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Comparison between online casino and real casino


If you read the news of casino, you will observe that a lot of real casino i.e. land based casino have some financial problems and especially in France. A lot of real casinos have to be confronted to a lot of situation such as recovery commerce, economics suspension. The beautiful world of casino is starting to disappear through the invasion of online casino and a lot of legislation has been created which don’t help casino. The competition is quiet hard in this market and online casinos have no pity to steal customers of the real casinos. So why do players prefer online casino?Online casinos save a considerable amount of timeReal casinos must have to limit their activity because they own a place and the space is limited. A blackjack table takes some space compare to one on internet which takes nothing. Also, a real casino has to respect security legislation through the fact that they receive an audience. Thus, casino has to limit the number of players in a real casino. The location is a problem too. People have to travel to your place if they want to play, so it means that they can’t come every day and they have probably another place to play close to their house.  If you compare with internet, doesn’t matter where your casino is, everyone can have an access to it. No limit of player, just need a website which can reserve an unlimited players from everywhere in the world even of each country tries to manage it by imposing legislations about gambling game.  A real tournament of 40 players, will take something like 3 or 4 hours. On internet, it will take approximately 20 minutes not more. It is fast by the fact that the software is dealing for the player and the game is always giving something to someone thus the player plays because he has some good cards but the river match with his game and another one. Unlimited choiceBy the fact that the real casino is a place, its space is limited and the casino cannot organise a lot of tournament every day. The casinos cannot receive a lot of poker tournament or blackjack tournament and the number of machines is limited too. The real casino will also to employ someone to manage the tournament and serve the drink. An online casino doesn’t have so many problem and online casino propose until 500 games on just one websites. When you play online you can play immediately to a slot machine at the real casino, the machine has to be free before playing with it. Online casino offers you the possibility to get a lot of bonuses to attract you but because they do not need to employ anyone to do that. The cost is less expensive and the only thing that they have to manage is the website. A real casino has to take care of the building, the garden, employees, slot machines… Of course, do not need to move from your sofa to play poker or roulette but through that you destroy jobs and your social life too. 



A journalist studying the market position for land based casino and adverse effect of online casino over the land based ones.

Online Poker Rooms: Tips on Working the Lobby

It is important to check online poker room lobbies because the information can be found there. You just have to click the corresponding buttons. In an online poker room, the lobby contains the average pot size, how many players are checking the flop, the number of hands which are being played on an hourly basis, who are the players entering each game, and people who are on the waiting list. You can also know which and how many of the games of a specific limit are underway.

Lobbies of online poker rooms will help you decide on the right game and the right limit. Some poker players can choose wild games while others will go for the passive ones. There are people who like full games while others will prefer shorthand sessions. If you are a player who is great at all these types of game, then you have a wealth of choice.

Another critical element to online casino rooms is the game and table selection. It is not important in   land-based casinos, but it is critical online. You might think that choosing the right game and table selection is not important, but online players come and go quickly. A bad game for you can turn into a great game or a great game can come out badly in a click of the mouse button.

Some tables will have a bigger pot size than another tables that have the same limit. This is why again, in online poker rooms, you should always be monitoring the lobby so that you can keep an eye on the best games and on table changing. This information can help your   decisions and ultimately help you win.

If you are on the waiting list of the various online casino rooms, you will be made to choose to and fill   out a specific game or placed on the first available seat.

Always choose a specific game when you are wait-listed and pick as much games you would like to play as you can. If you do not like the conditions of the game, you can always pass on the game and there will still be others to choose from. If, on the other hand, you signed up for a ‘first available seat’ game and you pass on the gameScience Articles, you will be removed from the waiting list for all the games. It will be kind of counter   productive to the waiting list you signed up for.

Black professional, educated, and self-reliant woman – why am I still single?

Won’t Be Denied: a suspense novel — a portrait of an obsessed, single African American female.

Atlanta, GA, October 13, 2004: Today there are many single women over the age of thirty. The 2000 Census Bureau recorded that 2,219,489 women between the ages of 30 and 34 have never married.

The vast majority of single black women make up 60 percent of all unmarried women. By the age of 30, a mere 45 percent of black women have married, compared to 80 percent of white women.

Such disproportionate statistics have led to many hypotheses as to why large proportions of the African American female population are single. Social psychologist and author of “Black and Single”, Larry Davis explains the “black romantic market” in the article, “The State of Our Union: Black Love and Marriage, 2004”, on Davis believes that social factors such as black male imprisonment and interracial relationships leave black women outnumbering black men 2 to 1. Within the same article, therapist and radio personality Audrey B. Chapman disputes Mr. Davis’ figures. It is her belief that the proportions are closer to 4 to1 or 6 to 1.

“I figured that as I made more money and got the education that’s required to get a good job, that that would automatically make it easier for me to find someone,” said Lana Coleman, a Pasadena Calif., attorney, in the 2003 Newsweek article, “Black Gender Gap”. “But it’s really been the opposite.” Ms. Coleman’s sentiments are reflective of other self-reliant and professional black women.

The chances of a black woman finding a single, 33 – 39-year-old, heterosexual, college educated, successful African American male in a 1 percent population is about .16 percent. The 1 percent includes those men in cities and their surrounding suburbs with large urban populations, such as Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., New York, Oakland, and Detroit.

Essence magazine’s advice columnist, Gwen Grant, stated in the Savannah Morning News, 2002, that educated black women should expand their selection to dating outside their race. If not, they will continue to have limited options.

The most extraordinary statistic is that only 22 percent of an African American woman’s life span will be spent in marriage.

Won’t Be Denied, a 227-page novel, shines a light into an obsessed, single African American female. In the well-crafted suspense novel, author C.F. Jackson, graduate from Georgia Southern University with a BS degree in Criminal Justice, lays out the story in two sentences: Love won’t be denied. Maré comes to value it more than life. The story is set in Atlanta, Georgia. It is an easy, suspenseful read. The character-driven plot is a page-turner.

For more information, or to purchase Won’t Be Denied (ISBN 0-9762230-0-7), contact the publisher, Organized Thoughts Publishing: Post Office Box 920622, Norcross, GA 30010 or Bookstores and libraries in the U.S. can order Won’t Be Denied through Baker & Taylor database. To be released on November 9Feature Articles, 2004.



You enter a bingo site for the first time and open it to a whole world of gaming. For the average Bingo player that’ s more used to playing in local bingo halls, it’s a game of games you’ve never thought of.


 If you expect to play only 75 ball if you are from the US or 90 balls Bingo if you are in the UK,more Opportunities and variations will be opened. Perhaps you feel like living a kind of sheltered life,

 Believing that there’s only one game in the city and that’s the one you’ve played since you were kneeling up for a grasshopper! To complicate things by scrolling through the list, there are also 30 ball and 80 ball. Okay, this turns into an adventure, and when your face rinses with excitement, your mind turns into visions of a bingo heaven that is a kind of new revelation.

On the way to the lobby you dropped out, instead of singing ” lions and tigers and bears, oh misquote; you’re chirping “Slots and Table Games and Video Poker oh yes”!

 That’s when you realize that bingo is more than just a variation of the game, it’s a gaming paradise. But, more, more with Arcade Games, Scratch Cards and Card Games. You could begin to reach for the smelling salts because the excitement is just too much to be taken at the same time.

Unfortunately, it’ s all useful when reports say it’s no longer just Grandma’s bingo, but instead it draws the hearts of every age group of ages 18 and over. Oh and let’ s not forget the bingo donations that cast a game of difference in the game. Deal of No Deal, 1TG / 2TG, Fixed Pots and depending on which site you are running on a whole range of unique Ways to play.

As a long lost love you wonder where you have been my life. Just like a bingo virgin who is kissed by the online atmosphere, the new players embrace the first time with open arms and anxious Anticipation.

 It’ s a new wave, a new generation and the modernization of an old classic that was reinvented. You are meant to take the bingo ball and walk with itFeature Articles, never look back to the old school.

What To Look For Before You Download Slots


some of the brick and mortar casinos, online casinos never close for
the night, meaning that you can play slots whenever it fits into your
schedule. You could play while you relax after a day at work or when
you have a little time in between social engagements or household
chores. Online gaming offers an incredible amount of flexibility, which
has made online slots incredibly popular; many even prefer these virtual machines to the genuine article.So
what should you look for in a site you want to download slots from?
Many different sites provide these games, but you should make sure that
any site you deal with is a reputable business which you can trust.
Although it is not terribly common, you might find sites out there
which provide downloads which are infected with viruses or packaged
with spyware and other nuisances. However, if you choose to download
from reputable online gaming sites, then you should not have any
problems with your downloads.Even so, you should look into the
reputation of the company before you download anything from them, just
as you would with any other site; it is just a matter of common sense
and caution. You should also be sure that the site is offering exactly
what you want before you download slots from them. You also should make
sure that the site will keep your personal information securely and
privately.You may want to avoid playing on or downloading from
gaming sites which are new, since you do not have any way of knowing
whether or not these sites are run by scrupulous companies. Instead,
bookmark this site and come back to it later once it has been around
long enough for word to get around the gaming community as to whether
this site is a worthwhile place to play or download from.Another
factor to look at is if other people are winning at the slots you are
thinking of playing. If they are, you should try to find out how many
people are winning and how much money they are getting from it. If
these people are winning enough that you would consider these slots
worth playing, then by all means, give them a shot!You should
make sure to read plenty of reviews of any gaming site before you
download slots from them. Read all the reviews, both negative and
positive ones; if the number of negatives is much larger than the
number of good reviews, then you are probably better off avoiding this
site – if a lot of other players have had bad experiences, it is more
than likely you will want to play elsewhere.

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Inetbet is the premier online casino, offering the chance to play for money or to play for free to players worldwide (including bettors in the US). Whether you are an experienced casino player or a novice, Inetbet is simply the best of the online casinos that will provide you with all your casino needs.

Strategies of Playing Online Slots


Casino online slots is a game of chance that offers as much excitement and fun as other casino games, including online casino no download roulette, video poker, scratch cards, blackjack and some fun games. By accessing any reputable and trusted online venue via your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Most online slots feature enjoyable atmosphere, unexpected gaming results, timely payouts, cashable and non-cashable promotions as well as high quality performance. With a wide selection of online slots available at White Knight Casino, casino experts and newbies can practice their skills at 3 and 5 reel slots with multiple paylines as well as work out the strategies of gambling. At White Knight Casino, online slots games employ a range of symbols from well-known movie themes, which add to the gambling experience. When playing online slots, i.e. free slots, multiple payline slots, bonus slots and progressive slots, players should make sure that they have a good understanding of the game rules and betting options. Thanks to multiple technological developments, players are appreciated to play their favorite online games, including online casino no download slots, in a downloadable and no download modes. With Immortal Romance, Cashanova, Dogfather, Wasabi San and Ho Ho Ho casino online slots accessible at White Knight Casino, online players are also provided with detailed descriptions in order to guide them through the major game rules and features.As long as a player has made an extensive research in the online slots gambling by studying printed materials, gambling books and magazines, he/she can apply it to practice and keep on studying the casino online slots strategies by asking questions at casino-related forums.At any high-ranked casino, including White Knight Casino, online players irrespective of their experience can choose various betting options. In betting, it is required to make reasonable stakes, whereas at the jackpot progressive games gamblers are to make maximum deposits in order to opt for generous winnings. When playing progressive jackpot slots, maximum betting is required to reduce winning chances of the next player. Finally, a bit of luck and personal strategies can be of great help when playing online casino no download slots.

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White Knight Casino offers the best casino games and presents article about popular casino games. Casino Online Slots is a one of the most popular casino games. All online slots include Online Casino No Download roulette, video poker.

Tips to Win at Poker


play too many hands! Beginners frequently fall into this trap,
especially when they’re playing at online casinos. The best poker
players play a fifth to a third of their starting hands. Knowing when
to fold is an important skill in poker and will let you hold onto your
money longer. Concentrate on starting hands that have higher value and
know when to bow out. Betting more or betting no matter what your
opponents do is a big mistake, and it won’t help you win.Play
poker at the right level. Choose betting limits where you feel like you
have good odds of beating most people at the table. If you’ve been
having trouble winning, move down in limits. That’s important. If you
don’t have the skill yet, playing with the pros is just going to lose
you money, and you won’t even have fun doing it!Get information
through poker betting. This one might sound strange, but you might not
always bet just because you have a good hand. Betting can help you
figure out what your opponents are likely to do. Defensive bets early
on can help you keep from calling a bigger bet later on. Re-raises can
help you figure out how credible your opponent really is.Learn
bluffing and do it well. Bluff when you need to, not all the time – the
pros only use this technique when it’ll help. If you bluff rarely,
you’ll be less likely to be called. Figure out when your risk is
lowest, and bluff then. You should also understand player position –
strong hands can be influenced by the position in which you play them. Study poker books and online advice sites to get the best advantage, whether you’re playing online casino poker
or you’re just at home. They usually have something important to tell
you! Keep notes about what does and doesn’t work for you (some online
casino programs even have a built in way for you to do this). If you
know what you’re doing, playing poker can be a lot more fun, and you’ll
win more often.



Inetbet is the premier online casino, offering the chance to play for money or to play for free (including bettors in the US). Whether you are an experienced casino player or a novice, Inetbet is simply the best of the online casinos that will provide you with all your casino needs.

10 Reasons to Use an Online Casino


An excellent reason to choose an online casino over a real casino is
the fact the there is never a parking problem at an online casino just
pull your chair up to your desk and your there.2- A real good
reason for choosing an online casino is having to decide what to wear
and getting dressed up. At home all you have to wear is your favorite
robe, or pajamas, or maybe just a tee shirt and boxers. Anything you
choose to wear is appropriate attire at an online casino.3- A
great reason for playing at an online casino is that you don’t have to
have cash to sit and play at an online casino game. You also do not
have to worry about insane ATM fees when run out of cash. You also will
not have to wait in line at an ATM to get your cash.4- At an
online casino you do not have to worry about having to look out for
your chips all the time. With chips you always have to worry about
someone grabbing your stack or dropping them and everyone joins in the
grabfest to get your chips. You will also never have to worry about
your chips rolling under a table or a machine and getting help to get
them back at an online casino.5- When playing at an online
casino over priced and watered down drinks are not problems you are
going to have to worry about. There is also no expected gratuity from a
bored looking cocktail waitress, but if your wife, girlfriend, husband,
or boyfriend serves you that drink be gracious and give them a great
tip.6- High priced low quality food is also not a problem you
will have to deal with at an online casino. Your kitchen is your
restaurant and chances are what you really want to eat is in your
kitchen anyway. I am pretty sure that your snacks and meals at home are
better than what you would get on a casino floor and once again no
waitperson to worry about tipping either.7- With online gaming
the casino is only as far away as the distance from where you are at
home to your computer when you decide you want play. All you need is an
internet connection and a decent machine to play.8- Online
casinos are always open 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year so
you never have to worry about not being able to play.9- At an online casino when you are done playing you don’t have to make long ride home just shut off your machine and walk away.10-
When you play at an online casino you don’t have to put up with
anyone’s bad habits or worry about them complaining about yours.As you can see there are many good reasons for choosing an online casino
over a rea casino and all you have to do is choose which one you want
to play at. Also remember to gamble responsibly remember that your
gambling money is in your right hand pocket and your important money is
in your left hand pocket as the pros say.



Inetbet is a successful and premier online casino, online since 1999, offering the chance to play for money or to play for free (including bettors in the US). Whether you are an experienced casino player or a novice, Inetbet is an online casino that will provide you with all your betting requirements.

Online Poker Table Selection – How to find the most profitable table to play on!

Knowing where and at what times the loosest poker games are played are the number one secret for those who play online poker successfully.

Online poker professionals win most of their money from the weak players (fishes-suckers), so finding a table with two or three fishes on it, is extremely important if you want to succeed at this game. Tight and conservative poker tables are not profitable to play on, even for the professionals.

Poker players that are successful at the game of poker, mostly makes their profit from the mistakes their opponents make, and not from their own brilliant play. Choosing the correct table to play on is very important if you want to be a winner at this game.

The secret of winning at on line poker is to find these kind of games and to only play solid hands from the right position at the table.

Finding the right table to play on is fairly easy. All you have to do is to download the most popular on-line poker rooms.

Than you have to start looking for a table with decent sized pots for your limits and whit a few weak players on it.

Click on flop percentage button when you think you have found your bread and butter table. This will show you how many players that actually sees the flop in average.

Lets say you are playing on a 2/4 Texas Holdem table and the minimum buy-in is 100 dollar. If a player only has 40 dollars worth of chips, than you know he is losing and that he probably doesn’t know much about poker since you should always have enough chips for atleast 15 big bets.

It can also be that this particular player doesn’t have more money to play with, so he is probably going to be playing a tight game and sit and wait for the good cards to come.

If a player has about 200 dollars in front of him than that should tell you that he is either winning, or that he bought in for that amount, simply because he knows that a big stack gets respect from most players.

There are virtually thousands of on-line games to choose from, so there is no excuse to play on a table that you are not comfortable with.

Good luckFree Reprint Articles, play well and don’t gamble with your poker money!

10 Row Blackjack Table Tray Critical Overview

Uncover the mystery of the 10 Row Blackjack Table Tray and see if it is right for you at this time. Please read our detailed overview of the 10 Row Blackjack Table Tray.

Home entertainment systems are on the rise, if you want to gather your friends around and start a virtual rock band you will just have to make a few phone calls. If you enjoy computer games then you literally have thousands of titles to choose from, but what happens when you want to explode your Blackjack Strategy and rise above the amusement of juvenile or first person shooter games currently flooding the market? Most people can’t just rush off for a weekend to Las Vegas, but now you can bring the excitement of blackjack into your home.

The nights of hiding in the basement and Winning at Blackjack under cloak and dagger are over, now you can proudly bring out into the light your own 10 Row Blackjack Table Tray with pride and a little bit of arrogance, if it’s your house. Gathering adult friends around and playing one of the most popular card games is fun and it gives everybody a chance to test their luck against the dealer. Those who know how to play 21 will no doubt envy at your newest acquisition.

If you have some players new to the game of twenty-one then it’s always fun to teach them how to play. After a few hands have been dealt, they will easily understand what the terms such as hit, stand and even split a pair means. You can even teach them to surrender if they want to add a new word to their gambling vocabulary. Many first time players don’t think about betting because they are learning the game but after a while, the fever of risk takes over and you’ll have some serious players rounding your table.

The movie “21” opened up a lot of eyes and minds about How to Win at Blackjack. Those who take their part time hobbies seriously want the best equipment available so that their experiences are remembered. Playing Blackjack with friends is best when you’ve got a 10 Row Blackjack Table Tray, this tray has 10 rows, and each row holds up to 50 chips. It is made with a durable plastic called ABS, it’s the same plastic used with PCV pipes so you know it’s going to last.

Learning Blackjack Tournament Strategies and the skill it takes to win is best when it’s done in your home. You can practice without losing any money and it will give you the confidence to venture outside your door so that you can challenge yourself when it’s time to take a trip to a casino or Las Vegas.

The Vegas strip and Atlantic City will be around for a long timeFeature Articles, the excitement and thrill of winning big is a great allure. Why not create that same attraction of winning big with the 10 Row Blackjack Table Tray in your own home. You will be able to entertain and make some new friends each time you mention the word blackjack. If you want to create a gambling experience that looks and feels like the real thing then go ahead and find out more about this handy Winning at Blackjack tool and see how cool it would be to obtain your own high quality 10 Row Blackjack Table Tray.