Rubber Flooring

Many modern playgrounds and gymnasiums are now being constructed with a new type of rubber flooring. This improvement came on the heels of many small children receiving injuries from falling on either dirt or crushed stone playground bases. Playground rubber flooring is actually manufactured from ground rubber obtained from recycling used car tires. However recycled tires can not be used in residential applications because they are made from synthetic materials that contain petroleum products. This makes recycled rubber flooring appropriate for outdoor use, but inappropriate for indoor use of any kind.

On the other hand, the acceptable version of residential rubber flooring is manufactured from a natural product called latex. This latex is actually harvested from living rubber trees. However, no rubber trees are destroyed in the process of harvesting the latex. Natural latex flooring is becoming a very popular flooring material in many different settings. For example, some hospitals are experimenting with it in order to lower, if not totally prevent, injuries to patients from falling. As an added bonus, the natural bouncing effect of latex automatically reduces the stress and strain associated with the simple procedure of walking. Hospital employees can understand this concept very well.

Another up and coming rise in the use of latex based flooring is for the home kitchen. At the conclusion of cooking thanksgiving dinner, how many moms, dads, grandmas or other home chefs have been heard to utter the famous words “oh, do my feet hurt”. This almost makes you want to opt for a frozen dinner; almost!

How much better would it be to install a residential floor that is manufactured from latex so that everyone could enjoy the fruits of a long day’s work in the kitchen; without any hurting feet or backs?a

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