Online Slots Terms


Best online casino websites provide necessary information for online slots players. Still, if you are a beginner you have to learn some terms in order to understand the gaming process better and to have better chances to win. 1. Bankroll. Bankroll is a sum of money that you are ready to spend. In other words it’s the gamblers budget. Some experts recommend setting up a loss and winning limits. For example, stop playing if you lost or win 25% of your bankroll. 2. Bet. Bet is the sum of money you risk on each spin. After an online slots player makes a bet, he hits the spin button to start spinning the reels. 3. Bonus. Bonus is a special slot machine feature which allows player to win additional sum of money. The best online casino websites provide different kinds of bonuses, which are all listed on various casino guides.4. Credit meter. Credit meter shows the number of credits in an online slots machine.5. Hit frequency. This is the ratio for hitting spins that online slots machine allows. If online slots machine has a high hit frequency it will have more winning spins. 6. Jackpot. Jackpot is the grand winning at online slots. You can hit the jackpot by striking the right symbols combination. Professional gamblers advice to play on several online slots machines simultaneously so that to increase your chances to win. You can try online slots at any best online casino website or at any mobile casino. 7. Payback. This is the amount of money that online slots machine pays out to a gambler.8. Symbols. Symbols are the pictures that appear on the reels of the slot machine.9. Scatter symbol. This symbol gives a player certain kinds of bonuses: free spins, bonus games or multiplier bonuses. 10. Wild symbol. This is another type of bonus symbols. It can replace any other symbol on the reels to make up a winning combination. This simple vocabulary will be of use for inexperienced casino players. Learn more about the best online casino vendors and mobile casino websites to use all the advantages of their services.  


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