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DIY – Productive or Problem?


Sometimes there is a fine line between being productive versus having a problem. Nowhere is it more evident than in the DIY or “Do it Yourself” trend. Local residents have always had an independent streak so it should come as no surprise that the DIY fever is alive and well in this town known for authentic music, good food and ample dose of common sense. On the other hand, there is such a thing as taking it too far. Find out whether your DIY habit is productive or a problem with this quick quiz.


True or False – I’m known by name by the employees at the local big box store.


Comment: While Austin is well known for a friendly and down-to-earth appeal, don’t take it too far! Spend a little time with the family now and then and let others tackle the tough jobs for you.


True or False – I routinely lug heavy carpet cleaner’s home for monthly home maintenance.


Comment: This is a perfect example of being “penny wise and pound foolish”. Not only does the time and cost of renting a carpet cleaning machine and solution really add up, but the hassle and headache is rarely worth the time. Most simply do not yield the same results as obtained by a professional carpet cleaner. Consider calling a reputable and professional carpet cleaning company in your area instead; not only do they do all the heavy lifting, keeping the carpets cleaned has ever been easier.


True or False – I own every tool known to man-kind…or hope to some day.


Comment: Unless you own your own business, the cost of purchasing and maintaining tools is rarely a good investment for occasional repairs. Before purchasing tools, equipment and supplies for your next project take time to tally up the total cost…don’t forget to include your time, and then compare it to hiring outside help.


Using the carpet cleaning example above, the time and effort required to rent or purchase a carpet cleaning machine and solution is often more expensive than hiring a professional Austin carpet cleaner to do the job right. Best of all, modern carpet cleaning technology like that used by Kiwi’s Austin services utilize a dry cleaning technique that leaves carpets ready to walk on in less than an hour. No soggy socks or slippery shoes to deal with; just clean carpets without the hassle, headache or high cost.


Elizabeth, Marketing manager for Kiwiservices: http://www.kiwiservices.com/austin-carpet-cleaning.htm