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Ceramic wall tiles for beautiful homes

Tiles of ceramic are today much sought after pieces of clay used for home beautification at various areas like kitchen, bathroom, living area, lobby and gardens etc. They are not only used in flooring but these tiles which come in various colors, patterns and designs are adorning the walls of the home too. The word ‘ceramic’ has its origin from the Greek term ‘keramos’ which means pottery or ‘burnt stuff’ while ‘tile’ is derived from a French word ‘tuile’ meaning baked clay roof tile. The history and use of tiles is about 4000 years old but today also there popularity is no less.

What are ceramic wall tiles?

The ceramic wall tiles are different from that of ceramic floor tiles. Though floor tiles can be used on walls but wall tiles cannot be used on floor. Wall tiles are made from a mixture called ‘slip’ comprising of dried, crushed clay and water. The resultant liquid clay is then molded in different sizes and shapes in the molds. They are covered with glaze before subjected to high temperatures. These ‘slip’ wall tiles are thin and porous in nature.They are available in geometric, floral, hand painted and three-dimensional forms which when pieces together in different combinations can form spectacular contemporary patterns.

Ceramic Glazed Wall Tiles

Glazed ceramic tiles are commonly used for walls and floors in both homes and offices as they are water resistant, durable, scratch resistant, stain resistant, fire-proof, fade proof and easy to clean and maintain. There are three types of ceramic glazed wall tiles:

Glossy glazed tiles:

They are thin, brittle and slick when wet. They cannot be used on floor as they can chip and crack Crackled glazed tiles: These ceramic wall tiles are fragile and cracks on such tiles go down through the glaze. They are not approved for floors as they can chip, collect dirt and stains.

Matte glazed tiles:

Better for walls, matte glazed tiles have a matte finish and can be used on floor only for very less traffic spaces.The wall tiles are available in both small and large sizes. The basic is to use small tiles for small spaces whereas bigger for large spaces. Generally in kitchen and bathrooms half wall is tiled. Though there is no such set rule, you can play with your ideas and can go for full wall tiling in different combinations with floor. You can choose on designs and pattern according to the size and appearance of your room or any other tiling area. There are many options available in the market to suit your needs.


Ceramic wall tiles are very cost effective than their stone or marble counterparts. In comparatively less expenditure you can make beautiful and elegant home.

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Awnings Are A Beautiful Home Improvement Project

A different added benefit when it comes to awnings is they will actually add value to your home. Additionally they make the home much more esthetically pleasing to the eye. In some instances you are able to receive a discount on your home owners insurance policy since they really protect the windows of your house.

There are awnings for all areas on the outside of your home. They may be positioned over windows as well as doors. The good thing is that they appear in such a large range of types in addition to different colors. In the past these were just plain and simple. These were usually produced from aluminum and colored either white or silver. But as times have evolved so have the styles of awnings.

Furthermore they add value to your property or result in the home more attractive to check out but they also reduce the quantity of power that your home utilizes. Therefore your electric power bills should go down and your home will remain much cooler throughout the summer months as well as stay warmer throughout the winter time. Awnings also prevent the sun from shining in your windows and on to your furniture. Consequently your expensive furniture will not fade or be damaged from the sun.

Now with regards to shopping for awnings you may feel very overwhelmed as now there are just so many different choices. Not only do they come in such a big selection of colors but they now come in all kinds of styles. If you still prefer the old fashioned aluminum awnings, there is no need to worry because these styles are still available.

Nevertheless as times have altered increasing numbers of people now like the style of canopy awnings. The canopy style is made from a lighter canopy material. It is set on a frame and can be shaped into a couple of different styles. These are great for doorways as well as over windows. They are also called dome awnings as their shape is typically the same shape as a rounded dome.

Some home improvement stores still sell awnings, however they may have a limited supply. They should be able to order them for you but they may only offer them in limited styles.

The best choice for searching for awnings is online. When shopping online you will be able to sort through the many different styles as well as colors. Before shopping you will want to be sure of the sizes that you will need. This helps when it comes to getting you the right price for the style that you want.

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