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Add A Deck For The Next Home Remodeling Project

For people that love spending time in the great outdoors without having to go far from home, a deck is one possible solution. Adding a deck or patio to the home can transform the back yard from something gazed at through a window into a special part of the house to be enjoyed firsthand. For those not handy with tools and materials, however, it can be a daunting project. Hiring a reliable Northern Virginia home additions contractor to build one is an economical and popular way a homeowner can add a deck without concern for safety of the finished product. It is also one way to make sure the project is completed in a reasonable amount of time. These are just a few ways a deck can change a back yard.

Many homeowners prefer not to entertain because they do not have enough space in their homes to have a lot of people fit comfortably in it for any length of time. Guests are often required to choose an indoor room and park themselves in a corner during a party due to lack of space. Decks can solve that problem. They also offer a clean and comfortable alternative to having people sitting in lawn chairs on the grass. While entertaining on the lawn sounds nice in theory, the reality often includes itchy grass with a host of insects, a lack of a focal point for gatherings and an uneven surface for setting up chairs and tables. A deck offers a convenient gathering place with enhancements like a fire pit, grill, special lighting and a nice place to sit and chat with friends, family or neighbors.

The barbecue is often considered a slice of Americana. It is a place for gathering and enjoying good food, drink and friendship. Many self-proclaimed barbecue experts enjoy using their state-of-the-art grill, but do not have a proper place to fire it up. A deck provides a sturdy level surface with plenty of ventilation, a large workspace. As a popular Northern Virginia custom remodeling project, a patio or deck might include electricity and a nearby area to roost while waiting for the meal to cook. This is a prime time for the homeowner to enjoy the back yard from the outdoors rather than from the indoors, peering through the window.

One of the advantages to having a pool in the back yard is that the people who live there have a special place to cool off and have fun. Building a deck next to or around the pool makes it easier to maintain. It also creates a more comfortable area for those lounging near it and walking through the area to reach it. Itchy grass and sharp stones can be deterrents to using the pool. A deck also protects the grass and other landscaping from withering under splashes of chemically treated water. For those with bald spots in the back yard due to too much shade, a deck can easily hide these places.

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Cleaning Your Deck

Cleaning the deck once a year will make it look like a freshly new installation and make it last longer. If you are planning to refinish the deck it must be thoroughly cleaned first. If the deck is not cleaned properly the results can be unsightly if not destructive. Pulling out the pressure washer to clean the deck is not necessarily the best approach to deck cleaning. Although the pressure washers are popular to home owners for meeting many household needs they can be destructive if not used properly. When vinyl siding became the norm, the pressure washer became the household accessory to perform the annual cleaning chore. They come in many different sizes with the various attachments for hot or cold water washing, with or without detergents. As all tools they must be used with caution and for their intended purpose.

The pressure washers spray wand attachment has several different size tips that essentially determine the output pressure that gets the job done. Too little pressure simply won’t get the job done at all and too much pressure can cause damage to the wood, cement, or vinyl surfaces that you are cleaning. Although it may be a speedy approach to get the job done it is not the best tool to clean a wood deck unless it is done with care, insuring that the correct nozzle is used to avoid wood damage.

There are other alternatives to the pressure washer such as a scrub brush or broom, a detergent solution, and some old fashion arm work. Oxygen bleach, green-cleaner, and some household detergents that contain a high level of hydrogen peroxide are very good deck cleaning detergents. I would not recommend a laundry bleach as it contains chlorine that does not do justice to the environment and may damage surrounding plants and grass.

When applied generously and scrubbed with a stiff brush or broom, deck cleaning detergents will remove surface dirt, grime, mold, and mildew. Simply rinse the deck after the scrubbing task is complete. These products are environmentally friendly, causing no harm to shrubs or grass. True Values “Deck Wash” is an excellent deck cleaning detergent. There are many other deck wash detergents available, however, I would recommend buying a powder detergent and mix it to the strength necessary for your cleaning requirement. In liquid form, most cleaners are approximately 75% water. Always follow the manufacturer suggestions to include safety requirements. Proper eye protection is absolutely necessary. For best results the temperature should be 60 to 90 degrees.

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