Natural Effect Floors for the Home

Over the years natural effect flooring has become increasingly popular as technology has provided the opportunity to create cost effective alternatives to the real thing. For bathroom flooring you can get some gorgeous stone or ceramic effect vinyl, while new laminates offer authentic wood flooring. Users of natural effect flooring have quickly realised that you can have all the benefits of the real thing in a material that is easy to lay, clean and maintain.

Home flooring forms an important part of the decor of your home and hence it must be durable, appealing and be beautiful.

Real wood under your toes

Fancy the real thing? Well, there is nothing that can beat the natural look of real wood flooring cut from solid wood. These are made from natural materials and because of the variance in the wood’s grain, no two boards are exactly the same and it is this variation that gives real wood flooring extra appeal.

In terms of temperature, a real wood produces a warmer floor as it has a degree of natural insulation. It is very hard wearing and is perfect for high traffic areas – and can stand the all the tests to be perfect for kitchen flooring. It is stain resistant to food and drink and is easily cleaned. Real wood floors take some looking after and need regular polishing and care – but look gorgeous.

Almost the real thing -laminate flooring

Technology has brought us some really decent alternatives to real wood floors and can offer an easier option for actually installing the floor. Laminate flooring comes in all varieties and tones of wood. Laminate makes a good choice for busy and active homes because it comes complete with a protective layer that ensures that it is protected from spills and scratches.

Laminate’s protective layer means that it is better equipped to handle spills that can arise from daily usage. The protective layer prevents the stain from seeping into the base underneath which would over time cause damage. Laminate’s durability under pressure is further boosted if it has a layer of high quality wood fibre. This makes sure that any high levels of traffic or heavy furniture won’t have any severe adverse effects on its finish.

Cool and textured – ceramic floor tiles

Natural stone is a great look for a kitchen or bathroom and can give a nice textured finish to the floor and is ideal for busy spaces. Ceramic floor tiles and porcelain tiles are always good quality and ideal as flooring materials.

Ceramic tiles are definitely worth considering for either your bathroom or kitchen, they are strong durable tiles that will wear well and are very easy to clean and maintain. Ceramic tiles are tough enough to withstand high traffic areas, they won’t stain and scratch easily and come in a wide variety of style choice. Check out the V&A tiles collection online at Homebase (in association with Victoria and Albert Museum) for some classic tiling designs. There are also lots of different ways to use ceramic tiles; different patterns can be achieved by using tiles of different sizes installed in various patterns and designs.

Warm underfoot with a natural finish – Vinyl flooring

While ceramic tiles offer a textured look and feel, they aren’t always practical for a particular space so it is good having an option. Natural look vinyl that looks so real makes it a lot easier to choose as a quick, simple – and let’s face effective solution with a great finish.

Also try Vinyl tile, these come in two different styles, such as the wood plank effect to replicate natural wooden flooring or the tile effect mimicking ceramic tiles, marble, limestone or slate flooring. This is warm and quiet underfoot which is contrary to natural flooring such as ceramic tiles, Vinyl will ensure that even in the winter you don’t feel the cold on your feet.

Have a good look around and do your research into interior schemes for your rooms before you commit yourself to a particular type of flooring – whether it is the real thing or engineered. You can be confident that you can find natural flooring at Homebase and the advice you need to pick the most appropriate option for your budget and desired interior style.

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