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Picking the Right DIY Wedding Flowers While Saving on Cash

One of the most important pieces of any wedding is the bride’s bouquet. After the bride’s dress, it is the main centerpiece of attraction. The bouquet is very much like an accessory to the bride’s dress and has to be carefully chosen to make sure that it contrasts well with the overall look. The size and colors are also very important. It should not overshadow the bride and should not ruin the bride’s overall look either. It should have such colors in it that contrast with the bride’s eye color, hair color, and the look of her dress too. The bouquet is what should help the bride shine even more. As important as the bouquet is, it does not come cheap either. It costs quite a lot and the fancier the flowers you pick, the more expensive it will get. Therefore, it is important that you carefully plan to ensure it does not over budget you while still serving the most important purpose.

When deciding on the bride’s bouquet, a great option to consider is DIY wedding flowers. DIY stands for ‘do-it-yourself’ and is basically a cheaper alternate to hiring a florist to take care. This guide will help you save cash by giving you some invaluable tips. The first major step involved is to carefully choose when purchasing. But for this, you need to have sorted out other details like the theme and the colors that will be most prominent in the arrangements. This should also complement the bridesmaids’ dresses. Once you have all that sorted out, you can make the right decisions. Begin by doing some research on all the options and colors you have available to you. From all those DIY wedding flowers colors, choose the ones that will best complement the colors in your wedding theme.

You can either go with just one color or you can mix and match different colors and different sizes too. It is important that there is some dimension in your DIY wedding flowers. Therefore, if you are going with only one specific color theme, make sure that your bouquet contains different sized flowers that have varying hues so you can create that striking dimension that will attract all eyes. When picking different colored flowers for your DIY wedding flowers, it is again important that you make sure you do not overdo it by going too wild with the colors.

Once you have decided on the color and size, you need to move on to the supplies you will need. Go to an inexpensive stationary shop to purchase supplies for your DIY wedding flowers. This includes buying a bouquet holder, a glue gun, good pair of scissors, and other accessories like ribbons, tulles, and beads to add more interest. It will also be good if you could invest in a beautiful bouquet stand where you will place the bride’s DIY wedding flowers on her table. For more ideas on how to arrange all your DIY wedding flowers, go online and find out that are available on the World Wide Web. There are a lot of interactive websites that allow you to mix and match and get an idea of how it will look. Be creative and have fun with your DIY wedding flowers.

DIY wedding flowers Matrimonial ceremonies would not be complete without the adornment of fresh flowers. The best alternative would be to shop around for cheap wedding flowers. Click here for Wedding flowers.

DIY Wedding Flowers Are Gaining Popularity

Weddings can be quite expensive; therefore people are constantly on the look to reduce their wedding expenses. It is better to do more homework than to risk overspending, which is unfortunately a very usual case among couples. This situation has now been accentuated by the hard financial situations that almost everyone finds himself or herself in.

So the latest trend in wedding ceremony preparations is that, if you can do it yourself, do it yourself. Flower decorations in weddings may usually appear complicated and artistically done. However, a lot of people are taking to DIY their own stuff. This is a phenomenon that is being encouraged by some of the leading figures in the wedding industry and people are just too eager to catch up on it.

As mentioned earlier, DIY wedding flowers is one of the few ways to save on wedding costs. Florists don’t come cheap and by planning and arranging your own flower posy, you can save a lot of cash, which could be channeled to other areas of use. It is also fortunate that DIY wedding flowers unlike other wedding requirements like wedding gown is something that is easy to learn and do.

In addition to all the financial benefits, it is important to mention that since the wedding day is one of the most important days in any individual’s life, especially the brides who will gain the center place on that day; the last thing one wants is to trust the make or break of that important day entirely to a stranger. So, many would fold their sleeves and get down to it.

Places for Inspiration:
Now, you don’t necessarily need to know much before you can DIY your own stuff. There are a host of materials out there for your reference; they will help you to learn your way to the world of floral arrangements. These materials are provided in all sorts of medium and one can choose the one that suits him or her most. These include Internet materials, DVDs and books. There are tutorials on DIY wedding flowers too; they can be handy for those who have some idea in mind, but don’t know how to present it or what to do with the intricate detailing. What’s more, there are excellent online tutorials, which take you step by step through the procedures, and you can use them as reference and then customize with the stuff that you admire, and eventually come up with something at par with general standards yet unique.

You can also browse the Internet for thousands of pictures on different floral arrangements and choose the one that suits you most. Nevertheless, do not worry that you need to be an expert in order to DIY your own wedding flowers. If it seems too much of a task, you can always consult your friends who have experienced similar situations and are willing to give a helping hand. At the end of day the satisfaction of having created a successful floral set up with friends far outweighs the tedious task of having to come up with one all by yourself.

When you opt to DIY wedding flowers, you risk the chance of flopping on this aspect of your wedding. Generally, weddings are a frenzied time of hectic preparations and time is always not enough. You have to check the progress of your gown, make sure that the decorations in the wedding venue are in order, invite all the necessary guests and orchestra each and every aspect of the activities that will play vital roles to the success of your wedding.

Note that, to go out of your way and try to DIY wedding flowers, which you have never done before, requires quite an amount of commitment, adequate focus and most importantly, time. So, it’s very important to come up with a realistic schedule and stick to it. If you see that there really is no time to accommodate and DIY wedding flowers, allocate a professional who can present you with something you’ll enjoy having as part of your wedding. It is better to spend a few extra dollars on flowers than to have no flowers at all.

DIY wedding flowers
Matrimonial ceremonies would not be complete without the adornment of fresh flowers. The best alternative would be to shop around for cheap wedding flowers. Click here for Cheap wedding flowers

Tips For Maid Of Honor Wedding Speeches

Your maid of honor speech will work best if you set out to have fun. If you decide to enjoy yourself the task will not be such a worry. Your attitude will help dispel any nervousness on your part and the audience will enjoy it. Of course there will be important things you will want to say about the bride and you will be sincere and serious when you say them. There will be your emotional expressions of your relationship with the bride and everyone will want to hear them. Some wedding speeches can be dull but yours can lively and enjoyable.

As soon as you know you are going to make a speech, start taking notes. Go over some of the fun times you and the bride have had. If you need to fill in some gaps the family will be able to help. Some of the family and friends will already know some of the stories but they will be new to others. Your stories can show some of the bride’s character traits and underline your relationship with her. They can bring out a side of her character that may not be known to some of the guests. There are guest at every wedding who do not know the bride very well, so it is your chance to tell them why you think the bride is such a special person.

The best wedding speeches are the best prepared. Write out your speech until you know it thoroughly. Even if you do not commit it to memory, although this works best, the structure and phrases will stay with you. If you do this you are less likely to flounder or lose your way. Have your speech with you to help you stay on track but do not read from it all the time. Using headings instead of the full speech is better but to do this you need to be well prepared and maybe to have had some experience in public speaking. This way you will be less likely to read it. The better you know your speech the less nervous you will be.

Picture yourself enjoying the whole occasion, including the speech, so that when you get up to talk you will be looking forward it. Take some time to compose yourself by slowing your breathing before you get up to speak. When you first get up, pause for a minute and look around the audience. You will see a lot of smiling, expectant faces. This will help settle your nerves. Then deliver your speech with enthusiasm. You enthusiasm will carry the audience along and your maid of honor wedding speech will be a big hit.

You can take some of the worry out of preparing your maid of honor speech by following some of the tips and guidelines at http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-make-a-wedding-speech William Burnell has been a groom, a best man, father of the bride 4 times and a wedding MC. He knows how difficult preparing good wedding speech can be.

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Favors

DIY or do-it-yourself wedding favors are very popular today. They are not only less expensive than traditional favors, but they also add a personal touch to ordinary items. When you purchase a picture frame and hand it over to your guests, all they will see is a store bought picture frame with you and your partner’s picture and the details of your wedding. On the other hand, if you give them a handcrafted picture frame made from raffia or bamboo, they will feel that you are really happy to have them in your wedding. Plus, they will admire your effort and creativity. Personalized wedding favors have a huge impact on guests. They send out a message that you appreciate your guests so much that you even took time to make unique and creative favors just to show your gratitude to them. Because of this, your guests are more likely to remember your wedding than any other weddings. They would be able to recall the fun they had while at the church or reception each time they see your favor sitting on their shelf or table. You can actually make such favors from scratch, but you can also buy kits and materials from stores. Other than crafts, you may also consider giving your guests scented soaps. Handcrafted soaps are attractive and useful; your guests can even use them immediately once they get home from your wedding. In order to make a bar of soap, you should go to a craft store and buy a clear melt-and-pour soap. Break it apart and melt it in your microwave oven for approximately twenty seconds per square. Then, you should pour it over your chosen molds. Fill them half way each, and let the melted soap set for a minute. You can leave it that way and wait for it to harden completely if you plan to personalize the soap packaging. Otherwise, you should put a small charm inside the soap by placing such charm on top of the set soap before filling the mold to the top. In about thirty minutes, your soap will be ready. Once it becomes hard enough, you can simply pop it out of the mold and place it inside your choice of packaging. You can use boxes, fabric drawstring bags, and paper. Do not forget to include a ‘thank you’ card. In the olden times, little sugar cubes were used as wedding favors. Today, sugar is still very popular; they have somehow evolved though. Instead of plain sugar cubes, sugary treats in the form of candies and chocolates are given away. You can buy favor pails and fill them with sweets. You can put candies and chocolate bars with personalized wrappers or bubble gum sculptures of you and your spouse. Tie a fabric ribbon or lace around the handle of every pail. Then, place a card or a sticker with you and your spouse’s name as well as your wedding date. Your favors, no matter how small or inexpensive they are, will still be appreciated by the people you care about. So, instead of splurging on favors, you can just make your own. You will be able to reduce costs, and at the same time show your guests that you truly appreciate their presence.

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DIY Wedding Invites

Wedding invites are your guests first glimpse into your big day giving all the details of where, when the wedding is taking place. The style of writing, the colour scheme and the overall style of the invites will give an initial impression of everything your wedding day holds.

With all this at stake, you want to get it right but wow, are invites expensive…so is it possible to do your own, and more cheaply? Of course it is. DIY wedding invites mean you can have the most personalised invitations you could have dreamt of and that it can be on a budget plus no one else will have seen invites quite like yours ensuring your day is uniquely yours from the very beginning.

Use accents to of your theme

It’s a good idea to have your colour scheme arranged before you start pulling your invites together, are you going for a strong colour scheme? Do you want to tie in the colour and style of flowers, bridesmaids dresses, décor in the ceremony and/ or reception room, table decorations, cake icing or decoration – there’s so much that you can incorporate.

It might, however, be difficult to condense the essence of all your wedding theme into a single invitation so whether you’ve gone for simple and beautiful or minute detail, try to pick one or two elements to include in your invite. Often simple is more effective and will look clean and fresh – avoid stuffing your invite design with fussy details – think clean, classic and beautiful!

Where to buy

There are hundreds of online stores where you can buy anything from blank invite card and envelopes to sequins, feathers, stencils – the lot. You just need to shop around for the best deal. Buying in bulk is a good idea to cut down cost so if you’re planning to do save the date card, RSVP’s, your own gift list or evening invites and thank you cards for afterwards – try to purchase the basics of what you’ll need before you start.

You should sit down to work out exactly what you need before you get going with making the invites, including glue, ink, scissors etc – you don’t want to be half way through decorating your invitations and run out of the crucial butterfly sequin you want to add to them all.

If you are lucky enough to have a arts and craft shop near you, it’s worth popping in to see what they have in store. Nothing beats getting a feel for what you want to use in your invites – if they are more expensive you can always buy samples as part of your research and then head to Google to find the same thing cheaper!

So, you have all your bits and pieces, now you just need to get into some serious trial and error and figure out what looks good – what looks good, doesn’t cost the earth and important detail not to be overlooked – what will be relatively easy to create.

Making your invites

Coming up with the ideas and sending out the invites is the fun bit – in between these is the initially enjoyable but soon very boring invitation factory which your house will become temporary shrine to. The best idea I can come up with is to get them done as quickly as possible and just set aside a decent amount of time, with some helpful friends or family and plough through them. I did mine with my Mum, long distance since she lives miles away but between us we got them done. Another friend got all her bridesmaid together with a bottle of wine one night and just blasted them. Whatever way you go about it, if you have everything you need and some willing hands you’ll soon have your beautifully unique handmade invitations ready to post. With all that done, you can sit back and bask in the glory of knowing that your guests are about to get their exciting first peak into your big day! Good luck.

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