The Wood Floor: Ottawa, Canada Options and Information

For centuries, all fine homes have used hardwood flooring. Ottawa boasts historical examples of residential homes and business properties that still use the same wooden floors that were originally installed in these buildings. When modern homeowners are shopping for floors, they are often in the market for exact reproductions of these rich-looking vintage floor planks to use as their wood flooring in Ottawa.

The Wood Floor: Ottawa Options

Vintage wood planks, and strip-size wooden floors, were often installed as utilitarian components in a building. The stunningly beautiful floors that we see today in vintage buildings are often by-products that were produced through years of hand-rubbed cleanings and the constant foot-traffic on the hardwood flooring in Ottawa. Antique wooden floors were not normally treated with colorful stains and gloss enhancers.

Today, flooring stores offer hardwood floors, solid wood floors, and laminated wood floor products in the Ottawa area. These flooring products come in strip-size planks, wide planks, and in shapes that make mosaic or parquet floors possible. Modern wooden floors come in styles that are made for residential use and in easy-care durable styles that can be used successfully as industrial flooring in high-traffic areas.

New flooring in Ottawa is instantly beautiful after installation without the need for long-term rubbings to create a rich patina. New fashions in high-quality wooden floors include traditional woods, furniture woods, and globally-grown exotic floor materials. Tones and color choices for woods can range from almost white into deep-toned wood offerings that appear to be black. Natural choices in two-toned woods are also available to consider.

The Wood Floor: Ottawa Choices and Considerations

When Ottawa homeowners choose to install new hardwood floors, they are faced with a variety of choices to make before the floors can be purchased.

Hardwood or Laminate Floors: Hardwood floors come in depth-sizes that can influence the price of the floor. Thick solid wood floors will not be priced the same as the thinner versions that are still appropriate wooden flooring for Ottawa to consider. Next, hardwood floors can come in various thicknesses of laminates that include a core that is made from sturdy lesser-priced materials to aide in budget-planning.

Strip Floors or Wood Planks: Hardwood floors and laminated wood floors come in width-sizes that range from about 2.5″ across the board up into sizes that can be 7″ across or larger. The strip-width and plank-width floorboards are often chosen to enhance other interior-design elements that are found in a home; or, to highlight the personal taste of the homeowner. Hardwood flooring in Ottawa is often chosen in strip-width versions.

Residential or Industrial Flooring: Modern floor materials are made in styles that can withstand the abuses that are possible in high-traffic situations. These styles of industrial wooden floors are available to residential homeowners who live in the Ottawa areas. Homeowners can have industrial-strength and easy-care hardwood floors through talking with their local flooring store professionals.

In Ottawa, Canada, it is possible to have beautiful hardwood floors, solid wood floors, or laminated wood floors installed by professionals. The installation process is painless after the homeowners remove their personal belongings from the rooms that will be revamped. There are hundreds of choices in vintage floor looks, eco-friendly floor products, and all types of wooden floors that are priced to accommodate your budget. When it is time for a new wood floor, Ottawa flooring stores can provide friendly professional assistance.

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