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Tips to Build Your Own DIY Solar Energy Solution

Almost all eco-conscious people will like their garages, houses, businesses and greenhouses to get installed and covered with solar panels. Unfortunately, they have to face the problem of unaffordability. Installation of solar photovoltaic panels on any household or commercial structure involves great cost, no matter how better revenue it can yield down through the years. However, DIY solar energy kits can resolve their problem effectively.

You should not give up hope of installing green energy solutions in your home and making it independent of grid. If you are sharp and interested to use cost effective solar energy in home, you can just plan to build your own DIY solar panel and make it functional to save on energy bills enormously.

In contrast to ready-made DIY solar systems, you can follow any simple green energy system guide and implement the ideas to end up with development of one for your own home.

You have to keep things organized for your DIY solar project. The basic things required will be solar cells that will be affordable to purchase and use. With these inexpensive solar cells and technical knowledge, it is possible to avoid the cost of an off-the-shelf system installation and cover its total price in a time of 10 years or more. So be informed and learn how to make a DIY solar system for your personal use.

So if you are ready to start with a DIY solar venture, just follow the below given instructions.

Basic Materials and Tools Required

Soldering iron & solder frames
Dispensing solder paste
Solder Flux (for removing dirt and oil off the wires)
Wooden boards
Protective acrylic cover or glasses
Multimeter to test solar panels
Sharp pencil
Tape to measure solar radiation
Square frame
Solar cells

There are many reliable resources like eBay, Amazon and Sun Electronics where you can get quality and affordable solar cells for making DIY solar energy systems. You should also bother to know about the variety of these solar cells which may be American, Japanese and Chinese. American cells will be a bit more expensive but usually come with guarantee offers.

Solar cells are available in large number of varieties but the most cost-effective option is to have polycrystalline cells for constructing the DIY solar modules. You can purchase them in as many numbers as you want to produce the required amount of energy in your home. The specifications can also be listed at the time of purchasing these cells.

If you are doubtful about making a DIY green energy system by using these things from scratch, you can order DIY solar kits at 123 Zero Energy. We deliver easy to install and simple to operate solar energy systems that can be used separately or integrated together to build a large and complete energy solution for your home.

Ceramic Tiles ? The Timeless Solution

Imagine a bathroom or kitchen without wall tiles. The paint or wall paper will be peeling of, more so in the bathroom where moisture is often present floor to ceiling in the form of steam from a hot bath tub or shower. This condenses into water on the walls where it can soak through the paint or paper only to then be absorbed by the plaster. This will soon lead to damp problems and could have a serious affect on the value of your home. It is for this reason alone that tiling the walls of the bathroom and kitchen is of great importance.


Tiles found in the kitchen or bathroom are usually ceramic as they’re relatively cheap and can be manufactured in and endless variety of styles and finishes. However natural stone tiles are becoming increasingly popular due to their natural beauty and their natural hardiness. Both stone and ceramic tiles can be used as both floor and wall tiles, but this does not suggest that all tiles are interchangeable between the floor and the wall. Many tiles designed for the wall are often glazed to give them a smooth and glossy finish. Using such tiles on the floor could be hazardous as their glossy finish could become slippery when wet or when food or grease has been spilt.


There has never been a greater choice of tiles than there is today. Bearing in mind that tiles have been in use since ancient Egypt, it’s amazing that the designers of tiles are still finding new ideas to feed our seemingly insatiable appetite for functional and fresh looking wall coverings.  Since their initial creation back in ancient Egypt, tiles have primarily been a decorative feature adorning walls and floors. Their first use as a purely functional building material came with the need for an alternative to thatched roofing when the ceramic roof tile was born in ancient Greece. Glazing was soon discovered and with it, ceramic tiles became an essential feature of Roman bath houses, where the beneficial moisture repelling properties of glazed tiles was immediately apparent.


From that day until this the water repelling properties of glazed ceramic tiles has been constantly in use, and the manufacturing principles have changed little either. The furnaces may have flashing lights and digital displays these days, but the process is almost exactly the same as it was when the Egyptians began decorating their tombs, temples and palaces with their colourful ceramic wall tiles. 

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