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Post Construction Cleaning

This task usually falls on a separate contractor who does this sort of work. Post construction cleaning is a specialized process that requires the right training and equipment. There are several steps to a thorough post construction cleanup.

The First Step

The client must confirm with the main contactor that every part of the work, including work by any subcontractors, has been completed before he calls in the cleaning company. Otherwise, last minute work or changes could ruin the cleanup, requiring that it be done again.


If the construction took place while the office or home was in use, the furniture will almost certainly have a thin coating of dust or other materials. One of the first things the cleanup crew will do is clean the furniture. They will then cover it so it is not affected by the rest of the cleanup.


The process of doing Post construction cleanup should start at the top and work its way down. That way, dust falling from areas being cleaned will not drop onto areas that were already cleaned. This is why, once the furniture is cleaned and covered, the next step is to clean the ceiling. This is usually done using a light wash to keep the dust from spreading.

Walls and Windows

After removing any pictures, mirrors or other decoration, the walls and baseboards will also be washed. At the same time, the windows will also be cleaned. The cleaning of the windows has to be done with great care to avoid scratching them with the abrasive dust that might be covering them.

Kitchens and bathrooms

The kitchens and bathrooms have to be given an extremely thorough cleaning. The kitchen in particular has to be immaculate to avoid the possibility of dust and other materials thrown off during the construction getting into food. Each of the appliances will have to be individually cleaned.


The floor is always saved for last. Of all the surfaces in any room, the one that gets the most debris and damage during the construction process is the floor. This is why the floor will vacuumed and washed at least twice.

The cleanup after construction is about more than just appearances. While the area remains dirty, people working or living in these areas are at an increased risk of various health problems, such as allergic reactions or asthma attacks. A professional cleanup protects the health of everyone in the home or building.


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