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Pest Control Product and the “Do-it-Yourselfer”

In an era when pesticides have been blamed for all kinds of problems, it seems that more and more homeowners are turning into do-it-yourselfers for their home and garden pest control problems. And as the “Green Phenomenon” is pushing forward like a new kind of politically correct religion, it seems more and more are quietly running to the hardware store in search for “the strongest stuff” that they can find.

What’s the big deal about this dichotomy? Well, if we will take a moment look at pest control product history, it has the homeowner who has abused a pesticide until the EPA couldn’t take it anymore, yanking it off the shelf, including the professional pest control company’s shelf. An example would be Clordane. I once met a woman who admitted dumping a whole bottle of concentrate on a tree stump full of carpenter ants. I got lost doing the math on how long the Chlordane would last considering the fact that the diluted rate lasted about twenty-plus years. I wonder if their is any fish in nearby streams…

Not all discontinuations are bad however, remember DDT? I once saw a vintage photo of a mother setting off a DDT fogger with her son in the crib beside her. I wonder if that guy made into his thirties. Back to my point: Over the counter products have been the demise of many pesticides due to the philosophy in many people’s heads that “if a little works good, then a lot works great”. This abuse of product label is something that professionals know to be dangerous to their customers, and their career! A few overexposure situations can make for some real problems whether it was a homeowner application or a professional winking his eye and grinning, “I used the strong stuff”.

As someone who believes in pest control products regardless of their “Green status”, I still feel very strongly about following the label. We have got to trust the pest control product supplier who created the label and usage rates, and the EPA for agreeing to let the product hit the consumer’s shelf as well. With this in mind, make sure that if you are shopping online for pest control products that you understand that by purchasing insectides or rodenticides, that you are agreeing to following the label of those products. More is not necessarily better.

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