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The Wood Floor: Ottawa, Canada Options and Information

For centuries, all fine homes have used hardwood flooring. Ottawa boasts historical examples of residential homes and business properties that still use the same wooden floors that were originally installed in these buildings. When modern homeowners are shopping for floors, they are often in the market for exact reproductions of these rich-looking vintage floor planks to use as their wood flooring in Ottawa.

The Wood Floor: Ottawa Options

Vintage wood planks, and strip-size wooden floors, were often installed as utilitarian components in a building. The stunningly beautiful floors that we see today in vintage buildings are often by-products that were produced through years of hand-rubbed cleanings and the constant foot-traffic on the hardwood flooring in Ottawa. Antique wooden floors were not normally treated with colorful stains and gloss enhancers.

Today, flooring stores offer hardwood floors, solid wood floors, and laminated wood floor products in the Ottawa area. These flooring products come in strip-size planks, wide planks, and in shapes that make mosaic or parquet floors possible. Modern wooden floors come in styles that are made for residential use and in easy-care durable styles that can be used successfully as industrial flooring in high-traffic areas.

New flooring in Ottawa is instantly beautiful after installation without the need for long-term rubbings to create a rich patina. New fashions in high-quality wooden floors include traditional woods, furniture woods, and globally-grown exotic floor materials. Tones and color choices for woods can range from almost white into deep-toned wood offerings that appear to be black. Natural choices in two-toned woods are also available to consider.

The Wood Floor: Ottawa Choices and Considerations

When Ottawa homeowners choose to install new hardwood floors, they are faced with a variety of choices to make before the floors can be purchased.

Hardwood or Laminate Floors: Hardwood floors come in depth-sizes that can influence the price of the floor. Thick solid wood floors will not be priced the same as the thinner versions that are still appropriate wooden flooring for Ottawa to consider. Next, hardwood floors can come in various thicknesses of laminates that include a core that is made from sturdy lesser-priced materials to aide in budget-planning.

Strip Floors or Wood Planks: Hardwood floors and laminated wood floors come in width-sizes that range from about 2.5″ across the board up into sizes that can be 7″ across or larger. The strip-width and plank-width floorboards are often chosen to enhance other interior-design elements that are found in a home; or, to highlight the personal taste of the homeowner. Hardwood flooring in Ottawa is often chosen in strip-width versions.

Residential or Industrial Flooring: Modern floor materials are made in styles that can withstand the abuses that are possible in high-traffic situations. These styles of industrial wooden floors are available to residential homeowners who live in the Ottawa areas. Homeowners can have industrial-strength and easy-care hardwood floors through talking with their local flooring store professionals.

In Ottawa, Canada, it is possible to have beautiful hardwood floors, solid wood floors, or laminated wood floors installed by professionals. The installation process is painless after the homeowners remove their personal belongings from the rooms that will be revamped. There are hundreds of choices in vintage floor looks, eco-friendly floor products, and all types of wooden floors that are priced to accommodate your budget. When it is time for a new wood floor, Ottawa flooring stores can provide friendly professional assistance.

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Information on Natural stone tiles for wall tile and floor tile applications.

There are many design combinations with natural stone tiles and home owners can use natural stone tiles on both walls and floors, certain materials of natural stone make excellent bathroom and kitchen wall tiles and they will certainly add both glamour and design style. There is also the option to use natural stone tiles as both wall tiles and floor tiles which will follow the design of your bathroom through beautifully.

There are certain materials which fall into the natural stone tile group and the different types all have their own special unique qualities and features.

Granite tiles really are a beautiful material suitable as both wall tiles and floor tiles; granite has a granular appearance adding style and elegance. Granite tiles are suitable as a flooring material and they come in a wide range of shades depending on your preferences. Granite floor tiles are used very successfully accompanied with granite wall tiles and in bathrooms areas this creates a real flowing design style which makes the floor tile design flow beautifully into the wall tile design.

Slate flooring has been popular for many years and is a very durable tile that is non slip, again this is paramount for bathrooms areas and as well as the superb functionality slate floor tiles offer, they are beautiful floor tiles. There are many places where slate wall tiles can be used and they are common in kitchens and bathrooms. Slate wall tiles are not particularly difficult to install and they will complement the existing decor beautifully. Slate tiles are often used as floor tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, on backsplash areas in kitchens and wall tiles. The darker shades of slate floor tiles are really popular because darker grout shades can be used, making them ideal for busy areas within the home.

Limestone tiles are supplied normally in lighter shades and are popular choices for bathrooms where the light shades add real character to bathroom areas. Limestone is a sedimentary rock and its appearance is characteristic of its development process. Limestone tiles are usually used as wall tiles especially in bathroom areas and come in a range of light shades in which to choose from. They are not used as floor tiles as often simply because they will need sealing especially in bathroom areas. Limestone tiles will add beauty and character to areas around the home and their natural characteristics bring in a natural ambience into the home.

Marble tiles have also been used for centuries most notably by the Romans and Greeks as a form of decoration. Marble tiles come in different sizes and forms such as marble mosaic tiles. Marble tiles are used as both wall tiles and floor tiles and they are available in different finishes with certain finishes being more suitable for flooring materials. Marble tiles can make great additions to both bathrooms and kitchens are known for offering a very chic sophisticated design style.

Travertine is a very popular tile that continues to gain in popularity for the advantages it offers, as well as the design function, travertine tiles will add beauty to any area where it is used. Travertine floor tiles are incredibly durable and it has been used as a building material for years. Travertine flooring is suitable for busy areas of the home such as the kitchen areas. Travertine is generally available in warm tones that will blend in and suit any existing decor beautifully.



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Stone Tile Floor Cleaning Information

When you have a floor that is something other than carpeting, there are many benefits to be enjoyed and also many responsibilities to uphold when it comes to stone tile floor cleaning and maintenance. It is important to keep these types of flooring clean, just as it is for carpeted floors. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for sanitary reasons. Homes with small children living in them, especially children who play on those floors, should always be kept impeccably clean and in good shape.

If you have tile or stone floors, you should always make sure that you wipe up all spills immediately. Standing moisture damages these floors and can also permanently discolor them if the spills are of liquids such as juices, coffee, tea or wine. Make sure that you use a neutral cleaner or stone soap to clean floors that are travertine tile. Your cleaning agent needs to be applied using a soft sponge or cloth that is not abrasive, and you should quickly follow behind with a dry mop. Be careful not to use too much cleaning product, because it is going to produce streaks on your tile and may eventually cause a film build up.

Be very careful with toiletries, beauty products and any and all liquids that are used in the home that can spill onto floors. Use coasters when necessary. This is especially true when you have stone or tile counter tops. Placing mats in your entryways will protect your floors from scratches and marks, chips and gouges caused by sand and abrasive dirt that comes into the home from shoes. Request that everyone take their shoes off at the entryways too; hall runners and area rugs also help to protect these types of floors.

It is important that you dont underestimate the importance of keeping as much dirt, debris and dust off of your floors as possible. Many people just do not realize the impact that even a trivial amount of debris can have on the integrity of stone and tile flooring. When even the tiniest amount of sand, rock and dirt falls off of shoes and onto the floor, it gets dragged by other people walking on it and other natural movement that occurs in a home. In a very short amount of time, tile and stone flooring will suffer from thousands of very obvious tiny scratches, and when you have thousands of tiny scratches it can be worse than a few large ones. It is easy to perform proper floor cleaning to keep your stone and tile in top shape for many years, looking beautiful and maintaining the aesthetic attractiveness of your entire home.

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Quarry floor tile information.

Quarry tiles are available in many more colours than they once were but they are still available in the rustic reds and browns that make them so popular, they are great for providing a rustic natural feel into kitchens and hallways and they are also strong and durable which makes them great for busy family homes.

Quarry floor tiles are a relatively cheap floor tile option without compromising on tile style for the home. They are also a great floor tile to keep clean and are easy to maintain, they are durable and resistant to most substances which is a real plus for busy family homes.  Quarry floor tiles will normally have a rough surface and they are not normally glazed, this can lead to absorption of water and for this reason quarry tiles and the grout will be sealed if the quarry tiles are installed in interior environments.

Quarry floor tiles are great for providing an old style of decor and are really great for cottage style kitchens and for home owners wanting to recreate a particular style. They can also have varied shades and may differ from tile to tile depending on where you purchase them from, this helps them to mask marks and dirt easily and only adds to the uniqueness of the floor tile.

Quarry tiles are not just suitable for interior environments but they also work really well for outside applications and this only demonstrates the durability of the tile. Floor tiles are the preferred choice for home owners because above everything else, they provide excellent functionality in areas of the home that require easy to clean products and floor tiles offer excellent functionality especially in areas where spillages will happen often. Many home owners worry that floor tiles will feel cold underfoot and for some tile materials this may be true but quarry tiles manage to maintain heat very well and don’t feel too cold underfoot. They also work really well with underfloor heating systems with the heat distribution covering the whole floor and radiating upwards to make the room feel cosy and warm.

Many of the quarry floor tile types have a natural anti slip resistance which is paramount when in an area that will have water and moisture including wet shoes. The water can be mopped up easily and the floor tiles will dry ensuring that the surface is safe to walk on.

The most noticeable difference with quarry floor tiles is the thickness of the floor tile, this is characteristic of the material and many home owners feel this only adds to the natural and rustic tile style they offer.

Quarry floor tiles are readily available from many tile stores and reclaimed quarry tiles can also be abstained. They are especially suitable for exterior applications and this is what they were so popular for before home owners started to realise the potential for indoor use. Many home owners install quarry tiles on kitchen floor areas and carry them through into laundry rooms and rooms that lead directly outside; this ensures they have a good, strong floor tile material that is able to be cleaned quickly and easily.



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Information About Wood Floors

There are obviously a considerable number of decisions concerning flooring, but for a long time wood floors have remained near the most ubiquitous and the most unbelievably solid of flooring surfaces. From the timeless marvelousness of hardwood floors to the sport of bamboo flooring, wood flooring positively has various vital preferences over floor covering, tile and different sorts of flooring.One of the most obviously huge favorable circumstances of wood floors, obviously, is their momentous toughness. An amazing wood floor, respectably instated, can hold its magnificence for quite some time, and a considerable number of homeowners today exist in homes with wood floor that have been around subsequent to the home was first constructed.As with all home work in progress undertakings, obviously, value might as well be the foremost concern with regards to acquiring wood flooring or whatever viable sort of flooring feature. Notwithstanding, instituting a floor, if in a lone room or all through the whole home, is no minor venture. Few homeowners will prefer to rehash the method of establishing a unique flooring surface each couple of years, but in the event that you picked substandard flooring features you might consider yourself doing simply that.

It is far preferable to purchase the best equipped value wood flooring features you are able to manage, regardless of the possibility that they cost a small more up front. In the extended run, it can be far less excessive, also significantly less of an irritate, to purchase a value floor that will final for a considerable length of time than to reinstate a second rate floor in just a few years.Because value is quite an impressive significant thought regarding wood floors, it actually bodes well to look around, and to pose more than enough approaches as you shop. Deciding on and introducing a wood floor is one place where it unequivocally encourages to solicit the presumptions of masters. Provided that a part of your family or round of partners has encounter with wood floors, or even more terrific depending on if they have established a wood floor of their particular, by all denotes require their estimation.

Depending on if no such direct information is good to go from your round of companions, it is a great brainstorm to request guidance from the save where you purchase your wood flooring. The representatives at countless extensive home enhancement warehouses and modest ma and pop household shops might be fabulous origins of qualified data on what to search for in a value wood floor, and ideal of all they are able to give you the tips you will instate that wood flooring similar to an ace.It is obviously noteworthy to institute the wood floor legitimately, and each homeowner will choose for him or herself if commissioning the wood flooring is something they are able to do themselves. Fixing a wood floor is one of the aforementioned tasks that now and then needs the utilization of a pro flooring builder, so it is noteworthy for the aforementioned in necessity of wood flooring to choose the instatement before making a buy. Numerous folks feel very pleasant introducing their particular wood flooring, but others do not.

Pocelain and ceramic floor tile information.

Porcelain floor tiles have always been extremely popular and still are today, they come in a wide range of colours, styles and designs and because of their material are very hard and water resistant. Porcelain tiles also come in different sizes if you wanted to use combination tiles to make a real design statement.

Porcelain tiles are a heavy tile which is what makes them so durable and they are often used in kitchens and bathrooms because they are ideal for areas where there is moisture. Although not one of the cheaper tiles, porcelain tiles will add both beauty and style to any room and because they are so durable there is no reason why they cannot last for many, many years.

Porcelain tiles can be purchased in glazed, unglazed or polished and there are two main types of porcelain, through bodied porcelain and polished porcelain. The through bodied tile represents the tile colour and texture running all through the tile. The through bodied porcelain tile is very popular for its attractive appearance and it makes an excellent tile for both floors and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. The glazed porcelain tile has a colour finish or coating on the surface of the tile and is a very strong and stain resistant tile; the glazed variety of porcelain also comes in a wide variety of colour, styles and designs. Whilst the glazed porcelain is not recommended in heavy commercial areas, it makes an excellent floor tile for kitchens and bathrooms and is a non porous tile, although it may need to be treated before installation but this largely depends on the exact material of the tile.

Ceramic tiling is again a durable, strong tile which is suitable for floors, countertops and even walls, there are different types of ceramic tiles and the porcelain tile does actually come under the same category, other types include the quarry tile, mosaic’s and glazed tiles. The glazed are the least popular choice for floors because they will become slippery when wet. Mosaic’s are strong, durable tiles with high water resistant levels and are ideal for many places around the home, including floors. Quarry tiles come in rich browns and reds and are an ideal choice for the floor, they are strong, durable and for this reason ideal for high traffic areas.

Porcelain tiles we have mentioned above and are a very versatile tile which is ideal for floors and now with the choice of colours and styles available, there is almost certainly a design to suit your design preferences. The best advice when choosing floor tiles is to speak to the manufacturer who will be able to give you advice and information about the tile and the area you are planning to use it in.


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