Kitchen Floor Tiles

In our kitchen we have a number of cabinets and appliances fixed in its walls. When you want to select that what type and colour of the tile should be then look at the colour of the cabinets. Try to use same colored tiles but the tiles should be a bit lighter shade as compared to the shade of the cabinet. This would be in the case when you are choosing plain tiles but if you want some kind of design in them then select that colour of the print as that of colour of the curtains or windows in the kitchen.
If you are still confused then just choose any shade of brown colour as this colour appears great wherever used. White colored tiles look great but I would not recommend you to use them until and unless you think yourself to be able to keep them clean all the time. Now the question that comes to the minds of you people is that what material of the tile to be used. In that case I would recommend you to use tiles made of ceramic and porcelain material as these tiles are durable as well as are affordable. These tiles are ideally used by the people who have a limited budget. The other materials that are used to make kitchen tiles include the clay which is the cheapest material, stone porcelain, marble, limestone, granite, glass etc. All these tiles have their own beauty and importance.
Now the question arises that what should be the pattern of arrangement of these tiles. Among the many methods the mosaic, geometric and the floral patterns are the common methods. We see that in kitchens on the walls those tiles are arranged that have a particular design or colour on one of the corner of one side and these tiles are then arranged in such a way that the design get completed when all the tiles are combined together.
For kitchen walls the fruits or vegetables are commonly designed for the tiles.

The appearance of fruit in the middle of all these tiles looks very much beautiful. By the use of tiles in the kitchen a very much peaceful atmosphere is created. In case of mosaic designs the tiles of different shapes and sizes are combined together forming a mosaic, in a geometric pattern the tiles are placed at different angles to each other and in floral pattern the a flower pattern is formed when the borders of a number of tiles are converged at one point.
Other tiles that can be used in our kitchens are glass tiles and these tiles are perfect for the modern houses. Because of this glass the area of the kitchen appears greater as they reflect the light. These are perfect for kitchens that need an extra shot of brightness because the glass will provide just that. These tiles are easy to install as well as to clean. There are stone tiles these tiles are heavy and difficult to install but they also look great therefore they can also be used.

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