A Good Foundation For Your Wood Floor

The base that your wood floor rests on is as important as the floor itself. If you have a foundation not properly prepared for the floor, the floor will be installed incorrectly and all kinds of problems will occur in the future. As you walk on the floor that sits on a foundation that is not even, boards creak and the tongue and groove that holds the boards together can break and you can wind up with planks sticking up in the air.

There is a very precise way to install a hardwood floor. Not only are there specific ways to do the installation of the floor itself, but there are specifications for the foundation that must be met before the floor can be installed.

If the cement slab that is used for the foundation has areas in it that are lower and higher than the rest of the cement, it will result in mismatched planks of wood, and occasionally one sticking up in the air. One can force the floor to fit, but later on, after some use, it will have to be repaired and possibly re-installed.

Just with the different areas of trade jobs, there are fly-by-night companies and there are companies with experienced journeymen. Although the prices of the fly-by-night companies are attractive, one must look at the long-term expenses that could arise from such a “bargain.”

If all of the installation instructions, including leveling the cement, are not followed, your manufacturer’s warranty for the floor could be invalid. A professional company will do a good job and make sure that warranty is in force.

In searching for a company look for one that hires professional journeymen and where the representative of the company will explain to you exactly what needs to be done and why leveling the foundation is necessary. A good company won’t try to save you money by not doing a professional job – they would rather not do the job than not do it right.

It doesn’t have to take a long time. Leveling the foundation can often be completed in a few hours even for foundations that are extremely uneven. The result will improve the value of your floor and make sure the warranty is in force. Using a leveling compound, and/or lightly grinding the hills out of the concrete will give you a level floor.

Ensure that your new floor is properly installed. It will bring you a lot of pleasure in the future to look and walk on a beautiful hardwood floor and it will also increase the value of your property whether it is a residence or place of business.

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