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Maid of Honor Toast : What to Consider When Writing One

One of the greatest pieces of news that you can receive as a sister or a best friend is that you are going to be the maid of honor at a wedding. You should feel honored and appreciated to know that you are going to be alongside one of your closest companions on the most special day of her life.

Being a maid of honor entails responsibilities and obligations. You are the chief assistant to the bride from the day she first prepares her wedding details to the moment she says “I do”. You have to be with the bride every step of the way, so that the whole wedding flows smoothly and in the way that the bride dreams it to be.

Another one of your responsibilities is writing and delivering the maid of honor toast. This is a speech that you compose and recite during the wedding reception. If it is going to be your first time taking on such an honorable position, you may find it hard to create a maid of honor toast on your own.

What you can do is get lets of information and ideas regarding it from the Internet. You can also get help from your family and friends to have a better idea of how these speeches are done.

Before you get started on composing your maid of honor toast, here are some things you have to remember:

– The speech is meant to honor someone that you care very much for, which is why it is important to write and rehearse your speech before the wedding arrives.

– There is no universally ‘perfect’ maid of honor toast, as what works for one wedding would be inappropriate at another..

– Remember to introduce yourself; half of the people in the reception may not know you at all. You may want to talk about your relationship with the bride and groom. Tell the guests why you were chosen as the maid of honor.

– Memorable events are worth including in your speech. How did the bride meet the groom? What were her first impressions of him? How did the two fall in love? Include how you personally witnessed the romance of the newly-wedded couple.

– Incorporate the good values of the bride in your maid of honor toast; how well a wife she is going to be and how you foresee her happy married life.

– Express your gratitude to everyone who came to witness an eventful day and invite all the guests to make a toast for the groom and bride.

– Put an end to your speech by giving out your wedding wish. Say your prayers for the couple; wish them a bountiful life ahead and your hopes for them to have a big blissful family.

These tips are just a few things that you should remember when writing and giving a good maid of honor toast. As a final point, try and keep yourself relaxed. Have a drink (just one though!) beforehand to calm your nerves if you need to.

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