on your own!

Make a list

Of course you will have to list down all the items and tools needed for the project once you have got the idea.

Do your own cost estimation

It is a must to do your own cost estimation each time before you start on your home improvement project. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend more that your house market values after renovate it. By doing the cost estimation, it also helps you to determine if a certain project is feasible or not.

Buying the supplies

After deciding on the project, now it is time for you to purchase the supplies. If you are on a tight budget then most probably you can go for second hand items. But it is advisable for you to purchase new items considering the quality and warranty that you will get. You can always browse through home improvement magazines or online websites to survey and compare on the prices offered by different sellers.

Work it out

After buying all the necessary supplies, it’s time to work it out accordingly to your plan. Take your time and do stage by stage. Don’t rush yourself. If there’s certain activity that you just can’t do it by yourself, just hire an expert to do it for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning for your home improvement today!

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