Ceramic floor tile patterns for kitchens and bathrooms.

Cheap tiles don’t always have to mean poor quality tiles and there are ways home owners can reduce costs with fantastic design result. It may surprise you to know that it isn’t so much the tile material you choose but what you do with the design that will really determine the end result and there are lots of things that can be done with design with any tile material.

Tile choices for bathrooms and kitchens do have to be chosen wisely mainly because they are both areas that are busy and have high traffic and they are both areas where there is moisture and water, any tile materials you choose have to be suitable for this area and be low maintenance. Ceramic tiles are relatively cheap tiles and can be used as both wall tile and floor tiles with fantastic results.

Ceramic tiles are not just supplied in standard sizes and come in a wide variety of sizes and style choices; there is the option to use different sized tiles usually called combination tiles with the same uniformed colour which can really create a unique floor tile pattern. Ceramic tiles can also be arranged in different patterns and there are many and each one will create a different look and feel to any home. The ideal solution that ceramic tiles offers ensures that home owners have relatively cheap tile solutions and the design style they want without compromising.

A diamond pattern can be achieved by using standard ceramic floor tiles for the body of the floor and then a single tile of your choice of design can be arranged in a diamond shape either in the centre of the floor area or a group of diamond shapes around the pattern of the floor.

A checkerboard pattern using ceramic floor tiles is easy to install and very effective, two different coloured tiles can be used (usually black and white) and by placing the tiles alternatively to form an angled pattern. This design is particular ideal for bathroom floor areas and will create a real Victorian design style.

The brick wall pattern often referred to as the brickwork pattern is also very effective and can be used on both kitchen and bathroom floors.  There are step by step ceramic floor tile patterns everywhere and the internet is a good place to get more information. Home owners will discover that they can use a little innovation to create real style and design with relatively cheap tiles.




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