Give An Attractive Look To Your Home With Ceramic Tile Floors

The good thing about flooring options is that the longest lasting and most durable of all the floor types is also one of the most elegant looking one. With Ceramic Tile you can create a piece of art in your room or in the entire home, using all the available patterns and colors.

There is a single fact to Ceramic Tile that its huge popularity has led to the industry to develop all the machinery and methods that homeowners can use to clean and decorate their home. Nowadays, if you are planning a tile laying project in your home or in a single room, you need not approach professional services. You can carry out the task by yourself.

Before setting out to the work, make a number of pre-checks.

Ensure that the space for tile-laying is dry, clean and free of any dust or dirt. You can start the laying process from the center of the room by taking the reference point. This point can be found by creating a line each from all the four corners using a chalk. Once you find the meeting place of all the lines, mark it as the point x, which is the center.

The next thing to do is to measure the size of the tile from one corner to another and mark the outline on the floor. This allows you to place the first tile in the centre. The mortar should be mixed only in a small amount so that you use it for a small time. Otherwise it stands the chance of getting dried off. The mortar is then laid on the floor, with the tile being placed over it.

As you continue to lay the Ceramic Tile Floors, separate them using the tile spacers. You can cut the rough edges using the chippers and wet saw. Once you have laid the tiles, give those 24 hours to dry off. Once you are convinced that they are fixed in place, you can start the application of grout.

The grout is prepared as per the instructions mentioned in the material manual. Using the grout trowel force the grout into the lines that you have made using the spacers. Give attention to work only in a small area that uses the grout completely before the material is cured. And, once you are done with the grout, you can clean the additional grout by wringing them using a damp sponge. And, once the grout is dry, you can polish it using soft cloth. The grout sealer can be applied 72 hours from the application around Ceramic Tile Floors. carries wide selection of ceramic tile. Buy ceramic tile floors that look like wood for flooring at discount prices. Exclusive service with free samples.