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Always plan ahead for any home project

Planning to do a bathroom remodel can be a rewarding family experience perhaps even a father and son weekend project. When doing a do it yourself bathroom remodel it can go along smooth and easy or could turn into an absolute disaster if not properly planned.

As for my bathroom remodel project, disaster would be a nice word! I conjured up the idea one morning before work and off on a whim I went very much unprepared for what I was venturing into.  My thought process was somewhere out there in limbo because I had the idea in my mind that replacing the toilet and installing ceramic tile was as simple as removing a few plastic bolts and slapping a little grout on the back of the tiles . I was totally off course! What started off as a weekend project for my son and I ended up being a month long process with our master bath being a disaster site and my family of 5 fighting daily for the guest bath!

Proper planning is the key to success to any bathroom remodel regardless of your level of skills. I quickly learned that many of my bathroom fixtures no longer fit as they once did. The ceramic tile is another story within itself. I described laying tile as trying to assemble a puzzle with irregular pieces; they just were not fitting the way I had planned. Out came the heavy machinery as my son calls it and with a couple of precise measurements and swift cuts I somehow managed to make my puzzle complete.

My next unforeseen roadblock was the bathroom door. I didn’t think to calculate the height of the door to floor ratio before going from linoleum floors to tile. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed the door wouldn’t close after reinstalling and there went another $ 200 for a new door added to the growing budget!

Despite all the headaches and backaches I endured from running wildly with my bathroom remodel I must say it was a very delightful learning experience for my son and I. Quality time with him made all the  hassles of the entire process worthwhile !.

Many of my disasters could have been diverted. If you do not do remodeling work every day, don’t expect to complete it without a hitch. In the event it just becomes too much to handle a local company can finish your bathroom remodel quickly. A few days after regaining usage of my newly improved bathroom I had to call in a local handyman because I apparently damaged a pipe when reinstalling my cabinets.  Needless to say that was another $ 120 added to budget!

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Plan Your Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects are full of tasks you want to do and many that you have to do. Every home needs its additions and with today’s budgeting and enterprising minds, the business of renovating and improving has become easier simple and cost-saving. Home improvement projects are great ways of expanding your home without really expanding them physically. Transforming your home into your holiday hangout is a great way for better lifestyle.

These projects generally have one or more of the following goals:

1. Beautification and added features

• Change of wall-papering and the color of the house
• Adding new flooring such as carpets, tiling, linoleum, or wood flooring
• Upgrading cabinets, fixtures, in the home

2. For Comfort

• Upgrading heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
• Waterproofing the house

3. For Maintenance and repair

• Roof and floor maintenance due to tear and wear
• Repairing plumbing and electrical systems

4. To create additional space

• Extend the “livable space” by converting basements into bed rooms, home theaters, or home offices
• Extending one’s house with additional rooms at the side of the house or, sometimes, extra levels to the original roof.

5. Saving energy

• Energy-efficient insulation for electricity and water

6. For necessary safety features:

• Home fire and burglar alarm systems inclusive of security doors and windows
• Fire sprinkler systems to protect homes from fire
• Storm cellars as protection from tornadoes and hurricanes
• Backup generators for providing power during power outages

Home improvement can be a dream came true for many people.

However, it is important to balance up the cost of the projects against the return of the investment. Even if you don’t have any intention to sell off your house in future, it is still worth-while to know the real cost of the home improvement projects versus the quality of one’s lifestyle which it can bring significantly.

However, it is always better to have someone experienced and skillful to manage these projects for your home as the experts know how to run these projects effectively in the shortest time and lowest cost, with better suggestions and ideas to offer than you.

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