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How To Profit From A Home-based House Cleaning Business

Making money and profiting from your own cleaning business is easier than you think. Don’t know how to start? Lets read through this article to start with the basics of setting up your own home cleaning business.

Home cleaning is becoming an exceptionally popular service today. Why? Because more and more people’s lifestyles have changed. In general people are much busier than what they were a few years ago and people are seeking help from services to help them out with house-hold chores.

You have to decide if you want some of this action now – while the demand is huge and still growing. Starting your own house cleaning business has never been at a better time than today.

Please find below some of the main aspects you should know in order to set up as an Indpendent Cleaner.

Choose a Business Name:

Identifying a name for your business is very important. This gives you an identity and is also needed for advertising purposes. Look through your local Yellow Pages to give you an idea of names in the house cleaning section. Don’t copy any name, but think of something similar along those lines.

An identify for your business is very important and a good name helps provide this. Just because you want to work on your own as an independent cleaner doesn’t mean that you should not take your business serious, because you should.

Identifying Your Customers and Territory:

You need to know who your customers are going to be and where they live. You might not have your own transport, so this will have to be taken into consideration. If you have a car then you will be able to travel further a field and be able to do more cleans per day.

Finding customers who live near you should be a priority if you don’t have your own transport. If this is the case, then you need to find out if these people have surplus money to pay for a cleaning service?

The bottom line is that you must find out who is willing to pay for a cleaning service. These same people should ideally live in a 2-3 mile radius of each other. Cutting down on travelling (either your car or public transport) this way will ensure more cleans, meaning more money!

Costs for Set-Up:

With your own small business, trading as a sole-trader you will find that you need next to zero start-up costs. Many cleaners who work on their own will normally use the cleaning products & equipment based at their customers’ home. Do you see how you can start profiting immediately from this business?

Below you will find an outline of what you may want to spend a little money on:

o An apron/tabard

o Marketing

o Costs for travelling

Setting The Price:

You now want to set youself an hourly rate. Find your Yellow Pages and ring around all the other Independent Cleaners in your area to figure out what they charge. Tip: pretend to be an enquier, don’t tell them you are going to be one of their competitors!

Now that you have this information, you are in a position to set an hourly rate which is in-line with your competition. The bottom line is up to you if you want to charge the same, higher or lower than your competitors.


Let everyone know about your new service. Target your target customer and put flyers through their mailbox. This is by far the quickest and cheapest method of advertising. You want to put hundreds of these flyers out.

Produce your flyer by typing it up in a word file. If you can’t do this then find somebody who can. Ideally you will want two flyers on a page. Go to your local printers or library and have them copied as many times as you can handle or can afford (hopefully a few hundred copies).

Put your flyers out by the hundreds if you can. You will be surprised at how quickly this actually takes. Hopefully by the time you get back home, you might even have your first phone call.

In addition to flyers, depending on your budget, advertise your cleaning service in the Yellow Pages. If you cannot afford this from the onset, once you start making some money you can then think about placing an advert then.


Seriously think about hiring cleaners when your diary gets too full. You can start to make double, triple, then quadruple the money. It’s worth thinking about for the future.

Put an ad in your local newspaper advertising for a cleaner. Once you have chosen a satisfactory candidate take him/her with you on your cleaning rounds for him/her to get used to your cleaning methods and techniques.

Gain new customers and let your newly trained cleaner take on those extra clients!

Once you are totally confident with managing cleaning staff there is no reason why you can’t hire more cleaners.

Author Toni Chainbridge can show you how to set up and successfully manage your own house cleaning business. Also, visit Toni’s site to find out some of the top house cleaning tips.

Get the Best House Cleaning in Baltimore

If you are looking for a reliable cleaning service in the locality you are in the right place. There are a few cleaning services that have house-keepers and maids that really care but they customers and give them the service of their choice. Many of these services have been in the County for years serving the locality and the surrounding areas. Their basic aim is customer satisfaction.

What is the Service Offered by House Cleaning in Baltimore?

They have reliable and trained staffs that have been in the service for years offering unrivalled service with complete attention to every detail. If you want a professional cleaning job done there are a range of House Cleaning Services in Baltimore that will leave your house sparkling.

They have been handling these services for the last ten years. You do not have to sign any contract and the services are offered at very reasonable price. The cleaners are insured and bonded and chosen from a well- qualified professional group. They will leave no dirt behind the toilet or cobwebs in the corners of ceiling. The company tries to send the same people on the second and third visit as they know  the requirement s of their customers.

The Quality of the House Cleaning Service Offered

It is worthwhile having your house Spic and span whether you do it yourself or ask the cleaning services to give you a hand. You can choose the cleaning service as per your requirements whether you need them weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, monthly or just one time cleaning. They like to give a superior cleaning job which does not affect your health or the environment.

They use HEPA vacuums and cleaning products that are sustainable and have the reputation for providing quality cleaning services. They give a thorough cleaning job especially if you are moving away so that you get your security deposit back. The cleaning services take care of commercial as well as residential apartments and homes.

Enjoy the Benefits of Home Cleaning Services

If you are a working parent cleaning of the home becomes a time consuming job. Instead of wasting quality time cleaning the home you can spend it with your children and take them for a day out while hiring the home cleaning services to do the job. The helpful and friendly cleaners will help you with the responsibilities of cleaning, leaving your more time for other essential services.

If you are not satisfied with the cleaning job they have done for you, they will come back and do it for free to build a lasting relationship with the customers. They take responsibility to clean and get back the beauty of your home. Many of the cleaning services use products that are kid and pet friendly but manage a very clean job.

A large number of Home Cleaning Services know their employees on the professional and personal level and the cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks before they hire them.

If you want to have your home fresh and sparkling use House Cleaning Services, Columbia MD.

A large number of Home Cleaning Columbia MD Services know their employees on the professional and personal level and the cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks before they hire them. Visit here for more information about House Cleaning Services Columbia MD.

Actual cleaning is only through a professional house cleaning service

How easy is it to clean your home? You may say pretty easy because you are one of those who love clean homes and ensure that they give their home that required brush-up job every other day. If you have a maid who comes over to clean your home twice or three times a week, you will feel all the more confident that your home is indeed clean. However, all this is not the kind of home cleaning we are talking about here. No matter how meticulously you clean your home, it is never completely clean. This is because of no fault of yours – but because of the fact that actual cleaning is only possible through a professional house cleaning service.

For an amount of $ 20 an hour, you can have the kind of clean home that is usually associated with the rich people. Yes, when you walk into the home of a rich person, you feel that clean interior that you somehow cannot create for your home. But it is possible and it is not expensive – the rate has been given above for your reference. It is not that your home will take hours and hours to clean and you will need to shell out a few hundred dollars. A professional house cleaning service works efficiently and it will take only that amount of time that is actually required for your home cleaning and will ensure that quality of cleaning is not at all compromised.

How this works is fairly easy to grasp – you visit an online directory where you book your home cleaning. A house cleaning service around you then connects with you and after taking an appointment, visits you to clean your home. Once the job is done, you pay them as per the rate and then rate their service on the website.

Here are a few benefits of going this way for your home cleaning.

* You can find your house cleaning service in one place – there is no need for you to search internet for the individual cleaners for homes.

* You can book the services of a house cleaner from anywhere – your home, your office and even when you are on the road.

* Any home cleaner that does the job of cleaning your home is background checked and this means they are able to provide the right kind of service and you are also safe when a cleaner is inside your home.

* If you are not happy with the job done, you can ask for a refund and you will get it without many questions being asked.

One of the important elements of using such a service is that you leave the feedback after the job has been completed. You will help the cleaner get more jobs if they have done it well for your home.

Regular cleaning through a professional house cleaning service is a good idea because this is the actual home cleaning that you get done. Arranging for a cleaner is as easy as you read here.

Professional home cleaning ensures that your home is actually cleaning. A house cleaning service can be booked online for cleaning your home.

Creating a House Cleaning Schedule

The key to keeping your home tidy and organized is to create a house cleaning schedule. You have to make a plan and stick to it ! You might have to make some adjustments here and there along the way but that’s OK, don’t be afraid to get started.

Where to Start:

First make a list of all of your house cleaning tasks or chores. After you have compiled the list, go through it to see which chores should be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

After your list is made, then begin to make your house cleaning schedule. A good house cleaning schedule consists of some good cleaning supplies and great organizational tools.

Figure Out Which Area Matters Most:

Decide what will do in each room. Get a laundry basket and gather up any clutter or dirty cloths so you can get a clear view of the big picture.

To determine how long you will spend on house cleaning depends on a number of things, for instance your family size, and your general idea of CLEAN, meaning do you require a top to bottom spotless home? do you want your baseboards to be cleaned? do you require everything fixture in your bathroom to shine? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you start to make your house cleaning schedule.

After you have made your house cleaning schedule attach it to your refrigerator so that you can see it everyday, and so that you can follow it. If you do not have the time or energy to make a house cleaning schedule or to do your chores then you can hire a maid service to do it for you. By sticking to your plan you will have a tidy and fresh home to be proud of. Soon you will have the time to do the things that are really important to you, like spending time with friends, family, shopping, etc..

Cleaning Supplies:

All purpose Cleaner
Microfiber Towels
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Scouring Pads
Long Handled Duster
Furniture Polish
Floor Cleaner

No one likes a dirty disorganized house, just the the thought of it, is downright exhausting! by taking the time to map out everything so that your schedule is something you can do daily will make things much easier for you. Remember don’t be afraid to fine tune your list if you have it as your schedule changes. Don’t try and do everything one day of the week, do a little bit every day so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. A good tip for you would be to purchase a calender and and post your task on the day of the week you want to do it, this will help with the visual effect of you and your family members seeing it everyday. Now it’s time for you to sit back and relax and enjoy your nice clean home!

LaTunya Sifford is the owner and operator of Full Moon Cleaning Services. Full Moon Cleaning provides house cleaning services to both Residential and Commercial clients. For more information on house cleaning visit them on line at: http://FullMoonCleaningServices.Com

Cambridge house cleaning services

House cleaning is one of the most time consuming activities that someone can be involved in and the satisfaction when you are able to sit in a clean house cannot be matched. However, this is not possible for every home owner because of one reason or another but most of the time it is attributed to time constraints that cannot allow for thorough cleaning on a regular basis.

In the homes the cleaning may be done on a regular basis but there are some areas that are neglected because they are not used on a daily basis or some areas are unreachable for the person who cleans the house. These are the few reasons why engaging the services of house cleaning services is needed so that you are sure that your house is clean at all times.

Cambridge house cleaning services are able to offer you quality work that will leave your home as clean as possible. The services offered include the normal ones such as vacuuming, using brushes with long handles to be able to clean out cobwebs among others. However, these are not the only services that these cleaning services provide as they can also do carpet cleaning, sanitization of mattresses, cleaning of ovens among others that are not done on a regular basis.

To be able to engage Cambridge cleaning services, it is important to contact them and get a quote on the services that they offer and the prices they charge for the services. The cleaning service should provide experienced staff that is able to tackle any cleaning problem even if it is the removing of stubborn stains in difficult areas.

Most cleaning services come with their own supplies as well as tools so that you do have to buy them for yourself especially if they are expensive. The cleaning services that you give the contract to clean your home should be insured in case there is damage caused to your personal belongings and you need to claim for compensation.

It is also important to give specific instructions on how the house should be cleaned so that it can be done as per the wishes of the client. These instructions may include the type of cleaning agents that you would want used in the home in case you have a small baby or pets that can be easily irritated by the smell of the cleaning agents.

If you plan a party and want your home completely clean and searching a best house cleaning company. Here is the solution of all your needs, the Medeiros Cleaning Service is well known cambridge house cleaning company for the past 20 years. You are deserve the best service in town from the best in the field because you are worth it.

Tips On House Cleaning Services UK Emphasise The Stress On The Use Of Healthy Cleansing Agents

When people stay in either their own houses or rented properties, they have a responsibility. This pertains to keeping the environment around them and inside the house clean. Since this is a place where the major part of the day is spent, it is important that the house is cleaned regularly. Moreover, there are kids that might be there and even elderly people. Even for healthy people, the home environment can have an impact.

It is for your health and body that cleaning services are to be carefully selected and an agency hired that is committed to safe and healthy cleaning practices. As the trend of engaging maid services is rising in the UK, this is becoming more important when it comes to hiring house cleaning services.

There are many such agencies for you to choose from. These agencies advertise a variety of benefits to persuade you to take up their services. They can offer references from satisfied clients, citing examples to convince you, but since it is your house that matters more than their claims, one important point that you need to keep in mind is the cleaning materials that these agencies use. They may prefer to use your own cleaning materials, so that you yourself can choose the most suitable ones that you are happy with.

Most cleansing agents are detergent based or laced with chemicals that might corrode wooden items, carpets or even the floor tiles or kitchen ceramics. You should take care to ask the maid service providers in the UK to show the actual ingredients in the detergents that are being used by them.

A good company is always eager to share information with its customers, including which chemicals and ingredients that should be utilised for the services. In case a company is trying to avoid the question, then it is a very good sign that the services shouldn’t be hired. After all, it is your house, your materials, floors, kitchen, rugs, etc which are at stake. Most importantly, it is your kids and your health that is of primary concern. After all, the basic purpose of cleaning is to make the house safe from germs. There wouldn’t be any justification in using such chemicals during the cleaning process, which would in turn be disruptive to your home environment or to your skin.

Rashes due to the chemicals, itching, burning sensations, and even fume inhalation are some of the problems which might arise if one is not careful with the type of cleaning agent that is being utilised. Good cleaning services in the UK take care to explain the details of such queries to the customers, as their cleaning ladies are experienced at selecting the correct products.

Care should be taken to choose the appropriate chemicals. There are many resources in the internet which clearly spell out the disadvantages and advantages of house cleaning chemicals. There is no harm in indulging in a bit of research work and checking the background of the company, which is clearly reflected by the testimonials from satisfied or disgruntled customers.

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Using House Cleaning Tips With Diligence For A Clean Environment

For people who are willing to do something about the cleanliness of their house, they will find a way to do it and the way is provided by house cleaning tips, which are enough to take care of cleaning needs. Since charity begins at home, it is the home in which the cleaning tips can be applied perfectly to. In other words, it is the people at home who can work towards a clean home environment and ambience.

To start the cleaning process, it is important that people need to keep things in their designated place and avoid strewing things here and there. This discipline allows the things to be kept in their proper places so that the floors, beds, sofa sets, and the fabric of the rugs and carpets are not soiled unnecessarily. The messier the things are, the more effort will be required of the house members to clean.

With all the things in place, there is enough floor space for people to work and clean wherever it is required. Cleaning in areas which are clear of things is easy and also cleaning detergents can be applied with ease without the worry of soiling of other items. With well laid out furniture, the upholstery is also quite easy to be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner and other cleansing agents.

The wall paints are an integral part of the household. If these paints are of good quality, then a simple wipe with a cloth can remove the deposited dust. The paints will not allow the dust to settle at all, if good quality is used and this reduces the workload.

Carpets should be cleaned at regular intervals and should be vacuumed as regularly as possible, usually twice weekly. These are the usual house cleaning tips that can be practised by people at home. Apart from this, house owners can also use the help of cleaning agencies for regular cleaning of the house.

For those of us who are quite busy with our work and are away from home for a long time in the day, the utilisation of the services of such cleaning agencies is of much benefit. With due arrangements with them, the house cleaning work can be done with expertise, as these agencies have people who are competent in their work and are skilled enough to understand the needs of the customers. They also are nowadays using environmentally friendly cleansing agents which leave very little or no chemicals on the floor or even carpet.

New techniques are being adopted by them to enable the workers to do more work in less time. The franchisee system of cleaning services has allowed people to avail themselves of the services of famous and well known agencies. These kinds of services have a very wide variety and are being utilised by people in large numbers.

Be it wall cleaning, tile polishing, ironing or carpet vacuuming, the agencies provide various services. They have a very professional approach towards the work that they are doing. On the whole, people have a wide variety of options in front of them which primarily include either doing the work by themselves or through competent cleaning service providers.

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House Cleaning Mesa AZ – Have Great House Cleaning Service

You need to know that in order for you to optimize your household’s appearance, you need to maintain its cleanliness at all times. Keeping your house clean will help you to have the relaxation you need and it will prevent from several diseases from occurring. Therefore, you can maintain the level of your health in the most effective way. These days, there are different services that are offering house cleaning, and you should know the best service that can provide you the great results.

In particular, if you are in Arizona, you need to get the best service intended to give you the best results in the cleanliness of your house. House cleaning mesa az can help you to get the best for your effort to take care of your house. Finding the best house cleaning service will ensure you that you will get the best possible care in every single way. You should know that keeping your home clean at all times will help you to live your life to the fullest.

Once you get to know the best cleaning service, it will make sure that you will only get the best service off its offerings. Whether you have a big or small house, it does not matter. House cleaning services can do the job for you in the most effective and efficient way. Also, nowadays, you should see professional house cleaning as a need rather than luxury. In this way, you can have the best support for your house cleanliness in many ways.

Maintaining the cleanliness at home will let other people know about your personality. It will give them idea on how you tend to live your life and what kind of person you are. With this said, you should know that a clean and well-organized house will reflect upon the personality of the people who reside in it. House cleaning mesa az will get you the best quality service in order to help you optimize the neatness at home. In having great service for house cleaning, you should know that they can give you the outcome you want.

In general, keeping your home clean at all times will help you to go on with your life effectively. It will help you to feel relaxed at home. House cleaning mesa az will prevent several conditions from arising, which will ensure your health in every single way. All you need to do is to look for the best service in dealing with the cleanliness of your house.

Finding the best house cleaning mesa az will help you to achieve cleanliness at home, making way for you to continue your life effectively. There are many ways that you can take related to this and it can be found on http://housecleaningmesaaz.com.

Need House Cleaning? St Louis Has Good Options

During our grandmothers’ days having a house cleaning agency clean your home was a luxury. But, today it is a necessity.

Many of us may work five days a week but, the thought of getting up on a Saturday morning to clean our homes is something most of us hate. Yet, we can’t live in a pig sty, and have to clean up. We could hire a house cleaning agency to do the task.

Keeping the house clean for health reasons is very important too. If you have a little baby, it is very unhygienic for the child to be living in a dirty home.

Appointing house cleaning agencies has many advantages. Some of them are:

1. The agencies usually send out teams to do the task. As it is a team of people doing the job, it is a more satisfactory and complete job.

2. Cleaners that are sent out from agencies are professionals. They are trained to clean almost anything whether it is a door, window or kitchen counters.

3. They have been trained to clean with the most modern techniques and safest products. This ensures that your home is cleaned in a proper way that is safe to you and your family.

4. Most house cleaning agencies have their own cleaning equipment. This saves you from buying all the expensive gadgets just to clean your house.

5. If you are not very accustomed to cleaning your own flat then you may overlook areas that need cleaning. The agents clean every nook and corner of your home.

6. Finally, the biggest advantage of hiring these agencies is that you are saved from the tiring ordeal of cleaning your home.

Finding the right agency may not be an easy task. It is advisable to hire an agency that you have heard of before. You may have heard of it from family or friends who have used it previously. You should opt for an agency that is insured to cover any of the damage the cleaning agents may cause while cleaning. That way you know your home is in safe hands. It is advisable to hire an agency that keeps your personal information confidential. The products the house cleaning agents use to clean should be environmentally safe.

These days more and more people are using house cleaning. St Louis has one of the best house cleaning agencies- The Maids. They are reliable and efficient.

Cleaning services St Louis – The Maids specializes exclusively in house cleaning in the St Louis, Missouri (MO) area. They use non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean your home.

Things to Look for When Hiring a House Cleaning Service

Are you finding hard to clean and maintain your home regularly? If so, you should know the fact that, it is not just you, but millions of other people are also facing the same problems, as they are not able to find enough time to invest on cleaning their houses. This is mainly due to the hectic work schedules and shift timings. In such cases, hiring a professional house cleaning service could be the best option for you. This will not only help you to save time, but also ensure that your house will be clean and tidy always. However, when you are looking for cleaning services in the market today, you will come across many companies that are providing variety of services for the customers.

Before providing the service, a professional company will also send a representative to your home for the initial consultation. Once this individual will come and visit your home, they will not the type of cleaning service required for your home. This will help them to make the further preparation for cleaning your home. Moreover, when these individuals will consult you, they will also provide you an estimation of the charges for the service.

Basically, there are numerous factors that can affect the price of your house cleaning services. This is one of the important reasons for discussing with the company about the type of service you require. Most of the times, if you are selecting a professional cleaning company, they will provide you a fair price considering the number of rooms, size of your home as well as frequency of the house cleaning services. Incase, if you are looking for a permanent cleaning service, looking for a professional cleaning lady or house keeper could be the best option for you. They are much more affordable when compared to a full time cleaning service. Unlike the old illiterate cleaners, today most of the domestic cleaners are specially trained and skilled. They are also trained for using different types of cleaning devices and methods.Additionally, as a homeowner, you also have an option to decide what type of housekeeping service you require. For example, there are some cleaning services that basically steam clean or even shampoo the carpeting of your home. However, this will not include in the basic cleaning service and can cost you extra. Therefore, requesting occasional for this service could be the best option for you.

However, when selecting a domestic cleaning company or cleaner, it is quite imperative to select a reliable company. As you will be leaving all inchrage of your home to these cleaners, it is very important to look for a trustworthy cleaner. Additionally, a reputed cleaning company will conduct regular background checks on their employees to ensure they work properly. This can give you peace of mind that the servants you have hired could be trusted. Considering these aspects and looking for a service provider ensures that you obtain the right service for the money you invest.

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