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Decorating Your Bathroom With Ceramic Tile

With ceramic bathroom tiles there is an endless array of design possibilities. Long been held as the standard in bathroom flooring, ceramic tile is used today for a whole lot more. Attractive backsplashes and tiled tubs and showers are just the beginning of the things that can be done with ceramic bathroom tile.

Any color scheme your bathroom needs is achievable with ceramic tile. Available in every shade and color imaginable, ceramic tiles are sure to fit into any décor. Also available in a large range of textures, ranging from smooth glass like finishes to raised and organic texture, the look and feel of your tile is sure to impress.

Installing ceramic bathroom tile is simple for those wishing to do their own bathroom remodel. A smooth laying surface, grout, and patience is all that is required. The grout should always be sealed to prevent it from becoming discolored or growing mildew. For use as flooring, specially made tile is available that is both durable and slip resistant.

For the adventurous, ceramic tile can be used to detail mosaics on walls and floors. Available in both small and large sizes, everything from simple patterns to detailed designs are possible. The smaller the tile, the more room for creativity. Painted tiles are available that are miniature works of art. Often the design will be raised or imprinted into the tile, offering dimension and visual interest not available in any other type of tile.

Ceramic tile also works well as a countertop. Large tiles for the large surface of the counter with small mosaic ceramic tiles around the edges and sinks is an attractive option. The tile can continue up the wall and make a lovely backsplash. Though one color is a good choice, even better is to use complementary shades or to have a strip of a contrasting color along the middle of the backsplash.

Tiled showers are popular and easy to clean. Durable, slip resistant tiles are available just for this purpose. As long as the grout is sealed properly, staining and discoloration is not a concern. Design flexibility will allow you to tie your shower stall into your existing bathroom décor.

Ceramic bathroom tiles are available in every price range. They are more economical than their glass counterparts, and much more durable. Widely available, the choices in ceramic tile are endless. There is a ceramic bathroom tile that will appeal to every taste and budget.

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