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How to Choose Latest Technique for Wood Floor Restoration?

Techniques for wooden floor restoration

Wooden floors are the best means of enhancing your home decor. Over the period of time, your beautiful wooden floors lose their original glory due to daily wear and tear. It is important to be very careful while maintaining your wooden floor. You can take necessary actions to protect your floor but there are certain types of repairing and restoration that can be successfully conducted by professionals only. Wood floor restoration London professionals perform wood floor restoration and repair to maintain beauty of your floor. Here are few latest techniques employed by professionals for bringing back beauty of your floor.

Repair is first and foremost step of wooden floor restoration. Hardwood flooring professionals first of all check your floor boards and conduct minor repairs such as repair of splits and cracks, replacing the nails and planks and also replacing the boards with pine wherever required.

The next technique is to overcome the gaps developed between planks. As the nature of wood makes it expand on getting wet and shrink when it dries out, it results into development of gaps between planks, due to constant expansion and contraction. The traditional method is mixing clear resin filler with saw dust for filling the gaps between planks. This mixture has same color as your flooring and also provides smooth floor finish. However, modern professionals utilize flexible sealants which can be directly applied to the gaps through filling gun and knife. They also use fine strips of wood which matches it to fill the gaps.

The next important step is sanding. Modern professionals use a variety of equipments for floor sanding such as drum sanders, belt sander, hammer, pry bar, detail sander etc. After sanding, flooring professionals stain floor as well as seal them with a lacquer or oil finish

Finding the professionals using latest techniques for wood floor restoration:

Wooden floor restoration is an important task for bringing back the lost glory of your floor. In order to find the professionals utilizing the best and latest techniques, you need to do some ground work. You should gather knowledge about different techniques and choose the wood floor restoration London experts who provide the high quality results with most modern methods.

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