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Simple Low-Cost Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvements don’t have to be major undertakings and you don’t need to uproot your family, tear down your house or go thousands of dollars in debt just to get a new look for your home.

There are a couple of great ways to make home improvement easier. One is to take on a project in small stages. The other is to do quick and easy projects that may seem small, but still punch a lot of “wow” factor.

If you decide to take on a major home renovation plan and want to try splitting it into small stages, go for it. This is a great way to balance your money and life. By spreading your renovation over a few months and a few projects, you won’t feel like your life has been taken over by the renovations, and you can avoid going into debt.

To do this, start with a plan. For example, you can begin by redoing the windows. In a few weeks, you can then start painting, tearing down or rebuilding any walls. For your next step, update any light fixtures or plumbing. Then, redo your floors room-by-room. Finally, add the finishing touches of new appliances or updated furniture.

You can actually attack your projects in any order you prefer. The point is to do the work in sufficiently small phases that they neither leave your time or wallet depleted!

If you’re not ready for a major home improvement schedule, try taking on smaller renovation projects that can bring satisfying rewards. Keep reading for some suggestions.

1. Spring Clean Your Plumbing

Once a year, spend a few days attending to your home’s plumbing. Unplug any clogs, tighten any dripping pipes, clean up under the sinks and update or replace any old and tired faucets.

You’ll bring new life to your bathrooms and kitchen and stay on top of any potential plumbing problems. If you do encounter a major plumbing issue, don’t be afraid to call in a professional. Doing so is not an admission of failure (guys)!

2. Check Your Electricals

While you shouldn’t undertake any electrical work that you’re not trained for, there are a few tasks you can handle around the house to stay on top of it.

First, replace any old or burned out bulbs in the house, taking time to dust and clean all your light fixtures. Try replacing all your bulbs with energy efficient ones for big savings over time. Then, check all your fuses and replace any that are worn down or broken.

3. Wash or Paint Your Walls

Painting a wall will freshen up a room instantly. Start by covering up any holes or scratches in the wall and remember to use a few coats to get an attractive, professional finish.

If you’re not up for a full day of painting, try washing your walls with a very diluted bleach and water, or soap and water solution. This will brighten the room, get rid of odors and wash out smells from pets, cooking or smoking.

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Interesting Ideas For Laying Ceramic Floor Tile Designs

Ceramic Tiles are created using clay and they can be a marvelous addition of design to your home. Designs are either applied on the body of the tiles or they are either laid. The tiles are then glazed, even though unglazed tiles are also available. The patterns with Ceramic Tiles are created during the installation process.

Tiles are available in a number of sizes ranging from four inch to as much as 20 inches. Most of the large sized tiles are square in shape, while smaller tiles can be either square or rectangular. You can even go for a single tile that is laid out in a diamond pattern or in a right angle, which is known as a one-tile pattern.

A checkerboard pattern is a complete variation from a one-tile pattern. To create a checkered pattern you can use two different and contrasting colors like a classic white and black combination, in which the patterns can be used alternatively to form a right angled pattern. Even though you can use tiles of any size to create this pattern, but it is better to stick to square shapes.

The brickwork pattern is laid out in a pattern that resembles an ordinary brick wall. The original pattern is known by the name of running bond in bricklaying. You can use Ceramic Tiles of size 12 inch by 8 inch and continue to lay them from the center. The first row is lined up from one side to another. The second row is then laid in such a way that the first tiles center lines up with the grout line that is lies between the first and the second tile. This pattern is repeated throughout the layout.

In the brick-weave two tiles are used to create the two-tile pattern. In this pattern a rectangular tile of size 6 inch by 12 inch is laid parallel to a square tile of size 12 inches. This creates a pattern of size 18 inches on the sides. Then you lay another 6 by 12 square inch tile on the side of the first pattern leaving a gap of 6 inches at the end. This second Ceramic Floor Tile butts against the end of the first rectangular tile and the square tile in order to create a gap. A third rectangular tile is laid at right angles to the gap, with the 6 inch side being placed into the gap. This pattern is repeated continuously to achieve the brick-weave pattern.

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Gift Ideas For Your Maid Or Matron of Honor

Her gift can be simple or elaborate, as long as it conveys all the emotions the bride feel for her as a friend. Think of the gift as a time capsule, commemorating the wedding and the same time your friendship.

A special way to honor her is to give her a Maid of Honor Frame or a Matron of Honor Frame that says it all! A personalized Maid of Honor Frame inserted with a photo of the bride and her helps recall those special “girl” moments.

Thank her with a gleaming Round Brushed Compact, perfect for those stealth makeup checks. Its high-quality mirror catches light and provides a crystal-clear reflection of her soon-to-be flawless complexion. It is secured with a latch which ensures seven years’ good luck. You could also give her a Sweetheart Silver Plated Compact with faux crystal heart. It is very handy and attractive, it even fits in small evening bags perfect for her night-outs.

Something that she can wear like the ultra-feminine Women’s Flower Series tank top and the Vegas Bachelorette Party Shirts is also a great gift. She can wear it during the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower or even in the after wedding party. Or something that she can use for a day at the beach, a quick trip on a plane or just as an everyday purse, the Candy Striped Tote Bag which adds a touch of femininity to any outfit.

A Personalized Pink Camouflage Flask is perfect for the maid of honor who loves bringing her favorite drink along with her. Another useful item that you can give her is a Contemporary Heart Key Chain with an Oval Tag, a Light-Hearted Love Silver Plated Paper Weight, or a Key to my Heart Silver Plated Key Chain.

There are a lot of ways to acknowledge her hard work without overshadowing the bridesmaids. It’s also worth noting that these gifts can also be a bridesmaids’ gift.

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Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

If you want to improve the appearance of your home in a very affordable way, there are ways on how you can do improvement inside your home. Even if you have acquired home improvement loans, you do not have to spend all the money that you have acquired. You can save some of the money by finding affordable ways to improve your home. Actually, there are lots of resources that you can find around the internet so you do not have to worry about spending too much. This article will give you inexpensive ideas that you can do for your home. If you are living inside your home for many years now, it is already showing wear and tear because of long years of used, you need to spend time and money to do apply home improvement ideas that can bring your home back to its original shape.

There are too many ideas for improving home that does not need too much money. You will surely save more money if you will these improvements yourself. These renovations using your own ideas and skill can greatly improve the value of your home. Because you are the owner of the house, you personally know the parts and things that you need to improve inside your home. Home improvement does not need to be expensive and done by professional people.

One thing that you can easily do is repainting your home. This kind of work does not need skill and expertise because anyone can repaint a home. You just need to find the right color that would much the style of your home. If you have modern style home, there are lots of paint colors that you can choose from. You can also ask someone from the store to give you ideas about the best paint that is suitable for the type of home that you have. There are home improvement stores with expert staffs that can give you ideas on what supplies you need.

By just replacing your old curtain inside the house you can generally improve the look of your home. Curtains play an important role within the house, because it can add colors, texture and life to any home. As you paint your home with color, you also need to choose new curtains that would match the color of your home. There are bargain stores where you can find high quality and beautifully designed curtain that can go well with style and paint of your home. You dont have to go for expensive curtain because you are trying to keep everything as affordable as possible. You may also add new blinds and window dressing. There are home improvement companies that can give higher discounts for their home improvement supplies.

One of the most important parts of the house that needs daily maintenance and improvement is your kitchen. You can do simple kitchen duties to improve the appearance of your home. You can replace the cabinet doors or repaint your cabinet to give it a new life. Building and renovation does not need major reconstruction. By doing simple things around the house you can improve its value and appearance. You can shine the floor, clean the carpets, and make sure that your bathroom is free from molds and mildews can keep your home tidy and improved. You can hire company that can take good care of your carpets. Sometimes simple washing and shampooing using products that you can buy in the market is not enough. Thorough cleaning of your carpet by acquiring the help of professional can make it look new again. Home refurbishment is not that hard and expensive if you will consider these helpful tips.

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Home Improvement Ideas: Shelving

Shelving is one of the most versatile and useful things you can have in your home.  Organizing is almost impossible without shelving.  There are two basic types that you should consider when adding shelves to your home.  You can build them yourself and make them adjustable or fixed.  Here we will discuss how to build shelves to get your home organized.  Plus, we’ll give you ideas about how you can optimize the use of your shelves to get the most benefit from them.

1)  Wood shelving is relatively easy to build and can last for many years in your home.  Wood is sturdy and doesn’t cost very much.  You will, however, need some basic carpentry skills and tools to get the job done.  You can purchase planks and cut them to the size that you need using a table saw, a circular saw, or a miter saw.  Another alternative is to buy the wood in the dimensions that you need.  When you buy wood for closets and other shelving around your home, you should look for boards that are not warped.  You can buy finished pieces that do not even require sanding if you want to make the job easier.

2)  Building adjustable shelves is a great idea to keep your storage space versatile.  Use 1″x4″ boards as supports around the walls where you want to install shelves.  Use long wood screws and secure the boards into studs all around the area.  Make sure that everything is level before you permanently affix the supports to the wall.  You can space these support structures about a foot apart, even if you plan on having your shelves two or three feet apart.  Simply slide the shelf board into the space and it should sit nicely on top of the level plane.  Use finishing nails to secure the board in place.  They are easy to remove later and will allow you to move your shelving around, add shelves, or take shelves away as necessary.

3)  Closets and cabinets usually have fixed shelves.  Try to alter the height of your shelves so that you have plenty of storage options.  Some may be 12″ apart while others have a much wider opening.  You can add secondary shelves to create cubby-hole areas or risers for smaller items.

4)  Larger containers will need more space.  You may want to consider this when installing closet shelves because you will most likely want to store out of season clothing in large containers.  You can work in varying lengths of hanging bars to give your closet extra space.  If you adjust the height and depth of your bars, you’ll be able to work in plenty of hanging space with your shelving.

5)  When you’re done, you can stain and varnish your shelves, or you may decide to leave them natural.  Get organized by adding hooks, baskets, bins, and some high quality clothes hangers.  You can create more space in your closet by using clothing hangers that are designed to hold more than one item.  Consider wooden hangers that match your shelves for a really nice look.  

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Do-it-yourself Bathroom Design Ideas

With comparatively little expense, your bathroom can be noticeably transformed into a unique design look with the addition of either porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles on the walls, bathtub, backsplashes, bath shower areas or on the floor itself.

Coming in a wide variety of selections both porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles can set the mood and provide the specific ambiance needed to accommodate the home owner’s choice of lifestyle. Whether they be Italian, French, Portuguese or Spanish-styled tiles all are readily available in either porcelain or ceramic which are among the most common tiles used.

In addition to porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles there are several do-it-yourself design ideas for the bathroom such as: changing fixtures, changing cabinets, replacing cabinet doors and hardware. And obviously, the least expensive of all being painting.

Let Us Examine Some of the Design Ideas that are Mentioned Above:

Changing Fixtures while not absolutely necessary will add to the overall look of the theme or color scheme of the bathroom area. These fixtures can be of a more elegantly, pleasing finish and texture such as: brushed-nickel, bronze or bronze-nickel finish, simulated gold-plated or a simple chrome finish. In addition, certain features such as a square shower head, remote control mechanism or the actual spray style intensity to disperse water also make attractive additions to the shower stall. Similar finishes as those found in the shower can be applied to the sink faucets and even toilet levers.

A Change of Toilet Facility with complementary colors and possibly even a European-styled Bidet will also add a touch of class to many a home’s bathroom facilities and will be certain to turn into the conversation piece of many bathroom visitors.

Changing or Replacing Cabinet Doors is another fairly inexpensive touch that will instantly change the demeanor of the humble bathroom or guest powder room. This is a good user-friendly technique which can be accomplished by simply measuring the cabinet door to be changed or replaced and taking a trip to the home improvement warehouse nearest you with the measurements.

Replacing a Cabinet Vanity is another manner in which to totally transform the bathroom area and does require a little “know-how” but this also can be done by surfing through the Internet and looking up appropriate website tutorials of which there are many.

Comparatively inexpensive, the bathroom can be easily transformed into a unique design look which will last for a long time.

Deborah is a journalist and a designer. She writes for popular magazines on interior design and several other topics. She is currently working for a company that sells ceramic tiles, and is also writing for some popular blogs.

Economic Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvement especially for a rented house is always bounded by many rules and regulations. However, this is not the reason to stop us from making our living area more comfortable. Below are some home improvement ideas for your reference if you are thinking to work on yours too.

First and foremost, you can separate your living and dining area with a divider or partition. By breaking a bigger space into two smaller rooms, you can have more intimacy and your house won’t look so empty with a lot of unused spaces. The divider that we are talking about here is the temporary partition and not a permanent divider that usually costs a few thousand dollars. There are many types of dividers you can get either from local furniture shops or online stores. It actually depends on your needs and you can choose to have an adjustable sliding divider, a folding divider or a simple decorative divider. You can even choose furniture as your room divider as long as the design of the divider suits your style and concept.

Next, you can try to play with the colors in your house. However, it is not necessary for you repaint the whole house with other colors. You can always use portable items like curtain, big pillow, carpet, vase and others to make your house looks nicer. If you prefer soft and warm environment, you can place a beige color carpet in the middle of the room together with soft color curtain. If you prefer stimulating surrounding, you can choose carpet that has special texture with striking color. Once again, you must feel comfortable with the arrangement. Otherwise, it is pointless to work so hard on it.

Last but not least, some of our houses are small and narrow. In order to expand and make it look spacious, you can always go for mirror concept. By attaching a mirror on your wall, it will make you feel that your house looks bigger at instant. This is the power of mirror reflection. This is a common method that used in some small shops.

All the above home improvement ideas are economical, affordable and can be done easily. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s plan for a weekend project to decorate your home!

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Home improvement ideas in Dorset

Fronting the English Channel is South West England’s historic, maritime and beautiful county, Dorset. The award-winning Heritage Coast, a long stretch of pebbled beach, special marine nature reserves and the finest of sandy beaches found in the British Isles, make this place a coastal heaven. The Poole Harbour of Dorset is one of the largest natural harbours in the world and Abbotsbury Swannery is an internationally acclaimed photographers’ paradise. The lush countryside lies behind the spectacular coastline with a proud heritage, history, culture and unspoilt natural beauty. There are over 150 charming villages in the rural backdrop that contain sandstone cottages, stately homes, historic houses of 15th century, abbeys and churches of impressive architectural splendour.

If you own a home in Dorset and looking to improve it, either by retaining the traditional style or conforming to the architecture of the ancient landscape, you can give your house a warm country look. Traditional entrance doors in Dorset can make your home more West Country-friendly. Doors and windows are primary components of a house that can alter the style, design and look of the entire house. If you think a conventional door that is made of sturdy wood is not affordable, yet you prefer doors in Dorset style; composite doors are an amazing makeover. These can look like the real wooden and traditional doors with all the elegance to suit your home. They are made of durable and strong material ideal for external doors and they have low maintenance. They do not peel, crack or age like the traditional wooden doors or are prone to termites and other insects.

You can choose a design that complements your home and the area you live, out of the many stylish colours and various designs. No matter the age of your home and the architectural style, composite doors can easily be made into great traditional doors. These have improved security with recommended standards and secure your home better. Composite doors are also thermally efficient, locking in the heat perfectly. You can choose different glazing options and customise the door style to complement the décor and the architecture. Improving your home with agreeable traditional doors in Dorset for a better and enhanced look is easy and cost effective with composite doors.

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Top 5 Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvement is one of the great ways to increase the value of your house. It is one of the most useful decisions of your life. It will enhance the appearance of your house while saving you a lot of money.  If you are planning to start with a home improvement project, the following article gives you five of the most innovative ideas that you may undertake to get most out of your home improvement project.

Going Green is the latest trend: Getting conscious for the environment is not only the latest trend but is the need of the hour also. You can give your contribution in saving our environment by doing little things such as installing solar panels or using energy efficient appliances. It will cut down your electricity bill drastically. These environmentally friendly installations come with an added advantage of being tax friendly. So you save some more money.
 Put a Programmable thermostat to work: A programmable thermostat can monitor the temperature of your room and regulate working of the air conditioners and the heater. It works by switching on and off the air conditioner or the heater to obtain the required temperature. A programmable thermostat is one of the best things to invest in and you can recover your investment in a very short span of time by reducing your energy consumption.
Re-insulating of the home: You can save a lot of money by getting your home re-insulated. Get your house checked for any air leaks as they hamper the working of air conditioners and heaters. A new insulation will not let the hot or cold air from the home to draft away from the house.
Enliven your living room: Living area of home is the place that should get the maximum attention during a home improvement project. Get a brand new color for the living room walls or try wallpapers in bold patterns. Buy some new and cozy cushions for yourself and invest in trendy curtains. Dazzle up your living room with some great illumination. Scan magazines and get hold of the latest trends.
Patio matters: Patio or a sun deck will instantly bring a glamour touch to your home. A patio in the backyard can be used to chill out with friends or to spend a lazy afternoon or maybe count the midnight stars when you are not feeling sleepy. A patio serves as a perfect relaxation spot in your home. Even though, patio is an expensive option and requires a large floor area, it is cheaper than adding a new room to the house.


Home improvement usually offers good returns on your investment. Be careful about what you choose for your home improvement project. Hire a professional to get the quality services and expert advice and the best out of this work. There are several home improvement companies that can take care of all your home improvement needs.

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Basic Home Improvement Ideas

Planning to sell off your house in the near future? Or, pehaps you are looking for a way to transform the way it looks. A home improvement project can be a great way to enhance the appeal of your home. It can also add a lot in terms of resale value and be an investment worth making. Whatever the modification, be it reroofing or adding extensions to decks, home improvement projects can increase the real estate valuation of the house.

Find a quality home improvement company and ask their advice on how to improve the look of your house. Done in an appropriate manner, home improvement can totally turn around the way a house looks. It works in the long run, and not only adds to the design, but also helps a house last longer. Whether you want to add to the curb appeal, or enhance the backyard with a pergola, home improvement makes sense. You can explore options such as decks for the backyard, get a patio constructed, add sidings, or have your windows replaced.

Reliable companies offer a wide choice of materials for projects you want to get done in your home. Browse websites of local home improvement companies. You would find a wide choice of patterns in bathroom, kitchen, or deck materials on display on the sites. Choose materials that last long, and are low on maintenance. For example, laminate or vinyl lino are good options if you are planning to redo your bathroom floor.

A home improvement project can vary widely in terms of budget and scale. From minor modifications such as adding mirrrors or paintings to enhance the look of a bathroom, to functional improvements such as adding sidings, home improvement projects add value. Many companies offer their estimates free of cost. Consult a local home improvement company and they can provide estimates after measuring the area to be improved.

Many companies offer services for anything to do with residences, from the porch, to the deck area, to the bathroom, to the windows. They also provide much-needed repair services for essentials such as garage doors. If you want to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, choose a quality home improvement company. They can offer you guidance with materials that last for years. Choose according to your budget, and invest in a home improvement project that works.

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