Creating a House Cleaning Schedule

The key to keeping your home tidy and organized is to create a house cleaning schedule. You have to make a plan and stick to it ! You might have to make some adjustments here and there along the way but that’s OK, don’t be afraid to get started.

Where to Start:

First make a list of all of your house cleaning tasks or chores. After you have compiled the list, go through it to see which chores should be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

After your list is made, then begin to make your house cleaning schedule. A good house cleaning schedule consists of some good cleaning supplies and great organizational tools.

Figure Out Which Area Matters Most:

Decide what will do in each room. Get a laundry basket and gather up any clutter or dirty cloths so you can get a clear view of the big picture.

To determine how long you will spend on house cleaning depends on a number of things, for instance your family size, and your general idea of CLEAN, meaning do you require a top to bottom spotless home? do you want your baseboards to be cleaned? do you require everything fixture in your bathroom to shine? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you start to make your house cleaning schedule.

After you have made your house cleaning schedule attach it to your refrigerator so that you can see it everyday, and so that you can follow it. If you do not have the time or energy to make a house cleaning schedule or to do your chores then you can hire a maid service to do it for you. By sticking to your plan you will have a tidy and fresh home to be proud of. Soon you will have the time to do the things that are really important to you, like spending time with friends, family, shopping, etc..

Cleaning Supplies:

All purpose Cleaner
Microfiber Towels
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Scouring Pads
Long Handled Duster
Furniture Polish
Floor Cleaner

No one likes a dirty disorganized house, just the the thought of it, is downright exhausting! by taking the time to map out everything so that your schedule is something you can do daily will make things much easier for you. Remember don’t be afraid to fine tune your list if you have it as your schedule changes. Don’t try and do everything one day of the week, do a little bit every day so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. A good tip for you would be to purchase a calender and and post your task on the day of the week you want to do it, this will help with the visual effect of you and your family members seeing it everyday. Now it’s time for you to sit back and relax and enjoy your nice clean home!

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