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Tips On How To Install Ceramic Tile Floorings

Ceramic tiles are widely used in many homes in Florida. Because of its affordability and durability, many homeowners prefer ceramic tiles rather than other flooring types. It is an effective alternative to marble and porcelain tiles that are far more expensive.

Although ceramic tiles usually require professional installation. Determined homeowners can install ceramic tiles on their own. In installing tile floorings, be sure to have the following materials: chalk line, hammer, level, saber saw, rubber gloves, mastic, edging cap, sealants and grouts.

Before installing your ceramic tiles, make sure that you have a backer board. The surface where you are about to glue your tiles should be durable. Many tile specialists recommend using a cement board because of its hardness. Greenboard sheetrock can also be used as an alternative to cement boards. Nevertheless, greenboard sheetrock is not advisable for walls and shower and tub stalls because it is prone to moisture.

For aligned installation of a ceramic tile, Tampa tile specialists recommend that homeowners try a dry run of the tile layout. Tiles can be laid first without using adhesives so that homeowners can determine if the tiles fit perfectly on the floor. Homeowners can use a chalk line and a square to mark the floor with guidelines. Tile specialists also recommend that you start lay outing your tiles on the center of the room to have equal sides and edges.

Right after marking guidelines, its time for you to apply cement for your tile. Tampa tile specialists believe that tile cement dries after about 15 minutes. Once they feel tacky, they are ready for tile installation. For tiles to stick in, tile specialists recommend that you use a staircase technique in laying your tiles. Avoid sliding your tiles in position. It should be applied firmly on the cement.

Once youre done laying your tiles. Its time for you to put some grout between tiles. It is recommended that you use grouts with darker shades for ceramic tile. Tampa tile dealers believe that proper installation of grouts add up to the effect and appearance of the tile flooring. Remember to wet the tiles before putting on grouts so that the tiles will remain moist. Remember to remove excess grouts and let them dry overnight. There you have it, new and refurbished home flooring.

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How to Install Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic tile flooring is a great option for your home. Some of the advantages of ceramic tile flooring are ease of maintenance, ease of repair and good style. Ceramic tile is also very durable and cost effective. When you’re considering what flooring to put in your home, ceramic tile is a options that you want to consider.


A good way to save money with ceramic tile floors is to install them on your own. Following are a few instructions that can help you in installing ceramic tile floors.


Measure the length and width of the floor and find out the center point in the room.
Lay down the ceramic tiles on the floor to check how they fit on to it before using mortar.
Find out the number of ceramic tiles required using this layout.
Put tile spacers between each tile so that your grout lines are even. Smaller grout lines are easier to clean, but require more accurate cuts.
Now apply mortar (tile adhesive) in the center of the subfloor and start laying the ceramic tile.
Choose a direction. Move from left to right or right to left.
Continue laying the tiles and reach to the edge of the room.
Cut the tiles to fit the edges of the room using a sharp tile cutter or wet saw to cut the ceramic tile. Make sure to measure carefully before you do any cutting.
Once you lay all the tiles completely, let the tile and mortar set for at least one day. Leave the spacers until the next day.
After a day, add grout. Make sure you mix the grout thoroughly according to the specifications given by your manufacturer, or it can fall apart after a few years and have uneven color.
Apply the grout across the ceramic tile flooring.
Wipe the excess grout from the ceramic tile, but make sure you do not wipe away the grout lines.
Leave the grout to dry for another 24 hours.
Seal the grout lines with a sealer so that they do not stain with every day wear and tear.


Installing ceramic tile flooring takes extra time, but if you follow the proper steps you can save money and still have a beautiful, durable floor.

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