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House cleaning in a hurry

Let’s face it; none of us really enjoys house cleaning. Well, no-one I know does, anyhow. However, while we can ignore it for some of the time and make excuses about not having enough time, other things taking priority, at some point we all just have to give in and get it done.


So what’s the quickest way of dealing with your entire house cleaning chores in one go, and getting the job out of the way once and for all (well, for a couple of weeks, anyway, or perhaps a month, depending on how much we can close our eyes to the encroaching dirt…).


It may seem obvious, but the quickest way to get the house cleaning done is really, really simple—get someone else to do it for you! There is no shortage of people out there to do the job for you. But do you get a large cleaning company, a small company, a family-run company, an individual? Do you go for the cheapest package (or would that be a false saving?), get a quote, consider the environmental impact? Do you ask family and friends to recommend a cleaner or cleaning company? Do you give them full access to your home (and a key?)? Should you really clean it yourself before getting a professional cleaning company in or does this defeat the object (answers on a postcard, please)? What if you don’t like the person the company sends, or they don’t do the job the way you like it (though, let’s be honest, if you were doing it the way you like it yourself already, you wouldn’t need them, would you?)


When we’re considering house cleaning options, all of the above questions are valid in one way or another, and only you can really answer them. But consider the situation in the cold light of day. Your house needs cleaning. You haven’t done it for a while. You don’t like house cleaning. Your family doesn’t like house cleaning. Why be miserable in a dirty home when you could have a cleaning company or person come and do it for you. It needn’t cost much and, if you’re even considering the possibility, the chances are very high that you could afford it without too much trouble. You’d be giving someone employment and the chance to do a job for someone who’d really appreciate it (you would, wouldn’t you? Be honest!) and would show their appreciation (which costs nothing!). And you’d have a weight off your mind that’s been bothering you for a while.


So think about all of the above questions, call a cleaning company or two for a quote and get them to come and give you a quote. You don’t have to accept the first quote, but before you know it you’ll find a company and/or individual you’re happy with. And you’ve just got rid of a job you hate. That’s score one for you!


Give yourself a break and contract your house cleaning chores out to a professional cleaning company. Call 0800 house cleaning and let them take the strain!