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Bathroom Designs With Ceramic Tile

Choosing your bathroom design is an extremely important decision for many homeowners. It is a consensus among real estate experts that the bathroom is one of the rooms that adds the most value to any home. Therefore, it is extremely important when choosing a design for your tiling.

Ceramic is a popular choice for designing bathrooms because of its reasonable price and beautiful look. Further, ceramic tile may be used for both floor tiling and wall tiling. There are several different options that many folks can take when choosing a bathroom design using ceramic tile. Regardless of the design that you choose to use, there are a few key guidelines that you should always take into consideration before making a decision:

1. Consistency- When designing with ceramic tile, it is essential that homeowners stay consistent throughout the design process. This means that if you should choose to use a certain color palette for your floor tile, you should always stay consistent with the type of tile you choose to use for your wall tiles so that you can achieve a consistent look in the room.

2. Stay creative- Even though you should be consistent when choosing a color palette, you can still be quite creative with ceramic tiles. That is, you should choose different sizes for the floor tiles and the wall tiles. Another interesting way to stay creative is by laying the floor tiles on a diagonal, as opposed to laying them straight. This design pattern will provide a diamond shaped look, and will help make your bathroom look unique or different than other bathrooms. You can also choose to lay the wall tiling in a diagonal pattern as well.

3. Make small changes for a big impact- One way to make a big impact with ceramic tiles is by using an accent color and creating a pattern for that color. For example, you can choose one off color tile and lay it every 4 tiles throughout the bathroom. This may sound like it is contradicting the consistency guideline, but if you are consistent in your creativity, these small changes can make a huge impact in the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Choosing bathroom tiles can be a daunting task, but designing with ceramic tile can be quite cost effective, while continuing to maintain a high end look. I have provided three guidelines for designing with ceramic tile; however, these are not the be-all design. Seeking the advice of a design professional is recommended when make major changes to your bathroom. Good luck with your project and remember to always have fun while doing it.

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Ceramic Tiles In The Bathroom – More Than Just Floors

Ceramic tile flooring in bathrooms is quite common due to its toughness, attractiveness and its ability to cleaned easily. Ceramic tile flooring for bathrooms is definitely the fist choice for a large number of homeowners when they decide to remodel their bathrooms. However, flooring is not the only way ceramic tile can be put to great use in a bathroom especially when planning a bathroom remodeling makeover.

Putting ceramic tiles on the walls of a bathroom is also another common way to add design to your bathroom. You really have the ability to let your imagination take over and set the decor for the entire room. There is an array of ceramic tile options available. You can find ceramic tiles in so many shapes, sizes, colors, textures and patterns that the task in finding the style can be overwhelming at first.

A ceramic tile design that is both very popular and very effective is when small accent ceramic tile pieces are used in conjunction with large ceramic tile pieces. The small accent ceramic tile pieces can be used as a border or as an overall theme within the floor, a style that you just can’t get by using paint or wallpaper. Also, ceramic tile flooring comes in a large range of designs, everything from classic elegance to edgier modern styles, and they also come in a range of prices in order to fit any budget.

As ceramic tile manufacturing and design processes have evolved over the years one can even now find ceramic tile for use in the bathroom, the kitchen and beyond that really doesn’t look like ceramic tile at all (but has all the same wonderful properties). From ceramic tiling that mimics the appearance of wood to tiles that have a metallic appearance that can be used to create a truly unique and sophisticated atmosphere in any room , these are certainly a far cry from the ceramic tiles of days gone by.

If you want to create a great looking bathroom that is easy to clean and has great style a ceramic tile bathroom may be the best choice for you.

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Thinking of Buying Ceramic Flooring Bathroom Tile Designs?

Some things you need to know

Types of Ceramic Flooring Bathroom Tile Designs

Typically ceramic tile is divided into two types. One is called quarry tile and is made by extrusion from shale or clay that is found in quarries. The other is made from compressing the dust of clay. Both are fairly equal in their look and feel and each are equally represented in wall tile, mosaic tile, and floor bathroom tile designs.

– Quarry tile is a clay ceramic bathroom tile design the lets the natural clay colors stay intact. The color of these flooring tiles comes from the mixture of different clays used as well as the level of heat used to bake them. Unglazed, these tiles are porous and make a great floor because it is very slip resistant.

– Glazed tiles are available in a number of finishes. The ones you want to choose for your bathroom tile design is are the matte or non-slip rough finish. These tiles come in a very high gloss finish as well but these can become quite slippery when wet and not a great choice for floors. If you do want the high gloss appeal, it would be okay to place them around the border of the floor simply for a nice accent.

– Porcelain tile – most people don’t know this but porcelain tiles are simply ceramic tile that has been baked at much higher temperatures. This effect makes this type of bathroom tile design extremely good for busy areas of your home like the bathroom. The reason is that they are much harder and more durable that regular ceramic tile making them a great choice for bathroom floors.

– Mosaic bathroom tile designs are a slight variation on the quarry tiles mentioned about. These tile designs do show the natural colors of the clay but have color pigments added as well. These types of tile are great if you want that earthy look of natural clay tile but are interested in adding a bit more color that available in nature. These tile designs like the quarry tile can be purchased glazed or natural.

A few tips to consider when buying bathroom tile designs

1. Look around at pictures of bathroom tile designs that you like before going to the tile store

2. Think creatively when deciding how to lay out your pattern. A simple thing like laying the tiles diagonally can add a lot of visual interest.

3. Always always always but more tile than you think you need. You will break some or chip some and you don’t want to risk not being able to find the perfect replacement.

4. If you are thinking of laying the tile yourself, keep in mind that the more intricate your bathroom tile designs the more expertise you will need to get it right.

What Size of Ceramic Flooring Bathroom Tile is right?

The decision of what size of the tiles in your bathroom tile design ultimately comes down to personal choice but there are a few guidelines that you might find useful. Ceramic bathroom floor tiles come in many different sizes ranging from small one inch squares to very large tiles of 2 feet. Typically you want to match the size of the square to the size of the room. Large rooms get large tiles and small rooms get small tiles. The reason for this is that if you use small tiles in a large room it can make the room feel busy and if you use large tiles in a small bathroom it will be overpowering.

Why Choose Ceramic Bathroom Flooring Tile?

There is no doubt that ceramic tiles are the most popular in today’s modern homes because there are so many styles to choose from. Ceramic bathroom tile designs are very durable and easy to clean and when installed properly give any bathroom a beautiful classy look.

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Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors Can Make Your Home

When most people think of redecorating, the first areas they imagine is the living room or den. Primarily this is because a family will spend the majority of their home time within these areas. However, if you think about it a lot of time is spent in the bathroom getting ready each morning, as well as in the evening hours when most children take their baths for the next school day. Since this is a very important part of your daily routine, it makes installing illuminated bathroom mirrors as your next home project a good idea.

Although there are other ways you can make improvements in your bathroom, none of them will have the same benefits as adding lighted mirrors. Floor tile and bathroom fixtures can be replaced to add aesthetic beauty, however they will not serve any other purpose. The same thing goes for changing the wall color.

When you use an illuminated mirror to replace a standard flat mirror in the room, you are not simply adding a beautiful fixture. You are also adding an extra light source which can assist the family while they are brushing teeth and drying their hair. It also makes it easier for adults to apply makeup evenly.

Sometimes all you want to do is come home from work and relax. There are very few places in a home which has children where an adult can go to relax. The bathtub is the perfect place for the adult unwind after an especially hectic day. Since a lot of illuminated mirrors allow the adjustment of the light, it is easy to create a relaxing mood whether you are going to read or just shut your eyes.

You can find lighted mirrors in a variety of sizes and styles, which will allow you to place a larger mirror on the wall if you would like to give the illusion of more space. This is a decorating trick used by many decorators in smaller rooms. It will also allow more than one child to stand and use the mirror at once, cutting down the amount of time it takes for everyone to get ready.

Many homeowners look for projects which are considered do-it-yourself endeavors. Installing a mirror such as this does not require advanced skills, so almost anyone will feel at ease. When removing a mirror of any larger size, you really should have someone help you just for the sake of safety. An extra pair of hands can help save cleaning up a broken mess or getting cut.

There are few home projects which will be as budget friendly and give as many benefits as installing illuminated bathroom mirrors. Depending upon the size and style, you will find this type of project to be very rewarding in the benefits you receive versus the costs involved. If you have a projects list, this will be something worth adding.

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Decorating Your Bathroom With Ceramic Tile

With ceramic bathroom tiles there is an endless array of design possibilities. Long been held as the standard in bathroom flooring, ceramic tile is used today for a whole lot more. Attractive backsplashes and tiled tubs and showers are just the beginning of the things that can be done with ceramic bathroom tile.

Any color scheme your bathroom needs is achievable with ceramic tile. Available in every shade and color imaginable, ceramic tiles are sure to fit into any décor. Also available in a large range of textures, ranging from smooth glass like finishes to raised and organic texture, the look and feel of your tile is sure to impress.

Installing ceramic bathroom tile is simple for those wishing to do their own bathroom remodel. A smooth laying surface, grout, and patience is all that is required. The grout should always be sealed to prevent it from becoming discolored or growing mildew. For use as flooring, specially made tile is available that is both durable and slip resistant.

For the adventurous, ceramic tile can be used to detail mosaics on walls and floors. Available in both small and large sizes, everything from simple patterns to detailed designs are possible. The smaller the tile, the more room for creativity. Painted tiles are available that are miniature works of art. Often the design will be raised or imprinted into the tile, offering dimension and visual interest not available in any other type of tile.

Ceramic tile also works well as a countertop. Large tiles for the large surface of the counter with small mosaic ceramic tiles around the edges and sinks is an attractive option. The tile can continue up the wall and make a lovely backsplash. Though one color is a good choice, even better is to use complementary shades or to have a strip of a contrasting color along the middle of the backsplash.

Tiled showers are popular and easy to clean. Durable, slip resistant tiles are available just for this purpose. As long as the grout is sealed properly, staining and discoloration is not a concern. Design flexibility will allow you to tie your shower stall into your existing bathroom décor.

Ceramic bathroom tiles are available in every price range. They are more economical than their glass counterparts, and much more durable. Widely available, the choices in ceramic tile are endless. There is a ceramic bathroom tile that will appeal to every taste and budget.

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Using Tiles On Bathroom Floors

The bathroom is one of the most common rooms that we utilize inside the home. It is also one of your smallest. That’s why, when individuals possess the desire to change  the house and modernize it, they will start in this room. It can be easiest to start in a room which is easy to do anything with and just isn’t going to take you several months to achieve.

There are so many things which you will be able to alter – but every now and then we have to create such a severe budget for ourselves that we can only do something a bit smaller than what we have imagined. One of the better things which you could really transform without having to spend a huge number of dollars may be the floor.

It can be time to rip out the low-priced linoleum that may be already starting to break undone on its own. Rather you should seriously consider changing it with tile. This is a hard textile that works great in a room that gets a lot of moisture over a daily basis. This is commonly used in showers and next to bathtubs so it is going to be ideal for the floor.

What you must do is visit the home improvement store and take a look at the different shapes, styles, and sizes which you will have to select from. You can use different colors and create designs over the expanse of the floor. Many people favor to do something like this because it can be unique. Just know that it can be simple to mess it up whenever you are installing it.

Sometimes all you may need when it comes to the bathroom floor tile design is something that’s quite straightforward. Why not just choose a couple of colors and than exchange them over the ground? This does not cost a ton but will save you hours of drawing out the design and bringing it to life.

If you are having troubles than you need to use a contractor or an interior designer. They will give you the tips that you need to make it all happen without any problems involved.

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How To Choose Ceramic Bathroom Floor Tiles For Your Washrooms


Bathroom is the most used space of our homes. Whether it is family, acquaintances, friends or visitors, almost everyone visits this room during their stay, in our homes. Hence, maintaining bathrooms and keep them tidy is an important responsibility on the part of homeowners. While designing homes, washroom interiors should not be ignored. It is a space where everyone refreshes himself therefore you should decorate your room with soothing colors, preferably light and welcoming shades. Incorporating bathroom floor tiles is a wonderful idea. It will not only make it easier for you to wipe your floors but it will also leave a positive impression on the visitors.
There are plenty of bathroom floor tiles available in the market. They come in variety of sizes, shapes, textures, colors and patterns. If you are planning to purchase these add-ons for your home, you should keep certain things in mind. 
Shopping Tips For Washroom Tiles:
(1) Always have a clear-cut idea regarding your interiors. You should select appropriate themes, shades and designs that reflect your style statement. Choose bathroom floor tiles that add the desired effect to your bathroom environment. 
(2) Firstly, your must determine the exact dimensions of your floors and the number of tiles you want for it. This number depends upon the size of your tiles. You’re going to need large number of small or medium sized tiles and fewer large sized tiles for paving a standard floor.
(3) Secondly, choose a suitable material for your tiles. Ceramic is a popular option when it comes to buying bathroom floor tiles, the reason being that it is waterproof, durable and easy to clean. Moreover, it is easier to walk on wet floor paved with slip-resistant ceramic tiles. Here you should remember that if you’re using unglazed tiles, you might have to clean it frequently since it has a tendency to absorb stains.
(4) Thirdly, select a particular shape for your tiles. You can choose octagons, squares, rectangles, hexagons or diamond shaped tiles.
(5) Additionally, you need to focus on the color combinations. You can use different shades or green and blue if your want to create a soothing and tranquil bathing effect. Likewise you may use red, pink or scarlet shades to produce a romantic feeling and yellow, gold or cream tints for a warm environment.
Now that you’re familiar with your requirements, you can easily purchase appealing bathroom floor tiles. Just keep in mind that you should focus on quality rather than quantity and your budget.

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House Cleaning Tips For The Bathroom

House cleaning can be arduous work and the bathroom is one of the places in a home which may need extra time and effort. Soap scum and alkaline deposits are just a few of the things which may be present in the bathroom which are difficult to remove.

Soap scum and others

The reality of it is that people use the bathroom daily which means there is always a big possibility of it getting dirty sooner rather than later. One of the things that really stands out is soap scum. While some tile colors can actually make this difficult to detect, many of the tile colors will eventually show this and necessitate house cleaning. One way to actually prevent the accumulation of other minerals from the water and soap scum is to take the time to wipe dry the bathroom fixtures that may have gotten wet with a dry cloth. This will prolong the accumulation of minerals and soap scum which will make the metal fixtures appear dull and spotty. For those who do not have the time everyday to wipe the fixtures clean, it may be a good idea to clean them weekly, during Saturdays or Sundays with a fixture of vinegar and water. If the soap scum or mineral deposits are already present and there is some difficulty in taking them out, the vinegar should be increased in part to the water.

Mold and Mildew

The shower curtain may also accumulate things other than residue from the water and the soap. Mold may develop if the shower curtain is always moist. It is a good idea to spread out the curtain after each use as well as the towels since these can also be a place where molds may grow. Having towel rods or racks may be a good place to hang them out to dry. These help prevent more house cleaning work since mold can be dangerous for a person’s health. Part of bathroom cleanliness is to check for the growth of mold colonies which can develop in any place where it is moist and warm. It is also important to ventilate the bathroom to allow the wetness to dry quickly and to let in fresh air to prevent the mold and the mildew from developing. Mildew can grow in between the tiles which can present itself as black, slimy growth. Sometimes they cannot be fully eradicated from the place where they grow so it is important to prevent them from growing or to use a strong chemical to get rid of them for good. This will also prevent them from growing back on the same area.

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Do-it-yourself Bathroom Design Ideas

With comparatively little expense, your bathroom can be noticeably transformed into a unique design look with the addition of either porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles on the walls, bathtub, backsplashes, bath shower areas or on the floor itself.

Coming in a wide variety of selections both porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles can set the mood and provide the specific ambiance needed to accommodate the home owner’s choice of lifestyle. Whether they be Italian, French, Portuguese or Spanish-styled tiles all are readily available in either porcelain or ceramic which are among the most common tiles used.

In addition to porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles there are several do-it-yourself design ideas for the bathroom such as: changing fixtures, changing cabinets, replacing cabinet doors and hardware. And obviously, the least expensive of all being painting.

Let Us Examine Some of the Design Ideas that are Mentioned Above:

Changing Fixtures while not absolutely necessary will add to the overall look of the theme or color scheme of the bathroom area. These fixtures can be of a more elegantly, pleasing finish and texture such as: brushed-nickel, bronze or bronze-nickel finish, simulated gold-plated or a simple chrome finish. In addition, certain features such as a square shower head, remote control mechanism or the actual spray style intensity to disperse water also make attractive additions to the shower stall. Similar finishes as those found in the shower can be applied to the sink faucets and even toilet levers.

A Change of Toilet Facility with complementary colors and possibly even a European-styled Bidet will also add a touch of class to many a home’s bathroom facilities and will be certain to turn into the conversation piece of many bathroom visitors.

Changing or Replacing Cabinet Doors is another fairly inexpensive touch that will instantly change the demeanor of the humble bathroom or guest powder room. This is a good user-friendly technique which can be accomplished by simply measuring the cabinet door to be changed or replaced and taking a trip to the home improvement warehouse nearest you with the measurements.

Replacing a Cabinet Vanity is another manner in which to totally transform the bathroom area and does require a little “know-how” but this also can be done by surfing through the Internet and looking up appropriate website tutorials of which there are many.

Comparatively inexpensive, the bathroom can be easily transformed into a unique design look which will last for a long time.

Deborah is a journalist and a designer. She writes for popular magazines on interior design and several other topics. She is currently working for a company that sells ceramic tiles, and is also writing for some popular blogs.

Bathroom Remodeling Projects Enhance Homes

There is nothing more inviting than a well thought out and planned bathroom. Because it one of the most used spaces in the house, the bathroom should be a place where someone can refresh themselves and relax comfortably. However, in most houses an exquisitely designed bathroom does not exist. Because builders put in the essentials and may do some upgrading to a dual vanity sink or separate tub and shower, many homeowners are content with the home that they buy but may not be entirely satisfied with it. The good news is that through a bathroom remodel, Orange County and San Diego residents do not have to settle for the floor plan that they have purchased. By calling in a professional designer and a team of contractors anyone can have their ideal bathroom that makes a perfect place to escape from the world.

By modifying the master suite of a house to accommodate a larger jetted tub and have enough room for a separate shower enclosure some homeowners are able to add space to their bathroom by removing walls and expanding their master suite into an unused adjoining room. Being able to spread out and have the luxury of owning a large tiled space to take a relaxing bath or share a number of shower heads with an enclosed glass surrounding that is big enough for two people makes for an ideal bathroom. Following the plans of an exclusive hotel suite some of the bathrooms remodeling projects allow homeowners to have a large open courtyard for the washing and cleaning needs that is adjacent to their bedroom. With dual vanity sinks and a large countertop area that may include a place for a women to sit and apply her makeup, the creation of a luxurious and spacious bathroom has some San Diego residents making an investment in their home to include the features that they once lacked.

Adding to the impressive nature of a full scale bathroom remodel, Sand Diego homeowners sometimes expand their closet space to enjoy a full walk in closet and dressing area that is as expansive as their bathroom suite. By making their home fit their comfort level and needs homeowners throughout southern California are able to enjoy their home more fully and add the items that are important to them and which were once missing from their original floor plan. With the assistance of designers and skilled contractors, many people are discovering that they can have a beautiful and functional bathroom remodel. Orange County and San Diego residents that have moved into a near perfect house can renovate their bathroom and enjoy the comforts of a relaxing environment.

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