Choosing the Type of Flooring That Fits Your Needs

Due to its durability and sustainability, the hardwood flooring is a common choice for most of the people. However, depending upon the type of essence that is used, as well as the number of layers, the prices may vary accordingly. Therefore, they are strongly correlated.

Another thing which makes this issue very important in my opinion is to look at the countries with developed sectors in the timber industry, because they set the trends in terms of economy, utility as well as design when it comes to wooden floors. The rest of this article will discuss the matter of hardwood flooring in Canada with a particular focus on Vancouver.

Canada is a country in northern America, known for its cold and harsh winters. As a result, this type of climate made possible the growth of extremely large areas of conifer forests. Thus, the financial interest in exploiting the wood: fuel, heating, buildings, exporting, all of these enhanced by the natural resource.

Vancouver is a coastal city in the region of British Columbia and it is a major financial and industrial center for Canada. Therefore, the business of hardwood flooring in Vancouver brings a large amount of capital for the city and the country. To summarize, the hardwood flooring can be made in two ways: layered (commonly known as engineered) or solid.

Basically, this method involves two or more layers of wood shaped into a plank. By taking some measurements, it will help later on to establish the number of planks. And so, once the ground has been set, the construction of the floor will commence by making layer after layer of plied wood. In order to increase the stability of the floor, it is recommended to place the layer on top at a 90 degree angle.

The other method for constructing a hardwood floor is through the “solid” wood. Here, “Solid” means that a piece of wood used for the floor is made out of a single chunk of timber. The hardwood flooring in Vancouver, for instance, is known to be specialized in the solid method, because it is more common and easier to make. The solid method resembles to an extent the engineered method; you must have some wooden beams that support your floor in order to place “the layer” of solid wood.

Eventually, it all comes down to the customer. The layered type of flooring is more common for flats and condos, while the solid one has a more structural purpose to it, more fit for a house.