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Electric Radiant Floor Heating Is The Newest Heating Technology

These days, homeowners are able to take advantage of a wide array of technologies that lower their utility bills and make their lives easier. Solar panels can lower energy bills and water filtration systems allow them to drink clean tap water and save on buying bottled water. The latest technology to help out homeowners is electric radiant floor heating. A heated tile floor has a lot of advantages that make it very attractive to homeowners looking to do some beneficial remodeling.

Electric radiant floor heating utilizes a variety of efficient heating methods to keep the floor and the room heated to the perfect temperature. Instead of relying on heat being monitored from a single spot on the wall and delivered from single points either in the wall or in the floor, the heated tile floor delivers a room full of heat that comes from the entire floor. The floor monitors the heat of the room and makes changes as is needed.

The best part about electric radiant floor heating is that it keeps your floor warm for those cold winter mornings that are normally brutal on your feet. The heated tile floor is ready for you to walk on in the mornings, or any time of the day. Instead of watching your heating budget being dragged down to your cold floor, you can feel the benefits of a heated floor all day long. It is something that keeps your room warm as it makes sure that your floor is comfortable to walk on.

A heated tile floor is a great idea for the kitchen or bathroom. Imagine the feeling of walking into your bathroom in the morning and your feet step on a warm floor instead of a cold sheet of ice. Electric radiant floor heating can be utilized anywhere that you have a hardwood floor, or any room where you are not utilizing a rug. It is the ideal way to enjoy those cozy evenings in front of the fireplace without having to worry about your feet hitting the cold floor.

If you are considering changes to your home, then take a long look at radiant floors. This technology will help you to keep your entire home warm, while also adding a high level of comfort to your floors as well. You will be able to get rid of those dangerous area rugs that slide all over the place and replace them with the warmth of a heated floor.

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DIY Underfloor Heating

DIY Underfloor Heating systems are quickly becoming a very popular method of heating. They are economical to run, inexpensive to install, no maintenance is required and the distribution of heat is evenly dispersed over the given area. These systems can be installed under almost any type of floor, especially tiles, wood, and laminate flooring, and are invisible, therefore no radiators, bulky heaters or fireplaces are needed, thus making space saving gains. Diy heating systems can also be laid on top of specific existing floors, and even with a layer of laminate or floor tiles, will raise the floor no more than 25mm.

Many systems consist of heating cables, and these are often attached to a sheet or mat. This mat is then simply stuck or laid onto the floor, and then covered with the desired finish flooring material ie; tiles or laminate. The system is connected to an electric outlet and thermostatically controlled.

It is not a new idea or concept and was first used by the Romans whose buildings were constructed with voids through which air, warmed by an open fire, would pass thus heating the dwelling.

Underfloor heating is one of the most energy efficient ways of heating any type of building. It is ideally suited for use with low energy efficient heat sources such as ground source heat pumps. Underfloor heating is quick and easy to install, is low maintenance and provides even warmth and comfort in the home or office. The temperature of each room can be individually controlled by a thermostat or roomstat.

There are two types of underfloor heating system – wet systems where warm water circulates through polyethylene pipes, and electric systems which consists of electric matting.

Both methods are installed within the floor, or even a wall structure.

Conventional heating systems mainly provide heat by convection that circulates through the air that surrounds objects within the building. Radiant heat warms objects and the general fabric of the building, including people, just like the suns heat warms the surface of the earth.

Underfloor heating eliminates uncomfortable hot or cold air flows around a room and gives even comfortable heating. The warmest part of the room is next to the floor – not the ceiling.

The benefits of underfloor heating:

• Clean and hygienic
• Even warmth
• No dust circulation
• Vandal proof
• Ease of installation
• Little or no maintenance

The heat produced from underfloor heating comprises 70% radiant heat and 30% convection heat.

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