Maid of Honor Speech

One of the most pleasant things in a wedding ceremony is the rapport between the bride and the maid of honor, who is usually the bride’s best friend. The speeches that the maid of honor gives during the wedding ceremony are very famous. This tradition has entered into US from England.

It was customary for Queens of England to have many maids of honor. They would usually be girls of 16 years or above. There are some duties for every maid of honor such as selecting the dresses for both herself and the bride.

She is to hold the wedding ring of the bride till the exchange of rings is done. She has to make sure that the bride is in her best looks at the time of wedding. Then finally she has to give the maid of honor speech.

A sample maid of honor speech:

Good evening to everyone who have gathered here for this wedding ceremony,

I am Jersey, the maid of honor and the bride’s best friend. Today’s bride Jane has been a friend of mine since my high school days we shared the same classroom and have had a very good time since then.

She was a person to whom I could always fall back at the times of problems. I feel happy to say that it was through me that Jane and Sam got to meet each other. Sam had been my family friend for many years now. I know about him very well. He is a very intelligent person and an excellent gentleman. They first just met as friends in my house but with time their love blossomed and when Jane told me that she was in love with Sam I felt very happy for her. I said that he was a perfect match for her. Then I conveyed Jane’s love to Sam, he felt excited too.

Then they both went to date and had a great time. Jane narrated the hilarious story of how Sam had got frightened in the House of Horrors in the nearby city theme park.

I almost know everything about their love and feel that they would make a perfect match for each other. The thing that makes me believe that they would be a great pair is that they enjoy each others presence and get excited on thinking about each other. On seeing this wonderful pair what I remember is the famous quotes of Bronte which goes as “whatever our souls are made of his and mine are same”.

The one thing that I ask from Sam is to ensure that my dear friend Jane always remains happy forever just as she is today and for Jane it is your responsibility to ensure that Sam goes up in life and reaches great heights in his life. All I wish from God for this beautiful couple is that they should be as happy as they are now forever. I wish you both Jane and Sam a very happy and long married life. All the Best.

That is a brief outline of what a Maid of Honor Speech should be like.

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