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What’s Next After An Interior Design Certification?

Interior designers do not climb the ladder the way most corporate folks do. Career advancement in interior design comes in a slightly different package such as getting bigger projects or working for more distinguished clients. Considering this, you might want to create a “promotion strategy” that is unique to this field. How to advance a career in interior design? Below are things you can do after completing an interior design certification.

Dig up Opportunities. Portfolio is a powerful tool but it can only be beneficial to you if you have enough to show. Get as much experience as you can; however, try to get into noteworthy projects or ones that can let you highlight your skills. Fresh graduates of interior design diploma courses can gain experience by working as an apprentice or through internship programs.

Determine Sector that Suits You. It’s the age of specialization so do not fear that you will be losing clients because you chose to focus on a single sector. On the contrary, this can work to your advantage. By opting to design for a single sector, you have better chances in getting selected when the project is in that environment.

Interior design has several sectors such as residential (designing houses and flats), commercial (retail stores and malls), workplace (offices and conference rooms), leisure (theatres and spas), education (schools and libraries), hospitality (hotels and cafes) and others. Decorating styles is an important subject matter in interior design so it is covered in any quality Interior Design Courses Online course.

Develop Own Style. Style will differentiate you from a multitude of designers offering the same basic services. Moreover, many clients have a particular style in mind before they go out to hire an interior designer. So get the vibe you are most comfortable doing and put your own stamp on it. For example, you can focus on tropical style and incorporate your own signature bamboo designs.

While necessitating a few technical skills, interior design still has its roots in the creative industry. This is why most career paths for interior designers or interior decorators are not structured the way it is in many other industries. Additionally, many professionals in this field take the self-employed route after gaining adequate experience. Hence, it would take tons of drive and ingenuity to become successful. Once you have proven your worth though, interior design can make your career dreams come true.

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Add A Deck For The Next Home Remodeling Project

For people that love spending time in the great outdoors without having to go far from home, a deck is one possible solution. Adding a deck or patio to the home can transform the back yard from something gazed at through a window into a special part of the house to be enjoyed firsthand. For those not handy with tools and materials, however, it can be a daunting project. Hiring a reliable Northern Virginia home additions contractor to build one is an economical and popular way a homeowner can add a deck without concern for safety of the finished product. It is also one way to make sure the project is completed in a reasonable amount of time. These are just a few ways a deck can change a back yard.

Many homeowners prefer not to entertain because they do not have enough space in their homes to have a lot of people fit comfortably in it for any length of time. Guests are often required to choose an indoor room and park themselves in a corner during a party due to lack of space. Decks can solve that problem. They also offer a clean and comfortable alternative to having people sitting in lawn chairs on the grass. While entertaining on the lawn sounds nice in theory, the reality often includes itchy grass with a host of insects, a lack of a focal point for gatherings and an uneven surface for setting up chairs and tables. A deck offers a convenient gathering place with enhancements like a fire pit, grill, special lighting and a nice place to sit and chat with friends, family or neighbors.

The barbecue is often considered a slice of Americana. It is a place for gathering and enjoying good food, drink and friendship. Many self-proclaimed barbecue experts enjoy using their state-of-the-art grill, but do not have a proper place to fire it up. A deck provides a sturdy level surface with plenty of ventilation, a large workspace. As a popular Northern Virginia custom remodeling project, a patio or deck might include electricity and a nearby area to roost while waiting for the meal to cook. This is a prime time for the homeowner to enjoy the back yard from the outdoors rather than from the indoors, peering through the window.

One of the advantages to having a pool in the back yard is that the people who live there have a special place to cool off and have fun. Building a deck next to or around the pool makes it easier to maintain. It also creates a more comfortable area for those lounging near it and walking through the area to reach it. Itchy grass and sharp stones can be deterrents to using the pool. A deck also protects the grass and other landscaping from withering under splashes of chemically treated water. For those with bald spots in the back yard due to too much shade, a deck can easily hide these places.

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Go Green With Your Next Home Improvement Project!

Going green is one of the hottest trends in the home renovation world these days. This is because more Americans than ever are realizing that making their homes more environmentally friendly means reducing their overall energy bills. When your house is more energy efficient, it uses up fewer resources, and so you end up having to spend less money paying for utilities like gas and electric. Making your house into a well-oiled waste-free machine may require you to invest a little bit more into your home renovation project now, but it will pay off in the long run when you are saving money and saving the environment at the same time. Here are some of the easiest ways to make your house more green:

Invest in well-insulated siding

One of the most important things to remember when making your house more environmentally friendly is that you want to make sure that it is insulated as best as possible. This helps to reduce your overall energy consumption. If you have to redo the siding on your house or if you are adding on an addition, this is the perfect time to make sure that your houses outer materials are the best quality you can afford. On the other hand, if you choose shoddy materials to cut costs in the short-term, you will likely end up spending a fortune on your heating bills as the warm air escapes out into the cold all winter long. Either that, or you will have to seriously increase the number of sweaters in your wardrobe as you shiver through yet another wintry month with the heat on low because you just cannot afford to turn it up. So make sure that your siding is well-insulated. Some varieties even come with energy efficiency guarantees!

Install double-paned windows

If you are considering window replacement, there is only one way to go: double-paned windows. Your old windows will pale in comparison to these energy efficient babies, which help to trap the warm air in the colder months and the cool air when it gets hot. They work the same way that your houses outer materials do to regulate temperatures and make it so that you do not have to spend significant amounts of time adjusting the thermostat. Another benefit of double-paned windows is the fact that they increase the security of your home: a robber who wants to break in will have a hard time bashing in two thick, fortified layers of glass!

Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room

This is not a home renovation tip, but merely a common sense one. Far too many individuals will allow the lights in their homes to stay on all day and night even when they are not using them, simply out of carelessness or lack of attention. But make it a rule to always turn off the light when you leave a room. You will see all of your hard work pay off in the savings you receive on your next electric bill!

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