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5 Finishing Tips To Complement Wood Floor Restoration

With wood floor restoration you can give your home a whole new look or at least the chosen room or rooms. But why stop there, as there are a variety of extra things that will add to the transformation already done with wood floor restoration london. Some of these tips take hardly any time and others a little more but are well worthwhile.

1. Choosing Paint Which Will Enhance The Wooden Floor Restoration
This is an ideal time to paint the room as you will have already had to move furniture anyhow. This can be done either before or after the wooden floor restoration london, both have their advantages. If you do it before any paint splashes etc will not affect your newly restored wooden floor. However if you paint afterward you may feel in a better position to choose the paint which will enhance the room and wood look.

One way or the other, it is best to firstly agree on the purpose and feel that you desire the room to have. For example if it is the sitting room or dining room, these are primarily sociable areas and any shade of orange will work very well. However green works well if it is to be a more peaceful area of some. Alternatively different shades of yellow are good for home offices and studies.

2. New Curtains Or Blinds
If you are already really happy with the colours of the walls, and feel that the paint is fresh and clean, to put a finishing touch to the wood floor restoration job either new curtains or new blinds can really bring the whole room together. Maybe something more modern or something that will marry the new look together. Perhaps you are going for a rural, countryside look or if you are going for a New York cool apartment look then you can consider some blinds that will give that feel.

Nowadays there lots of good options for inexpensive curtains and blinds and if you’re clever and can sew, you can even try your hand at a new cover for your sofa to match your curtains. Or else many shops have one-size-fits-all sofa which again can make the look complete.

3. Wall Hangings
Wall hangings are different to paintings and can really be a feature in a room. There is a good variety of choice such as more ethnic looks with tribal people, or batiks. Or some department stores have ones that are big, bold and striking but may be a flower or something simple.

4. Photos On Canvas
Photos on canvas can be wonderful, especially if you are skilful with a camera and have some special shots. You may even like to put up a baby picture of one of your grown up children, as this can be really cute and normally no-one knows who it is, unless they are a family member. The ideas of photos on canvas are endless.

5. Candle Holders and Candles
When you have completed the wood floor restoration you will already have a warm feeling room, of course depending on the shade of the wood varnish and finishing that you have chosen.

Candle holders come in all sorts of amazing designs these days, whether you wish to go for a modern or more classic style. Candle holders can also be designed to come from the walls, to have a little bit of a different effect. Once you have the holders the colours and scents of candles is incredible.

Whichever finishing tips you choose they will truly enhance your wood floor restoration London or whichever area that you are based.

Jackie de Burca is co-owner of CWA Europe,, who specialise in UK and International search marketing with realistic business goals and fair costs to the client.
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