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Cleaning Supplies-Understanding How to Store Your Cleaning Supplies Properly

Every type of building requires some sort of cleaning supplies whether it be a home, industrial building or even just a warehouse. Most people aren’t aware that these products need to be stored properly in order to keep the people that are exposed to them safe. When you consider the wide variety of chemicals that are contained in cleaning supplies, you need to make sure that you’re using the correct storage solutions for your supplies.

1. Keep away from children
While there are a lot of cleaning supplies that you know must be kept away from children there may be some products that you aren’t aware of as well. For example, most dish soaps contain formaldehyde that can seriously damage a child if swallowed. Don’t assume that a young child won’t drink something like dishwashing liquid just because it doesn’t taste good. There have been plenty of youngsters that have drank it and then ended up in the hospital later.

You should also think of your pets as well. Animals are notorious for digging into closets and cupboards and eating things that humans would never consider devouring. Many of the cleaning supplies that you currently own have the potential to kill your pet if for one reason or another he decides to eat one or more of them as a meal.

2. Keep them dry and cool
Look for a dry cool place where you can store your cleaning supplies. Too much moisture can affect the chemicals in the supplies and actually stop them from doing their job properly.

3. Use the original containers only
Don’t start using different containers to store your cleaning supplies. This can get confusing and you may end up crossing chemicals in the process. This can be a potentially dangerous situation and it’s always best just to keep them in the containers that they came in originally. As well, the labels willgive cleaning directions as well as medical directions should the product be consumed accidentally.

4. Keep them all in one spot
Don’t start placing cleaners all over the house or the commercial building – keep them all in one dedicated space. This way you’ll always be organized with your cleaning supplies and know what you need to order when it looks like you’re running low.

5. Put your cleaners under lock and key
While keeping your cleaning supplies out of the reach of children and pets is good, you’ll never know for sure that they are always safe unless you have them under lock and key. Once you have decided on a specific place to keep all of your supplies it’s easy just to get a lock installed on the closet or storage room.

When it comes to cleaning supplies you can never be too secure. The proper storage and handling of your supplies will keep everyone safe and will also ensure that you’ll get the proper usage out of your cleaners when you need to use them.

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