Why Use Green Cleaning Supplies

Is the new focus on green cleaning supplies just a gimmick to get you to purchase more expensive cleaners? While it certainly seems plausible, the truth is there are many reasons why everyone should be more concerned about their cleaning supplies. Here are just a few of the reasons you may want to consider finding some more natural alternatives.

There are many ongoing studies looking into what if any effect the average cleaning agent is having on children. The results are beginning to trickle in and the initial news is not good at all. Chemicals in standard cleaning supplies are thought to be linked to many childhood illnesses including asthma, allergies and even a chance that they are linked to autism. These studies are not all complete and definite as of yet but the indications are frightening nonetheless.

Volatile Organic Compounds
These are compounds that exist within many of your commercially created cleaning supplies. Volatile organic compounds can remain in the air for extended periods of time during which they can cause damage to your body and health. These substances are able to cross the blood brain barrier and the placenta making them extremely dangerous to you and the environment as a whole.

Cleaning supplies do not even have to be linked to a serious illness for you to know they are harsh. When you clean your windows and inhale a small amount of window cleaner what is the result? Do your eyes water, burn or itch? And what about your lungs? When you are trying to determine whether you should be using a more natural product, think about the last time you used commercial cleaners and the effect they had on your body. Green cleaning supplies are the wave of the future.

Going Green
If or when you decide to go green, the easiest place to begin is probably your window cleaners. You can make these simply in the comfort of your own home with natural substances you already have. The simplest window cleaner is a mixture of vinegar and water, though you can add rubbing alcohol and dish detergent for a more pleasant aroma and grime cutting action. The internet is full of recipes for making your own green supplies, however many famous brands are also getting into the game and offering consumers better options.

Choosing green cleaning supplies is just one of the many ways you can save the planet and improve your home environment. You do not need harsh chemicals that make you wheeze, cough or sneeze to get your home clean. There are several natural substances you can use to make your home look and smell amazing, of course if you do not want to hassle with making your own cleaning supplies from reputable manufacturers are becoming more environmentally sound every day.

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