Using Stone Floor Tiles In Your Home

Stone floor tiles look fantastic and they can even improve with age. They are easy to maintain, healthier than carpet and are perfect for anyone suffering from dust mite allergies because the mites dont live on stone flooring.

Stone floor tiles even add value to your home and with a wide variety of stones to choose from, they are a wise flooring choice.

Limestone is a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Often a warm, soft beige colour, limestone can also be found in other colours.

Granite is great for anywhere that needs a hardwearing surface it can be used as a kitchen work top too for this reason. Granite is a gorgeous grey colour and looks fabulous. Slate is also a lovely grey and often used for kitchen areas. Not all slate is coloured grey though and there are green and purple varieties available if you prefer.

Polished marble tiles look great in any formal area (which is why it can be seen in five star hotels such as The Dorchester in London). Honed marble (a matt finish) is more suited for less formal areas and is easier to look after than polished marble as it doesnt show up scratches so much.

One natural floor type that can be confused with marble is Travertine which is actually a limestone. It is however widely known as a marble. It has naturally occurring holes in the surface that can be filled with resin or grout to smooth the tiles off if you want, however you will lose some of the natural charm by doing so.

Sandstone is the natural choice for outdoor tiles. They are non-slip and so perfect for pool areas or for pathways. Usually a warm yellow colour, they brighten up any area.

Whether you are using your natural floor tiles indoors or considering them as outdoor tiles, they will certainly enhance your property and add that touch of class.

Floor tiles including those suitable for use as kitchen or bathroom tiles are available from Dunkley Tiles.