Some Crucial Steps for Wood Floor Installation

Wood floors are very attractive and you will find them to give your home interiors an aesthetic look and appeal. They can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position and can be laid over plywood and even an existing wood floor surface.

If you are planning to carry out wood floor installation by yourself, you need to get some tools ready. These include hammer, hand saw, utility knife, chalk line, pry bar, hammer, pens and tape measure. Actually, you don’t need to own all of these tools as you can simply rent them out.

The entire process of installing wood floors must be done methodically. The floors can be installed over concrete slabs, plywood , or even existing wood floors. Here is a look at the steps involved in wood floor installation:

* It is necessary to get all tools necessary for installation purposes. Things such as screws, saw, nails, and pry bar and so on have to be got together before the installation process begins.

* Draw a reference line at the beginning point of installation and at the end point of installation. A half inch gap between boards is essential for the wood to expand.

* Choose only the straightest of wood boards for installation. The first wooden board can be laid out on key areas such as the door area and so on. It is necessary to align the first row of wooden boards correctly so that subsequent rows come out straight.

* When you lay down the subsequent rows of hardwood boards, it is necessary to hammer the rows correctly so that there is a tight fit. Each of the boards must be laid down in a perpendicular manner and the process must be done accurately so that no gaps are visible.

* As you reach the last row, you would need the use of a pry and block bar for the purpose of locking them securely. When you install hardwood floors over large area, you need to make use of a heavy nails on each edge at the end of the third floor.

* In end row area, you will find it hard to install more planks and here using ring-shank nails are a good option.

Once you have done the installation fully, you need to check for flaws in the floor. If you find gaps in the flooring, try to push the hardwood using a pry bar. In case there are still some gaps in between the flooring using decorative borders can help to cover them up.

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