Music brings pleasure and life to the soul. It is like a food that the soul feeds on. With music, the soul, mind and body get vitality and brightness. The sweet sounds gotten from music help to soothe and relief the soul and mind as the atmosphere at moment is filled with an aura of comfort and pleasure. Music comprises of everything or means that produces sweet sounds. It ranges from the songs that are sung to the playing of musical instruments like drums, piano, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, tambourine etc. Music serves as a means of connection among people as people get connected with music. No matter the diversity or difference in culture, nationality, race or color, music connects us all as it is seen as a universal language. There are different instruments used for creating sweet sounds. A particular one is the guitar.


Guitars are muscular instruments that are under the string instrument category. They are string instruments that have up to 18 strings, but normally they have 6 strings. The sounds produced by the guitar are extended via electrical amplification or acoustically. The guitar is played by plucking or strumming the strings of the guitar with the right hand and at the same time fretting the strings with the left hand fingers. The guitar is usually made by wood, although there are some made from other materials like metal. The guitars are strung with steel strings, nylon and gut. There are different types of guitars. Examples are the Electric guitars and the DIY guitars.


Electric guitars are guitars which make use of to switch the string’s vibration. They are strung with metal strings and the guitar’s vibration happens as a result of the strumming and plucking of strings.


The DIY guitar which is known fully as Do It Yourself Guitars a type of guitar that a customer arranges and assembles himself. As a result of the DIY principle where users modify, repair or build products they bought without any form of direct assistance form a professional or expert. Unlike other guitars that are purchased in whole, the DIY guitars are broken into parts and placed in their packages. Customers who purchase the guitars would be the ones to assemble them. These kinds of guitars are in different types. There are DIY electric guitar kits, DIY double neck guitar kits etc. The DIY double neck guitars are double neck guitars that users assemble on their own. However, there are also the normal double neck guitars that are not DIY.


Double neck guitars are guitars with double fingerboard necks. They are both in acoustic and electric versions. These kinds of guitars have been in existence since the renaissance era. The double neck guitars are mostly electric guitars and they have 12 strings on the top neck and 6 strings on the bottom neck. These kinds of guitars give a guitarist the privilege of switching easily and quickly between the sounds of the guitar without consuming time to have the guitars changed.Double neck guitar parts are made in kits. They are called double neck guitar kits.

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