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Can’t Stand Looking At Your Broken Tile? Do Something About It

When visiting a client’s home, I regularly see broken floor tile. Not everybody is plagued by this problem, however more often than not if there is a ceramic floor in a house, you can find broken floor tiles. Considering there is much walking back and forth in some common areas such as the kitchen or entrance hall, it is no surprise to see this problem often in a residence.

The other day I saw this problem in a client’s kitchen. She has a beautifully kept home, except for some broken floor tiles. My client, who I will call Linda, has a lovely over sized kitchen that has just been renovated with new up to date amenities and high tech appliances and even has a washer and dryer in her kitchen with a sliding door leading to her back yard.

Linda’s kitchen also has attractive ceramic tiles, which she likes to keep very clean. What is noticeable, and ruins the beauty of her ceramic floor, is some broken tile with cracks running along the tiles that look like black ragged lines.

Linda said that she would call me in the fall to fix her tiles, however I expressed to her that she did not have to wait so long to do the repair. I advised her that replacing a few broken tiles is an easy job for a do it yourself person. If you have a broken or unsightly tile floor like Linda, this is what you should do about replacing the ceramic tile.

1.The first thing you need to do is remove the grout around the tile. This can be done by using a grout saw.

2.Next you need to remove the tile. Removing tile can easily be done; you just have to chip the tile out. Before doing this, I would advise scoring the top of the tile with a glass cutter. You then gently chisel away at the tile removing the pieces one at a time. It is imperative to use safety glasses when doing this.

3.Your next step is to clean out the area either by using your chisel, or a similar tool. Any remaining residue will result in your tile not being laid flat, and it will not look good.

4.Once you have the area clean you need to install the replacement tile. For this, you can use a notched trowel or putty knife to spread the adhesive to the back of the tile. I favor thinset mortar when doing an installation, however if you have an area that is not exposed to too much water, you can use ready-made tile adhesive. Push the tiles into place and wipe away excess adhesive.

5.Lastly, wait 24 before applying the grout. This is to give the adhesive time to dry.

It would be helpful if you had some left over tiles from the original tile job to get an exact match. However do not fret if you don’t have extra tiles, there are ways to get around that issue.

Many tile stores carry a large selection of different tiles, and you may be able to find an exact match for your replacement. Be aware that someone with experience can also remove tile from an unnoticeable spot and replace the broken tile.

Finally, you can get your tiles made to order. This can be an expensive option and places like North Prairie Tileworks in Minneapolis, can match your tile as long as the glaze color is available.

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Paint And Area Rugs: Changing Your Tile Floors

Changing your old tiles can be done without having to tear them up. You can paint them. For some people, painting is actually fun. But if you’re like the others who find it tedious and boring, worry not for painting tiles is easy and you’ll be finished before you know it. Before starting with the paint however, use a primer paint to prep the tiles. This allows the paint to stick and last much longer.

Old and discolored tile floors will profit from new paint. The room will look better as well. Before applying paint, remember to use a primer paint first as this allows the paint to stick better to the tiles. It is advisable to use a glossy overcoat after. It seals the paint in for a more polished look. After the paintwork, you can further enhance the room by using floor coverings, particularly area rugs.

There are basically two types of paint that you can use when you are painting tile floors. These are latex or enamel paints. Latex paints are less harmful when it comes to fumes and are water soluble. Enamel paints contain more toxic fumes and need to be cleaned up with paint thinner or alcohol. Enamel paints will not be as quick to come up off of the floor as will latex paints and have a tendency to wear better. Latex paints will come up with wear and need a gloss overcoat. If you use a gloss enamel paint, you can get the entire project done quicker.

One way to paint the tile floor is to use a spray paint. Using a fast drying, enamel spray paint is quick and efficient, as well as inexpensive. Be sure to have proper ventilation when you are using spray enamel to paint a tile floor. Allow the floor to dry for a few hours before you put down any area rugs.

In using area rugs for a tile floor kitchen or bathroom, choose ones that are heavy enough to avoid slipping accidents but light enough to be taken off easily for a laundry. If you need a man to roll it up and carry it to the basement, your area rug is insanely heavy. Are you sure it isn’t a carpet? Anyway, ensure that the rugs stay put when you walk on them. You don’t want any broken bones. You can actually buy rug guards used for securing the rug to the floor. Tiles can be dangerously slippery when wet, so it’s better to invest in something that will protect you and your family from those kind of accidents.

The area rugs that you choose for the bathroom should be easy to wash and preferably rubber backed, to prevent them from slipping. This is important in any area where you have water as the floor can become slippery when wet. While you may want to use heavy area rugs in the kitchen, you will probably want to consider light weight area rugs for the bathroom with a rubber backing so that they can be tossed into the wash for easy cleaning.

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Creating Seamless Pebble Tile Flooring At A Discount

Why Seek Discount For Pebble Tiles?

The economic slump has hit a fair share of the population. They are now searching for affordable ways to get their flooring done. Pebble tiles or tiles that are made out of pebbles seem to be the latest rage among many people. The nature and quality of the pebbles included for creating a tile will play a dominant factor in deciding its price tag. In other words, if you are planning to get tiles that are made out of exotic stones from the island of Bali, then be prepared to shell out a significant amount for professional installation. Many people consider that cheap or discounted pebble tiles means inadequate look and feel for the floor. This is simply a myth; with the correct strategies, you too can get these pebble tiles for affordable prices.

The Importance Of Proper Research

Research is pivotal if you like to invest on discounted pebble tiles. No one will be willing to offer you steep discounts on a platter. You may have to spend countless hours searching for the best deals – both in the online as well as offline world. Yes, there are certain online stores that give away these products for throwaway prices. But the lowest prices are available only to those who are willing to search for it. For instance, do you know that there are stores nearby to the pebble tile factories that sell the products for low prices? Like this, you can find plenty of helpful tips that will get the job done for a fraction of the original cost. Save the money on flooring and reinvest it on some other part of the home such as an upgraded kitchen to keep the spouse happy.

Understand Your Requirements

Never compromise on your requirements while searching for better and discounted pebble tile deals. You will only end up spending a lot more than you had originally bargained. The homes that have children require pebble tiles which are sturdy enough to take on the constant abuses. Imagine saving money today by opting for low quality pebble tiles and having to spend a lot more on some other day because that stubborn stain won’t come out. Home owners regularly face predicaments such as these. You can try to mitigate such effects by carpeting; but people do not opt for pebble tiles and then cover it with carpets! Look out for the warranty period offered with the pebble tiles. Most of the manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranty for their products.

Look Out For Free Installation Services

Some of the online stores will also help in the installation process of the pebble tile. You have the provision to install the tiles all by yourself. Alternatively, you can seek professional assistance from the contractor recommended by the store. Verify whether they offer any kind of discounts for the installation process. As a rule of thumb, the store owners and private flooring contractors will have some form of business agreement citing discounts and other freebies. Try to make good use of opportunities such as these. As always, we would like to learn more about your experiences while looking for discounted pebble tiles.

Pebble tile floor is available in different shapes, thickness, size and texture to give a decorative, smooth and safe floor to walk on. With pebble tile mosaics you get the opportunity to easily remodel any of your interior and exterior home surfaces.

Benefits of Laminate or Tile Flooring in Arlington, VA or in Alexandria, VA

There are many reasons to consider adding this type of flooring to Alexandria, VA, homes and offices. Laminate flooring is more affordable than real solid wood or stone flooring, easy to care for, and it is light weight. It is a well-tested and proven material that is durable and has protective qualities that resist UV light ray damage and penetration by moisture.

Beauty is another top reason why laminate flooring is recommended. When a laminated material is created, a thin top layer is bonded to a sturdy lower layer. The top layer may be an actual thin slice of solid wood, or a high quality photographic image of another material like wood or stone. An inner core or bottom layer may consist of resin with fiber board or plywood. Much laminate flooring has its own glued backing for easy installation. The finished result is an attractive floor covering that looks realistic and wears well over time. Low cost is also a major benefit to using laminate flooring in Arlington, VA, buildings.

Many rooms that are subject to moisture and humidity, such as bathrooms, are best decorated with tile flooring. Alexandria, VA, merchants have an almost limitless supply of attractive tiles in colors, patterns and textures. These can create a memorable and beautiful tile floor that is durable and safe to use in moist areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens.

Installation of laminate flooring by Arlington, VA, specialists is fast and simple. The job is also a cinch for do-it-yourselfers. Pieces of the flooring may be assembled with a tongue and groove connection, or the material may be a large sheet that comes on a roll for easy layouts. A foam/film underlay padding may also be needed to smooth out rough floor surfaces. Installation of flooring by Alexandria, VA, experts is recommended, as special tools may be required and they know how to do the job correctly to reinforce warranties.

Keeping laminate and tile flooring clean is necessary to maintain beauty and longevity of the flooring. Alexandria, VA, vendors of tile and laminate flooring either sell proper cleaners or can make recommendations. Dirt, spills and moisture should be wiped up promptly to avoid surface cracking, splitting or scratches. The low cost of laminate flooring Arlington, VA, merchants have available are an ideal alternative to costly and high maintenance “real” floors made from solid wood or stone.

Tile flooring in Alexandria, VA, is commonly used in bathrooms because when properly installed, a tile floor is waterproof. Again, using a professional tile flooring installer can eliminate problems that an amateur may miss. Tile flooring that Alexandria, VA, vendors sell is actually artificial rock, and has great durability. Tile comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures. Artistic tile work is a pleasure to look at and adds value to any home or building in which it is used.

Purchasing tile or laminate flooring in Arlington or Alexandria, VA, is a good investment that can raise the value of your home or office building.

Ceramic Tile Patterns – How To Pick The Best Tile Patterns

One of many greatest things about residing within the twenty first century is the sheer abundance of showers. They’re at all times a joy to use, and efficient with their use of water. Additionally, they give you a beautiful floor with which to make ceramic tile patterns. These patterns could be made in plenty of ways, every with their very own pros and cons.

Ceramic tile patterns come usually with two different types. Giant format tiles are often set facet-to-side, creating ceramic tile patterns with variations of color or floor texture. Giant format tiles have the additional good thing about superior waterproofing properties. Tiles are obviously waterproof however the grouting that’s positioned between them isn’t. Grout is porous, and water can seep by it. So the nice floor space of large format tiles requires much less grout, thus your ceramic tile patterns may have a slimmer chance of moisture problems. While this is a superb attribute, giant format tiles can’t take advantage of artistic patterns.

Smaller mosaic tiles are enormously versatile since they are so small. They can be placed in a number of ceramic tile patterns, from square to round patterns. However, you have to be sure that the waterproof layer under the small mosaic tiles is very well placed, since there will be a bit of grout between the small mosaic tiles, which can lead to leakage. However, the sheer variety of ceramic tile patterns that a small mosaic tile allows is astonishing. By connecting an interesting pattern, with other colors and textures, you can make terrific ceramic tile patterns in your shower. Nevertheless why would you limit these patterns to your shower when you have a huge surface like a wall or floor to work with?

Since a rest room’s ground and walls are traditionally tiled, it is sensible to make it an interesting space to take a look at or walk into since you will have to have a look at it every day. When there may be little to no water to worry about, the porous points becomes a complete facet-situation and your personal taste comes into play. Small mosaic tiles can be used liberally without the concern of leaking and flooding.

Small mosaic tiles can have many sharp edges you can lower your skin on if they aren’t set correctly. This a heavy concern when you have small kids or infants in the household, since they’ll easily injure themselves. Massive format tiles have smaller amount sharp edges, since there are fewer tiles required. Massive format tiles will value much less too, since you won’t need as many.

You will need a whole lot of smaller mosaic tiles to deal with flooring or a wall, so they are doubtless higher suited to shower surfaces if in case you have a smaller budget. Tile patterns flourish once you train your creativity, and consider your price range, to create lavatory and shower surfaces that are protected, waterproof and visually beautiful. 

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Hire the Best Services from Tile And Grout Cleaning Experts, Maryland

Do you want your tile and grout to be spick and span? On constant exposure, they end up accumulating dirt and dust, thereby marring the charm of your home. So, in such situations choosing the best services for tile and grout cleaning, Frederick Maryland can be a viable option. These cleaning professionals have ample expertise in cleaning and any and every kind of tile. Be it, concrete grout, or even ceramic tile or grout; these experts offer quick services for all of it. They also get the concrete walls, the dumpster pads and the brick walkways cleaned with utmost precision.

Features and advantages of choosing these experts

The experts for Tile floor cleaning Montgomery County MD are absolutely adept in offering the cleaning services that usually most premises need. The following are some of the advantages of hiring the services of these professionals.

* Cleaning the tile and grout of your home or office is indeed very essential to ensure proper cleanliness in your abode. This cleaning solution helps you enjoy a spick and span floor along with some easy floor cleaning investment.

* The quality of air in your interiors is thoroughly improved with the best tile and grout cleaning services.

* The experts use a proper combination of truck mounted units and portable units. So, in this manner you can always enjoy a proper and comprehensive floor clean up. This even works perfectly well when you have to get your hard floors cleaned up.

* You can save a considerable amount of money from your capital expenditure on choosing the best tile and grout cleaners.

* This solution also protects your floor investment costs to a commendable extent.

* The grout cleaners offer a thorough and complete cleanup, making sure that no speck or dirt persists on the tiles and grout of your home.

All in all, choosing these experts for getting both your home and office tiles cleaned can offer you some beneficial returns in the long run.

Flexible and easy clean-up programs

The companies offering you these clean-up programs know the importance of your time. So, they make sure that the cleanup is convened quickly and easily. Initially, the experts offering you grout cleaning services Germantown MD, check and analyze the quality and condition of the tiles. Right after that, they schedule a meeting and make sure that the meeting hours are absolutely as per your convenience. You are provided with an apt insight about the clean-up programs from these experts. So, choosing them can be of much help. Here, they will come and operate at the time of your convenience and make sure that the services perfectly suffice your needs.

Affordable programs

The cleanup programs offered are not only viable but they are also extremely affordable. The experts provide you the best services at stringent deadlines and make sure that you are completely satisfied with their services. So, simply choose the experts for tile and grout cleaning Mclean VA for the best services and ensuring ample care.


Crown Carpet Care
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Bathroom Designs With Ceramic Tile

Choosing your bathroom design is an extremely important decision for many homeowners. It is a consensus among real estate experts that the bathroom is one of the rooms that adds the most value to any home. Therefore, it is extremely important when choosing a design for your tiling.

Ceramic is a popular choice for designing bathrooms because of its reasonable price and beautiful look. Further, ceramic tile may be used for both floor tiling and wall tiling. There are several different options that many folks can take when choosing a bathroom design using ceramic tile. Regardless of the design that you choose to use, there are a few key guidelines that you should always take into consideration before making a decision:

1. Consistency- When designing with ceramic tile, it is essential that homeowners stay consistent throughout the design process. This means that if you should choose to use a certain color palette for your floor tile, you should always stay consistent with the type of tile you choose to use for your wall tiles so that you can achieve a consistent look in the room.

2. Stay creative- Even though you should be consistent when choosing a color palette, you can still be quite creative with ceramic tiles. That is, you should choose different sizes for the floor tiles and the wall tiles. Another interesting way to stay creative is by laying the floor tiles on a diagonal, as opposed to laying them straight. This design pattern will provide a diamond shaped look, and will help make your bathroom look unique or different than other bathrooms. You can also choose to lay the wall tiling in a diagonal pattern as well.

3. Make small changes for a big impact- One way to make a big impact with ceramic tiles is by using an accent color and creating a pattern for that color. For example, you can choose one off color tile and lay it every 4 tiles throughout the bathroom. This may sound like it is contradicting the consistency guideline, but if you are consistent in your creativity, these small changes can make a huge impact in the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Choosing bathroom tiles can be a daunting task, but designing with ceramic tile can be quite cost effective, while continuing to maintain a high end look. I have provided three guidelines for designing with ceramic tile; however, these are not the be-all design. Seeking the advice of a design professional is recommended when make major changes to your bathroom. Good luck with your project and remember to always have fun while doing it.

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The Advantages of Ceramic Tile For Home Decoration

Ceramic tile is a slab of ceramic material made up of mixtures of clays, sand, and other substances. It is molded by required shapes and sizes to fit the customer’s wants and designs. Sizes ranges from 90 cm to one meter while thickness ranges from 5mm to 20-25 mm. It is commonly used for design purposes and technical function. Design purposes are served when the tiles are put together to decorate a wall while technical function is emphasized when they are used as floor coverings. Ceramic tile is usually chosen for its hardness and strength to endure heavy objects laid on it. The properties of tiles are its format, color, and décor. The format is the size and shape of the tile. Usually, tile shapes are square and rectangle.

The use of ceramic tile offers numerous advantages over other coverings. Ceramic tile comes in unlimited variety and colors. There are red, green, brown, blue, orange or a combination of complementary colors. These colors have different meanings and set moods. For instance, blue signifies openness, coolness, and cleanliness. Others also have designs such as flowers and leaves. The choice of design depends on the decoration of the house where it will be installed.

Also, the installation is also relatively easy. Someone knowledgeable can follow a do-it-yourself procedure a successfully put the tile together. Unlike other covering, installation do not require professional touch and do not also require extensive measuring for the tile is already cut and must only be grouted to stay in place. Since the tile comes in squares, a single damaged tile can be replaced without replacing the whole covering. Only a part can be removed and grouted to replace the damaged tile.

When it comes to cleaning, ceramic is easy to clean and simple to maintain. An uncomplicated mopping will do since it is usually smooth and shiny on the surface. Water or diluted soap on a moist cloth or sponge is recommended for better clean results. The use of acids and oil is rejected because acid washes away the shine while oil makes it slippery to walk on. When it comes to durability, tile doesn’t tear easily even when it is hit by a hard object such as a fallen display from a higher surface such as a cabinet. However, when hammered, it will crack.

For most health conscious people, it is considered hygienic. Dust and other pollens won’t be absorbed by a tile unlike carpets so allergic people are safe even if they stay on the place where tile is used. It is ultraviolet rays resistant for the tile color doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight. Instead, it is energy efficient. For example, when it is summer, the tile remains cool if not exposed to direct heat thus keeping the floor cold.

Sometimes, water throws up in the floor surface unexpectedly. Ceramic tile can be mopped and let dry without getting a dryer. Perhaps, one of the special advantages is that it is resistant to stains. Stains caused by soda or mud do not stay after you have mopped it. Meanwhile, due to different sizes, they seem to make the room larger when bigger dimensions are used. It tends to create illusion of a spacious place. As mainly clay, tile is not combustible and is fire resistant. Even if flame catches a tile, it won’t burn really because it is not made of flammable materials.

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Tile Cleaning Oviedo Fl – Why You ought to Employ A Tile Cleaning Specialist

There’s nothing much more irritating rather than have dirty and discolored tile floor. Just imagine losing the actual luster and beauty and how it can bring a lot of hassle. It is also a cause of trouble if you have kids and domestic pets around. Positive thing there are now a number of ways and even efficient cleaning items that can help make your place neat and make your tile floors germ free at all times. Via this informative article you will become familiar with a few cleaning advice that can help keep your floor tiles neat and accident prone free.

It is advisable that you look into the brand of cleaning product initially. There are certain washing products that can cause damage to ceramic tiles if not utilize the right way. Make sure that you examine it together with your dealer or better check them on the internet for some comments. There are various types of cleaning items in the market today. You can even have them online if you would like. Just make sure to read the labels initially in order to get the final results you want. Remember to get the correct one and not to make things even worse. Once you obtained your product the next thing you should learn and realize is how to properly clean the tiles ground. There are certain tile that should be thoroughly clean only simply by water as well as mild soap. Some may possibly even require hard scrubbing. It is very important that you learn the correct way on how to thoroughly clean your floor tiles. Doing so won’t only help maintain the beauty of your ground but will undoubtedly avoid any kind of damages.

Where you can avail the products and much more cleaning ideas?

You’ll certainly locate thousands of websites and online stores providing critiques along with products that may help clean and maintain the floor tiles. It is essential that you learn the proper way regarding how to thoroughly clean your own ceramic tiles as well as how to keep it in good condition. With these critiques and also remarks you will surely find the appropriate merchandise to use.

As most of us don’t have the time to clean our own ceramic tile floor, it is advisable to hire an expert. You may certainly find plenty of professionals these days offering washing package deals. Why not try to collect numerous suppliers in your town and from there choose the right provider.

Consider these data and get the best results ever. You’ll certainly have clean and germ tiles at all times.

Tile Cleaning Oviedo Fl cleaning experts can help you keep your floor tiles clean constantly. Their website will offer you excellent concepts about cleaning your tiles.

Tile Cleaning Atlanta

Many tile cleaning Atlanta companies are available to clean all tile floors, no matter what type of tile it is. Tile comes in many kinds, including the most common type: ceramic. When tile is installed, grout is placed in between the tiles. Grout is a substance that is made from cement, sand and water and is tinted different colors to match any color or style of tile.

It is important to clean tile floors and grout periodically because it gets covered and filled with grime, dirt and debris. After it is cleaned, tile and grout can look brand new once again. Grout is porous, especially if it is not sealed properly. It can therefore soak in mold, mildew, lime scale, dirt and grease. When this occurs, a tile floor can look dirty, old and unattractive. It is also creates an environment that is not hygienically healthy for those living in the home or going to the office. This is extremely vital in public places as well, especially restaurants. When tile and grout is full of mold or mildew, people can have allergic reactions and often times, can become very sick.

For homeowners and business owners in the Atlanta area, it is vital to periodically hire a professional to clean the floor tiles in a home or business. One key benefit of having tile is that it is relatively easy to clean and maintain; especially compared to carpeted floors. Most professional companies that offer tile cleaning services use a steam-based cleaning method to remove all of the unwanted debris from tile and grout. This method is able to remove all unwanted chemicals and bacteria, and once it is performed, it can make a tile floor look new. Some companies also offer tile sealing services. By sealing a tile floor, it is protected from bacteria and debris more than it is without being sealed.

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