Bathroom floor tile advice.

Home owners want to make an impression within their bathroom and floor tiles are one way that you can do that. The bathroom as a whole has to match and the design style you use must compliment the whole bathroom and not conflict. The bathroom floor will be a large part of your bathroom design style and there are many materials of tile you can choose to suit any design style. Many home owners like the wood effect tiles that create a real traditional feel, others like the minimalistic look and feel, the design you choose will largely rest on your personal preferences and the rest of your bathroom design.

It is true that the material of your floor tiles should be suitable for the bathroom and there are certain reasons for this. The floor tiles you choose have to be suitable for busy areas and areas where there is water and moisture and the floor tiles you select should always be low maintenance floor tiles that are easy to clean and maintain, this is especially important for busy family bathrooms that will see a lot of traffic and activity. Floor tiles that are high maintenance will be difficult to keep looking good and this can be tiresome over time.

The first choices that are ideal are ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles which are relatively cheap and inexpensive but cheap does not mean that they are of poor quality, not does it mean that their design styles are limited. There are many ceramic floor tile choices that offer and mimic other tile materials such as the wood effect ceramic tile which gives the home owner the look of wood with the durability of ceramic tile. Porcelain tiles have a wide colour and design choice and are absolutely ideal for bathroom floor tiles.

There are also natural stone floor tile solutions that fit in very nicely with bathroom design and although they may stretch the budget a little more than ceramic and porcelain tiles, many home owners feel the extra expense are worth the results.

Granite and slate are floor tile solutions with slate tiles being very popular for both their design and functionality. Slate tiles come in many colour variations which will blend in with all decors and the darker slate floor tiles are very popular and sought after.

Slate floor tiles are heat resistant, scratch proof and slip resistant making them ideal for most rooms within the home. Slate tiles come in a variety of colours and choosing the darker colours of slate tiles means darker shades of grout can be used which will hide any marks and keep the floor area looking good. Slate tiles are also available in different sizes with the very large sizes being referred to as slate slabs. There is the option to use many design styles with slate floor tiles and the variations between tile shades only adds to the design finish of your floor tiles.

Take the time to look at the different bathroom floor tiles on offer and you may be surprised just how many tile materials are actually suitable for bathroom floor areas.






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