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Benefits of anti slip flooring

Are you thinking to install the anti slip floor? Are you looking for the non slip flooring companies? Are you unsure about if you should really install it? Do you want to know about its advantages? IF the answers to the above mentioned questions are yes, you are at the right place.
There are a lot of advantages when it comes to installing non slip flooring. Out of its endless benefits, let us have a look at some of the most important ones. Here we go…
1. No restrictions of foot wear: You need not have to wear the anti slip shoes. You can stick to your fashionable foot wear like high heel stilettos or platform heel flip flops while going to parties or restaurants.
2. Applications: driveway, kitchen, retail spaces, restaurant, entrances, factory floors, stair cases, clubs, car parks, bathrooms and changing rooms, play ground, golf course and wet environments like swimming pool, its surrounding and splash pads.
3. Options: The anti slippery floors are not restricted to just tiles; they can also be done on the other kinds of surfaces like concrete, wooden, acrylic, vinyl, terrazzo, bricks, metallic and stones like marble, lime stone, travertine and granite, to name a few.
4. Voiding mishaps: The surface becomes manageable and brings great control even though it is damp. So, the number of accidents will be lessened. The work place where there is a use of water on the surfaces will reduce the number of employees falling down. It eliminates the risk of slipping down in all types of surfaces, wet, greasy or dry.
5. Save money: Less number of accidents will save you a lot of money on the insurance. Also, it will save the factory and work places from the damages caused when someone slips down. Also, the employees will save money as they will not have to take leave from work because of their bad health.
6. Confidence: They increase the confidence in walking and working at homes as well as in offices. So, the work productivity will be increased.
7. Beauty: It looks attractive and pleasing and increases the aesthetic value of the homes and offices.
8. Maintenance: It is easy to clean as well as maintain. It can be done in a quicker and cost friendly manner.
9. Faster: The process of making the floors non slip is really quick and it becomes anti sleep as soon as the process gets over; we need not wait to dry.
10. Guarantee: These types of treatments to the floor have at least five years of guarantee. They do not get damaged in most of the case; but even if it does, you can get it fixed for free if it is within the guarantee time period.

I hope that the above mentioned benefits of anti slip floor help you to understand its importance. There are many companies that provide such types of surfacing services. So, find the best company that is reputed and reliable and get the services from them according to your needs and requirements. Good luck with that!

Whether you have got swimming pool, Safety Surfaces , splash pad or Spray Park, if you need Stone Driveways, non slip flooring for indoors and outdoors of any wet leisure environment, the best place to visit is the ‘Flex Flooring’.

Anti Slip Flooring Solutions For Safety and Fall Prevention

Accidents that happen due to falling from a wet or slippery floor are every common. Since they are common people think that such accidents are unavoidable. Well, these accidents can either at the workplace or home and can be avoided by installing antislip flooring. We usually focus on why such accidents happen rather than implementing solutions that would avoid them altogether.

Slips and falls are very common in public places and private residences. We all must have experienced such an accident in our life. These slips and falls are not necessary to be serious, but in some cases they can be. To avoid being victim of such cases one just needs to make simple changes in homes and offices by including non slip floorings which can reduce the accidents to a considerable level.

When the surroundings of a work place or a residence are cluttered or wet, then the possibility of falls and slips increases to a greater extent. As it is generally known to all of us that dry surfaces provide us better protection against the falls and people can walk easily on dry surfaces as it creates necessary friction. It is very easy to clean almost every kind of surface, but with rubber flooring cleaning becomes much simpler and quicker.

Basically, antislip floor is used for reducing the accidents that are caused due to falling from the slippery floor. Businesses that understand the importance of such kind of flooring would get them fitted in their high traffic areas to avoid injuries and curbing additional expenses that are incurred in paying for settling personal injury. Also one might also won’t lose on employee productivity, that is caused due to employees taking leaves due to fall injuries.

For selecting appropriate non slip flooring one needs to consider several factors before getting them installed at your home or office. The product for the flooring should be bought considering the traffic that an area has. For instance the area that is crowded and has heavy traffic of people moving then it requires a sturdy and durable anti slip flooring. Other factors that are needed to be considered are contaminants and stains.

Usually rubber flooring is easy to clean that the regular concrete floorings and hence this factor should be considered that it should be easily cleaned and should not damaged easily. Even when we keep in mind the worst scenario the risks of falling if not completely eliminated but can be reduced significantly. Depending upon the usage you can decide which type of antislip product would be suitable. These flooring are highly economical, durable and easy to maintain and well suitable for residential and commercials.

One can choose from different patterns and colour for rubber floorings as per their choice to make their interiors and exteriors look beautiful. For the pools you can get antislip Splashpad. When we plan it right and take proper steps by utilising antislip products then, it is easy to avoid falls and accidents. These products last long and worthy or your money.

Flex Flooring has been providing great anti slip floorings for commercial and private use, specialists in seamless safety surfaces, safety flooring, wet pour surfaces and decorative resin bound stone floors. These turfs are attractive and cost effective way to decorate and secure oneself against any type of accidental fall. You can find them in offices, restaurants, residences, pools, water parks, children’s parks and schools. Sliptech, which is an Non Slip Flooring testing company, has certified Flex flooring’s products as “Low potential for slip”.

Chose Best Anti Slip Flooring chemicals for your ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tile flooring is an excellent option for both residential and commercial flooring purposes. Ceramic tile flooring is aesthetically beautiful and is an integral element of home or office décor. Available in multiple color ranges, ceramic tile flooring has been the favorite of people for years. Though it is quite expensive, people choose it due to the great look it offers. However, ceramic flooring poses the risk of slip and fall accidents for which anti slip tile treatment is certainly called for.

There are a number of companies offering anti slip tile treatment service of which Interlake Chemicals is a prominent name. You need to be judicious enough to hire the best of companies to make the best use of your shining ceramic flooring without putting the safety of your family members at risk.

Ceramic tile flooring is one of the most durable surfaces used as flooring in both residential and commercial applications. However, one does not get the idea that ceramic tile, when used in a commercial setting, was made for that setting because of its beauty. One cannot tell ceramic tile flooring made for residential use exclusively from one made exclusively for commercial use. The rating system used to grade ceramic tile flooring is called the PEI scale. The scale starts with PEI 3 for residential and light commercial usage. PEI 3 is rated for medium to heavy foot traffic. PEI 5 rated ceramic tile flooring is used in heavy commercial applications such as apartment foyers, commuter concourses and is one of the toughest floors ever made.

It comes in many colors. The most popular color for ceramic tile is beige and various shades of that color. However, one is able to find darker colors if those colors are wanted. Some blended colors are also available, depending upon the manufacturer. In addition to color choice, the tiles come in four square sizes ranging from 12″ x 12″ up to 18″ x 18″. Rectangle sizes are 10″ x 8″ and 13″ x 9″. Odd sizes are also available, depending on the manufacturer.

Some advantages of using it are that they come in many colors, sizes, and styles. They are easy to maintain and resist staining and don’t require special cleaning to be kept looking new. It is suitable for radiant heat. Their disadvantages are that they are slippery, whether wet or not unless there is a texture in the surface. They can be hazardous for the elderly or children and area rugs or other surface application may need to be considered. It is also hard to stand on for any length of time. The homeowner should buy extra tiles to replace the cracked one and to be able to match the color.

Pricing for ceramic tile flooring covers a large range, from as little as $ 1.19 a tile up to more than $ 8.89 a tile. When looking at these tiles side by side, it is hard to tell the cheaper tile from the more expensive one. However, thickness of the ceramic tile flooring, size and texture are clues. Also, the kind of treatment which has been applied to the surface will increase the price of them.

Ceramic tile flooring can be treated with a coating which increases their anti-slip resistance as well with an anti-bacterial and antimicrobial coating to resist bacteria and odors as when used in bathrooms or commercial dressing rooms.

Imported ones add another dimension to the decor of one’s home. They are found in various sizes not generally seen in flooring to colors and textures indigenous to the area.

Fortunately, installation is the same regardless of where the tile is manufactured, which makes the choice of domestic or imported tiles easy.

Courtenay Pitcher is associated with Interlake Chemicals for the past few years and expert in the field of wet floor slippery safety solutions. He is the author of many online published articles on anti slip tile treatment, non slip floor coating,a anti slip floor coating and many more.

Anti Slip Kitchen Floor tiles


In designing the plan for your kitchens, you should be practical and aware of the durability of the products to be used in the kitchens. There may be stylish mats and carpets but they won’t suit the needs of the kitchen. There are many factors to be considered while planning to have Comfortable work zone with anti slip kitchen floor tiles. Wonderful kitchen plans are loved by everyone but keeping in mind all the important factors in essential. It becomes difficult for you to select from a variety of options available in the market. You can get a comfortable work zone with anti slip kitchen floor tiles only. Before choosing tiles for kitchen flooring, the usage of kitchen, liquid spilling, materials use, flooring design and cost of flooring are to be analysed. 
For those who spend maximum time in the kitchen, flooring of the kitchen should be made extremely comfortable for the feet. It would be advantageous if materials such as vinyl, laminate, linoleum or cork are used for this purpose. The main advantages of these materials are the excellent grip they provide. Ceramic kitchen tiles may be used in the place of carpets as carpets change colour in due course of time. A kitchen is a place where liquid spilling may not be avoided. If your kitchen gets liquid spilled often, it is advisable to use such types of tiles which are easy to clean and maintain. Use of tiles which have the tendency to stain water may require extra care to handle. 
The use of wooden sheets or tiles for kitchen flooring may be avoided, as it would not provide the comfortable work zone with anti slip kitchen floor tiles and also the wooden floor absorbs water easily. It is difficult to prevent the wooden flooring from absorbing water. There would not be any option left other than replacing if the flooring wears out. If the chance of dropping things in a kitchen is high, very durable materials would be recommended to avoid breaking of the dropped objects. Slippery kitchen flooring, ceramic tiles and similar floorings may be avoided if children or elders make the maximum use of kitchen. 
When you wish to renovate the home, cost of the flooring is to be well thought-out. It depends mainly on the complication of installation and the material. Tiles may be purchased from different manufacturers in the construction industry. Comparison of prices may be made to find out the best prices. One should carry a detailed plan with the exact measurements of the kitchen while buying kitchen flooring. Confirmed prices may be obtained from the sales executives and the retailers by following this practice. While selecting the kitchen tiles, sheets or planks, a virtual combination of the furnishings such as cabinets, counter tops etc should be done. Large tiles are recommended as there will be only little space between the pieces of the tiles and hence cleaning becomes easy. Comfortable work zone with anti slip kitchen tiles may be selected but the colour combination matters a lot as it decides the mood of a person who uses the kitchen. 

Jacob Oramy is a renowned writer who has written several articles on different interior designing techniques and his articles also gives light on the various uses of kitchen’s interior, porcelain tiles, marble mosaic tiles and cheap mosaic tiles. Know more about Kitchen Floor Tiles And Floor Tile