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Do It Yourself Covert GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

To install covert GPS vehicle tracking systems, you basically have two choices, pay a specialist company to install and maybe even interpret the data for you, or install your own system and save some money. Do it yourself covert GPS tracking systems are easily installed and, with modern user-friendly software, your vehicle will be easy to track as well. An added advantage with installing your own system is that you need access to the vehicle for only a very short period of time, which is important if you want to minimize the chances of being found out.

This article will look at installing the device in a vehicle, and how you start to use the software program.

Do It Yourself GPS Tracking System – The Installation

Your first decision, when fitting your unit, is what power source you are going to use. You can use the vehicles power supply, which is useful if you think you will be tracking the vehicle for some time, because you won’t ever need to worry about recharging the unit, but the downside to this is that it will involve linking in to the vehicles wiring system which can be complicated and takes some time. Your alternative is to opt for battery power, this makes for a very quick install and is very easy to carry out. With many of the latest units you have the choice of both power options.

When you have decided how you want your unit to be powered, you will need to insert the phone SIM card that comes with your device. Quick tip – make sure the SIM is not locked with a PIN number before you put it in the tracking device as this will stop it transmitting data, you can check the SIM by putting it in a normal cell phone first.

As soon as you have power and the SIM is in place you are ready to roll – it doesn’t get any simpler than that. You now have to make the toughest decision of the whole process, where to hide the unit in the vehicle. You need to choose somewhere that it won’t be found, because the whole point of fitting covert GPS vehicle tracking systems is the secrecy element!

The final thing you need to do is register your phone with the installed device if you want updates sent to your phone – this is easy to do but all systems are different so you’ll have to follow the install guide.

Do It Yourself GPS Tracking System – The Data Output

The software for each covert vehicle tracking device is different, so it’s impossible to give detailed instructions here, there are however some similarities between each package.

First you will need to install the software on your PC or laptop, which is usually as simple as inserting a CD into your computers CD drive, so this should be fairly straightforward. Your package should come with a GSM modem to link up your computer to the device fitted to your car, you will need one of these, so speak to your supplier if it wasn’t part of the deal. After you’ve uploaded the software there are just a couple of steps you will have to follow to enable each device to communicate with the other, these will be specific to the unit you have bought so just follow the install guide and you will be good to go. Once you’re finished, you will be ready to track the vehicle anywhere in the world.

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